Lawmakers want the VA to remove swastikas from gravestones at two veterans cemeteries

By Harmeet Kaur, CNN Updated 3:10 PM ET, Mon May 25, 2020
(CNN) - Members of Congress are calling on federal officials to take down or alter headstones at two national cemeteries that contain swastikas or messages honoring Adolf Hitler.
At Department of Veterans Affairs cemeteries in Texas and Utah, the graves of three German prisoners of war are marked with references to Nazi ideology.
Two graves at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio depict an iron cross with a swastika at its center, along with an inscription that reads: "He died far from his home for the F├╝hrer, people and fatherland." Another grave at Fort Douglas Post Cemetery in Salt Lake City depicts a Knight's cross with oak leaves and a swastika, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.
"Allowing these gravestones with symbols and messages of hatred, racism, intolerance, and genocide is especially offensive to all the veterans who risked, and often lost, their lives defending this country and our way o…

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