Is America heading for a 'white minority' and what does this mean for Democrats?

White Hispanics?  First of all, all Latinos are Hispanic, but not all Hispanics are Latino.  Latinos are definitely Mestizo.  They're from Mexico/Central/South America or the Caribbean.  However Hispanics can also be Spaniards.  Spanish people can be either White or non-White.  Ethnic Castillians are unquestionably White.  They are the northern peoples close to France.  The Aragonian Spaniards are closer to the Mediterranean and tend to be olive skinned because some of their ancestors were Moors from Africa.  Whether or not they're White can be a matter of interpretation.  I say if they look White and act White they are White.
One thing this video has made clear is the Aryan, Nordic, Slavic, and Celtic peoples are definitely on the decline.Technically we shouldn't be called Aryans.  I don't know how that got started.  The real Aryan people were from Northern India.  The proper name for the people we think of when we say Aryan is Alpiners - as in the Alps, as in …

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