Triple Amputee Vet's Wall Campaign Passes $17M Amid Attacks

Triple Amputee Vet's Wall Campaign Passes $17M Amid Attacks

By    |   Tuesday, 25 December 2018 06:29 PM

Raising over $17 million in just eight days via GoFundMe for "We The People Will Fund The Wall," triple amputee U.S. veteran Brian Kolfage writes that he is facing death threats against his family, censorship of his petition on Twitter, and potential legal challenges for his efforts to crowd source a border wall fund for the government.

Kolfage's update on his GoFundMe campaign page described anti-wall individuals "calling for the death of my wife and children."

"Attacks on my family," the update read. "Just want to let you guys know everything is OK with us. After Jimmy Kimmel and Alyssa Milano came after me personally, it triggered an outpouring of attacks. People have been calling for the death of my wife and children; it will not be tolerated. Please do your best to report anything you see like this to the proper authorities.


In a Christmas Eve tweet Monday, Kolfage announced he will be taking his campaign to lawmakers in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday amid claims the government will be unable to use the funds raised online for building the wall.

"Flying to DC on wed to meet lawmakers and very special people who will make this all happen," Kolfage tweeted. "Don't listen to people saying it can't happen. NOTHING is impossible when you are motivated!
"Just like doctors who said I would never walk because it’s never been done. #GoFundTheWall."

Later on Christmas Eve, Kolfage tweeted a claim his petition to build the wall – requesting 100 million signatures – was blocked by Twitter, posting a screen shot of a violation of Twitter's terms of service. He tweeted again Christmas Day his domain was still being blocked by Twitter.
Just hours later Tuesday, Kolfage celebrated breaking the $17 million mark in his GoFundMe campaign: "$17 MILLION!!! $1 million in donations on Christmas!? Wow Americans are stepping up!"
His campaign posted bullet points on how Kolfage was going to work with lawmakers to make sure the funds go toward building the wall:


• "Republican Rep. Warren Davidson has bill on the table right now HR 7207 that if passed with Gov Funding bill we can give the funds towards the wall, and with our contractual guarantee to only be used on the wall.

• "Rep Andy Harris Introduced the Border Wall Bonds Act of 2018, if passed with the Gov Funding bill it will allow us to donate towards the wall. This Act funds only for the construction of the wall, nothing else.

• "100 percent of your donations will go to the Trump Wall. 

• "We are working with a law firm on a legal document that will bind the government to using the funds for the border wall itself, nothing else.

• "We will hold all funds and not release a single penny until we have all legal aspects covered to ensure our money goes only to the wall."


This is actually quite impressive.  $17 million in private donations for the wall.

However, there's something quite puzzling to me.  I know that the Left checks up on this blog from time to time, so if any Liberal reads this I'd appreciate a reply.  The main reason the Liberals are officially against the wall is because it is a waste of money and will do very little to curb illegal immigration.  Okay, I won't argue about that - at this time.  However, if that is your reason for being against the wall, as long as it's being funded privately, why is Mr. Kolfage and his family suffering death threats?

The reason for that is the Liberals are full of crap.  They're just using the cost of the wall as their "official" reason for opposing it.  The real reason is because it may indeed be very effective against illegal immigration.  The Liberals want illegal immigration because every illegal alien is a potential registered Democrat if they ever get their citizenship.

Also, half the Latino-American community still has close relatives in the old country.  I used the term "old country" so as to not single out any one Latin country.  These people aren't about to stand for anything that may come back and bite their relatives on the ass.

I say duty to country comes before duty to family.  If it weren't for the country, what would happen to your Social Security checks?  Welfare checks?  Medicaid? Food Stamps?  If the government ever fell a part you can kiss those benefits goodbye.  

Even if I'm wrong about duty to country before duty to family, I'm not wrong when I say duty to your children, parents, and brothers and sisters in this country than uncles, aunts, and cousins in the old country.  

Dan 88!


  1. i can not stand Jimmy Kimmel or Alyssa Milano , they both make me sick like the rest of anything that comes out of the sphincter known as Hollywood, death threats? are you kidding me? i never watch the news so i did not hear about and would surprised if the news would even report those as they run by YOU KNOW WHO! if they , who made the threats , are not being arrested and taken off to jail, i ask why not if so?

    1. Because the militant Left are made up of cowards that hide behind masks and make threats by mail/email or telephone. The one good thing I can say about the NSM is they aren't cowards and they don't wear masks.

      Dan 88!


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