Second Migrant Caravan to Leave From Honduras in January

a girl from Honduras waits for a present outside an empty warehouse used as a shelter set up for migrants in mexico.

By    |   Friday, 28 December 2018 10:49 AM

A caravan of migrants, estimated at up to 15,000 people, is set to depart from Honduras in mid-January a few months after the previous caravan, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

“They say they are even bigger and stronger than the last caravan,” said Irma Garrido of Reactiva Tijuana Foundation, which advocates for migrants.

The previous caravan left Honduras in October, and is currently stuck at the U.S. border with Mexico, with many migrants taking refuge in crowded shelters while applying for asylum in America. This new caravan likely will “stay in the south of Mexico in Chiapas and Oaxaca,” according to Garrido. “Their aim is to request work there.”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador vowed that Central American migrants will find work and receive visas in Mexico, having pledged to complete multiple public works projects like a 1,500-kilometer railroad and the planting of two million trees, in an $8 billion project that likely will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the southern Mexican states.


I hope it's true that this caravan will stay in Mexico, but I bet you dollars to doughnuts a great deal of them will continue on the the United States.  They see our country as a place where they can get a piece of the good life and they want it.

They say they're coming for job opportunities but they're forgetting one thing.

This is best illustrated by a passage from John Steinbeck's book, "The Grapes of Wrath."  It's after the Joad family was forced off their share cropping farm and were on their way to California.  They were spending the night in a campground when some of them were talking about good jobs in California.  One man started to chuckle and asks if they really think that's the way it is.

He asks, "How many of you have those yellow handbills?"  They all had one.  He continues, "The fellow says he wants 800 pickers, so he prints up maybe 2000 handbills and maybe 5000 people see them.  Now maybe two or three thousand people set off across country for 800 jobs.  Does that make a lick of sense to any of you?"

The man continues to tell them that because so many have come for these jobs, the wages have dropped way down.  Does any of this sound familiar?

These migrants are coming here for jobs.  There are probably at least five times as many migrants as there are jobs.  The more that come the lower the wages drop.  Never mind the effect this has on American citizens because they don't care.  But these large numbers of migrants are having an effect on their own people.  Not enough jobs, and lower wages, and they'll have to take those jobs anyway because they'll be crazy with worry about how they will take care of their families?  Does any of this make any real sense to you?  I bet you can see the foolishness of this.  It's amazing that the migrants can't see this.  It makes you wonder if someone has been filling their heads with false dreams of prosperity just to get them up here to serve a very different purpose.  That purpose is the leftist agenda of open borders.

Of course some of them will succeed here, and they will all become Democrats as soon as they get their citizenship.  It's all crystal clear - if you're not desperate to feed your family.

Dan 88!


  1. also to add, the southern border, i heard tell a lot of them just headed in a easterly direction to go and find a way across that is not so public so to speak, i surveyed along the Texas Mexican border back in the 80's from Brownsville all the way to El Paso, and there are great big long stretches where there is nothing there, no fence, no ditch , no river no nothing , just great big open spaces where anyone can walk right across with nothing to stop them but air. building a wall is fine, but it will have to be armed and guarded 24/7 period for it to be effective

    1. I say they could build it and pattern it after the Great Wall of China, with guard towers at regular intervals. In the remote areas they could set up field HQs where the guards would live like fireman - four days on, three days off. It would have to be done that way in the more remote areas as a daily commute would be difficult.

      Dan 88!


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