Neo-nazis on the rise in Sweden


In last Sunday's elections, the Sweden Democrats, which have ties to National Socialism became the second largest party in Sweden.  We are slowly winning in Europe.  But we are still failing in the United States.  The main cause is apathy.  Hopefully our European brothers and sisters will serve as an inspiration and show American National Socialists that we can win.  VE Day II is coming (Victory in Europe).  Now we have to concentrate on Victory in America (VA Day).

Dan 88!


  1. There is a problem with growing success, with growing awareness and resentment within our Folk that they are --sometimes stupidly,willingly-- witness to their own demise, the end of everything they and their White ancestors have achieved: reactionary forces among moralizing tight-ass conservatives and egalitarian bleeding heart liberals. As NS is a unique synthesis of the right-left political spectrum, we are bound to get it from both poles of special interests. As a grad student in Germany in the 70s, I was privileged to meet and talk at length to many Old Comrades still alive. One very famous NSDAP member, whose name would be known to all but I will omit here so as not to be accused of name-dropping, warned me on my second visit to his/her home that any success in resuming the transit of AH's broken arc of White renaissance would be noticed once a certain level of success had been reached, and the representatives of any movement dedicated --however dilute-- to the NS ideal would be killed. In Germany now the success of the Alternative for Germany is under legal scrutiny, lies are being promulgated regarding violence supposedly initiated by "right wing extremists," funding sources shut down, adherents and sympathizers intimidated, threatened with job loss or even legal proceedings. Headlines this week in the pro-WN press in Europe read: Alternative fuer Deutschland under suspicion! The poison of Lies. Et cetera. Now we must also develop strategies to survive the underhanded and legal maneuvers designed to minimize our impact. The time is ripe for action.

    1. Agree. The time for action is now. However, we must act with extreme caution. One wrong move could backfire and it could all unravel.

      Dan 88!


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