Holocaust Revisionism for Beginners part 2 - 4/4 (Conclusion)


I hope this series was of interest and value.  Sometime soon, I'll post this video in it's entirety for those who would like to see it all in one sitting.  It's about 1 hour 50 min.  The full video is a bit more "complete".  This one is sort of abridged.

In a post a couple of weeks ago, an article stated that more and more people are believing the Holocaust never happened or it did happen, but to a lesser extent than the official version than ever before.  This is hopeful.  Revisionism is an idea whose time has come.  Let's keep spreading the truth.

As they say on The X Files:  THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

BTW, this video was made in the late 1980's as you may be able to tell from some of the hair cuts.  I can't believe I ever wore my hair like some of those guys.  What was I thinking?!

Mutiny Update:  The City Of Highland, San Bernardino County, Ca. has voted to oppose SB 54.  Out of five councilman, the only two Mestizos voted to support  sanctuary for illegals.  The rest voted to opposed sanctuary.

I wish I was at that meeting so I could have told those two Mexicans to do their jobs and protect their constituents first rather than look after the interests of their relatives.

Dan 88!


  1. Thank you for sharing these video segments on your blog site Dan! They were very interesting, well presented and very informative! I watched all of the videos you posted as decided to post my comments on this last one.
    The first part of the series deals with new evidence that was available at the time this video was made which debunks some of the common myths most people have been told about the Holocaust over the years.
    The second part talks about censorship and the loss of free speech in America. Mr Bradley Smith, an author and former book shop owner in Los Angeles, caused controversy in the early 1960's by selling a book entitled "The Tropic of Cancer" which was boycotted by Christians due to its explicit context yet there were liberal Jews who supported the selling of that book citing "Freedom of Speech".
    In the years that followed when he tried to sell the book, "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century", the various Jewish Groups got together and basically caused him to close up his store. These same groups not only put pressure on both local and state officials to keep the book out of the Public's hands but both the Los Angeles Public Library and the video presenter's headquarters were also burned by arsonists and the police were told not to go find and arrest them. This also included the book, "Did 6 Million Really Die?".
    What are they trying to hide and why are the using such extreme tactics to prevent other people from finding out what really did or did not happen during those years?


    1. The video, "The Last Days Of The Big Lie" answers that question for you. It can be found on our VBlog. I'm also going to post it here during my move along with the full version of this video. They will be a couple of quick posts I can schedule before I leave so I won't have to miss too many days of posting. I figure what with traveling, plus arranging internet service, getting settled in, I should be back in business every day in a week to ten days. Figure on spotty posting from June 1 - June 7 - 10.

      Dan 88!


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