Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Glimpse Of The Future - If We Don't Fight And Win


This is a montage of actual hate crimes against Whites.  Some are from security cameras, but as you've probably heard, some non-Whites actually make videos of their attacks on Whites and post them on Facebook and You Tube.

Interesting thing about Facebook.  They will pull anything that promotes hate against anyone - including Whites.  But when Whites are the victims they drag their feet and take their time.  When Whites are the perps such a video wouldn't be up 24 hours.

You Tube is even slower. 

This doesn'thave to be our future - as long as we are willing to fight.  What will it take to make you fight White Man?

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a real NetFlix series.  It's just a parody.  If NetFlix has any series like this running or in the works it is purely coincidental.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

See Homeless American Citizens in Sanctuary City Santa Ana, Ca.


Absolutely shameful!  Instead of spending money helping illegals "get a better life", they should be spending the money finding homes for all these tent dwellers.

Where the hell are people's priorities?

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy President's Day

Dan 88!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

George Washington and the Cherry Tree

There has been a recent discovery among archives shedding new information regarding George Washington's famous line "I can not tell a lie - I chopped down the Cherry Tree" It seems that someone was hiding nearby during the following discussion and copied this on parchment.

 "George, son, did you chop down the cherry tree?"

 "No, Dad."

 "Son, because I trust you and have given you the privilege of running the plantation while I'm gone as a symbol of that trust, I'm going to believe you."

Seven Months Later...

 "George, your brother was talking to one of our slaves, and the slave told him he saw you chop down that cherry tree last winter. Did you?"

 "No, Dad."

 "I think you are lying."

"No, no, no! I swear I did NOT chop down the cherry tree."

"Son, he saw you out here with your axe. Your punishment will be much worse for you if you lie. Now, tell me the truth!"

"Dad, I answered your question truthfully. Still, I must take complete responsibility for all my actions. While my answer was legally accurate, I did not volunteer information. Indeed, Dad, I did cause the cherry tree to be lying on the ground. To do this was wrong. It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on my part for which I am solely and completely responsible. I know my answer to you gave a false impression. I misled you, my own father. I deeply regret that. I can only tell you I was motivated by many factors.

 "What I did, Dad, was use a saw to cause the cherry tree to fall. Only after the tree was already down did I go get my axe to chop off individual branches. So, I chopped off branches, but sawed down the tree. Look at the saw cut on the stump and the axe cuts on the branches. Therefore, legally, I told the truth. I ask you to turn away from the spectacle of this fallen tree and to return our attention to a solid family relationship. After all, who's going to remember a cherry tree as a symbol of my character and ability to lead?"

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.
Mark Twain, U.S. Author (1835-1910)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hungary Becomes First European Country To Ban Rothschild Banks reports:

A kindly worded letter from Gyorgy Matolcsy, the head of Hungary’s CentralBank, asked Managing Director, Christine Lagarde of the International Misery Fund, as some have fondly nicknamed it, to close the office as it was not necessary to maintain it any longer.
The Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, seemed keen to ease off austerity measures and prove that the country could go it alone. It in fact issued its first bond in 2011, borrowing off the global markets.
Hungary borrowed €20 billion loan to avoid becoming insolvent during the economic crisis in 2008. But the debtee debtor relationship has not been smooth sailing.
Many criticised the Prime Minister as making an ill-advised decision in order to win an election, which was due in 2014. He also wanted to refrain from having too many foreign eyes on their economic policies, as many reforms were criticised as being undemocratic.
Paying the loan back early has meant Hungary have saved €11.7 million worth of interest expenses, but Gordan Bajnai, leader of the electoral alliance E14-PM, claimed that they had actually lost €44.86 million by March 2014 because of the early repayment as all they did was replace the loan from the International Mafia Federation (another nickname, we’re still talking about the IMF here) with a more expensive one, labelling the stunt as Propaganda .
And what made further nonsense; another loan at high interest rates was signed to finance a nuclear upgrade, which will mean not only higher repayments but also high electricity costs. But they do have economic sovereignty now.
Many have claimed that the IMF AKA ‘Imposing Misery and Famine’, are owned by the Rothschild group, the biggest banking group in the world, having their fingers in almost every central bank in the world. This means that not only do they make money off usurious interest rates at the misfortune of crumbling economies, they also literally own Governments and people of power – I mean they have considerable influence.
Escaping the banking clutches is therefore, iconic. Iceland joined Hungary in 2014 when it paid back its $400 million loan ahead of schedule after the collapse of the banking sector in 2008 and Russia, of course bowing down to no Western puppeteer, freed itself in 2005.
The return of these three countries to financial independence has been said to be the first time a European country has stood up to the international fund, since Germany did so in the 1930s. Greece is anxiously trying to make payments but missing them as we all stand on the sidelines routing for them to stick two fingers up to the ‘International M***** F******’.


What this says to me is that not only is Europe fighting back against mass immigration, but are also fighting back against foreign financial control of their countries.  The dream of the globalists is crumbling all around them.  Nationalism is returning and we are winning - at least in Europe.

America has woken up to the dangers of mass immigration.  Next we have to awaken them to the dangers of foreign financial control of our country.  This won't be as easy.  People like the Rothschilds and Warburtons operate a lot more subtly.  However, if these European countries who are breaking free of the international banksters can succeed, it may inspire us to do likewise.
Time will tell.  The enemy seems to be losing control.  We may have more time than we initially thought.  But that doesn't mean we can sit back and relax.  If we do, it will give them a chance to reorganize and tighten their stranglehold on us.  We must keep up the fight.  We must resist to our last breath if necessary.
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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Rothschilds Admits The Creation of Israel

Lord Jacob Rothschild.  Look familiar?  Smithers, release the hounds!

[YNW] The 80-year-old Rothschild said in a recent interview that his ancestors “helped pave the way for the creation of Israel,” forcing the British government to sign the Balfour Declaration in 1917.
The Rothschilds are commonly believed to have engineered WWI and waited until 1917 when Britain showed signs of trouble. The Zionist family then promised the British Government that they could convince the US to enter the war and ensure Britain’s victory over Germany on the basis that the British government handed control of Palestine to the Zionists.
Thus the Balfour Declaration was created, which is an official letter from the British Government Foreign Secretary James Balfour to Baron Rothschild.
It states that:
“His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.”
During a television interview, the Times of Israel reports that Balfour revealed for the first time the  role of his cousin Dorothy de Rothschild.
Rothschild described Dorothy, who was in her teens at the time, as “devoted to Israel,” and said: ‘What she did, which was crucially important.’”
Rothschild said that Dorothy connected Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann to the British establishment. Dorothy “told Weizmann how to integrate, how to insert himself into British establishment life, which he learned very quickly.”
Rothschild said that the way the declaration was procured was extraordinary. “It was the most incredible piece of opportunism.”
“[Weizmann] gets to Balfour,” Rothschild described, “and unbelievably, he persuades Lord Balfour, and Lloyd George, the prime minister, and most of the ministers, that this idea of a national home for Jews should be allowed to take place. I mean it’s so, so unlikely.”
The interview was was conducted by former Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub as part of the Balfour 100 project. Taub interviewed Rothschild at Waddeston Manor in Buckinghamshire, a manor bequeathed to the nation by the Rothschild family in 1957, where the Declaration is kept.
According to Ambassador Taub, the declaration “changed the course of history for the Middle East.”
The Times reports that Rothschild said his family at the time was divided on the idea of Israel, noting that some members “didn’t think it was a good thing that this national home be established there”.
Dorothy’s letters are also stored at Waddeston. They describe her later dealings with diverse Zionist leaders and her advice on the organization of the Zionist Conference, according to the Times.
Rothschild said that the Declaration went through five drafts before finally being issued on November 2, 1917.
Alison Weir reports in her book, Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel, that drafts of the declaration went back and forth to Zionists in the United States before the document was finalized. The main writer was secret Zionist Leopold Amery.
Just a little piece of historical interest.  Most National Socialists know that the Rothchilds have played a significant role in the shaping of Western civilization, but it's nice to get some of the details.  
When you can cite a few facts, it always carries more weight than generalizations.
The ANP in addition to being a political party is also an educational organization.  Spread this one around.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dutch “Deplorables”: How Mass Migration is Viewed in the Netherlands
February 10, 2017

Joost Niemöller is a Dutch journalist with a long-standing career in that country’s media. He faces severe censorship by focusing on subjects deemed controversial by the European establishment. These subjects range from the crash of flight number MH17 in the summer of 2014 over wartorn Donbass—which was instantly blamed on the Kremlin in a massive propaganda campaign and was used to undermine the diplomatic relationship between Europe and Russia—to his criticism of mass migration from predominantly Muslim countries into the European Union. Recently, Joost published a series of interviews with Dutch citizens of all walks of life in a book called Kwaad: Nederlanders over immigranten (Angry: The Dutch on Immigrants). The following is Joost’s exclusive interview for about his new project. Please tell our American readers a little bit about yourself.
Joost Niemöller: I am a Dutch journalist. I worked for the mainstream media for the longest part of my life. After getting more and more critical about Islam and immigration, and writing books about it, after my criticism of the official MH17 cover-up (“the rocket came from Putin”), and, especially, after getting more interested in the science about ethnic differences and the question of IQ, I was turned into persona non grata by the media and banned from radio and television. So now I write books and have my blogDe Nieuwe Realist (The New Realist).  Happy being free. Your new book, Kwaad: Nederlanders over immigranten (Angry: The Dutch on Immigrants), documents public perception of immigration—or, rather, mass migration—from predominantly Islamic countries into the Netherlands through a series of extensive interviews. What were your main goals for publishing this work?
Joost Niemöller: The Dutch media does not document the reactions of the native Dutch people about immigration imposed onto them. So I decided to go to these “normal people” and ask them open questions about their lives in this “multicultural” world. (A myth, of course.) Now this book is the first of its kind in the Netherlands in which you can read the voice of the people. Old people, young people, men, women (even more so), highly-educated, less-educated, from big cities and the heartland, homosexuals, Jews, etc. Your book came out just before the elections in the Netherlands and was positively reviewed in public by a prominent political leader Geert Wilders. Was the timing strategic in order to let the public know that their sentiment on mass migration is widely shared?
Joost Niemöller: Yes. All the journalists in the Dutch media speak about these people calling them the “Boze Blanke Man”—“the angry white man”—which is the Dutch word for “the deplorables” hated by Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media in the U.S. In Germany, where the word “Volk” (people) is forbidden in the media, they call them the “Wütburger.” They always refer to white, “racist,” older men who cannot deal with the so-called “modern times” in the new globalized world. In reality, a third of the young people is going to vote for Wilders, as well as the majority of the highly-educated. Those people are afraid to lose their jobs and are silent about their views.
AltRight.comAngry is not the first book of its kind to question mass migration into Europe. For instance, our American audience is familiar with a well-publicized, best-selling 2010 project by Thilo Sarrazin on the comparable situation in Germany. How is your book different from other recent works on this subject?
Joost Niemöller: This very good book by Sarrazin (also because he was brave enough to write about the genetic and ethnic factors in Germany!) has been an enormous inspiration. But Mr. Sarrazin wrote an analytical book with his views. My book is journalistic: I wanted to hear about the personal experiences of different people. Did anything about your research or the interviews you’ve conducted for your project surprise you?
Joost Niemöller: What surprised me was how important personal experiences were, and the fact that everybody saw big ethnic differences with immigrants. Nobody had any problem with the mostly black people from the old Dutch colony, Surinam. (More than 300,000.) They saw them as Dutch and have many Surinam friends. As for the Turks, they said they couldn’t get in contact with them. Their problems were with Moroccans: violence, robbery, sexual assault, etc. They praised Iranian immigrants (mostly highly-educated, non-Muslim). And the biggest problems were with the Somalis. Please describe the reception of your work in the Dutch national media and beyond (if applicable).
Joost Niemöller: I did get a big response on social media from the Dutch people. After a week, the book is already in third print. It is almost ignored by the mainstream media. Have you received any negative attention as a result of releasing this work that some may consider controversial?
Joost Niemöller: Yes. Some journalists said the people in my book were racists, because they don’t want to sit on the metro system with immigrants. A lie! Nobody said this. All the “angry” Dutch people do have contacts with immigrants, or at least they try to. Journalists were also very critical because most people in my book are anonymous. They say it would be very easy to talk to them in the open, so I asked them, “Please, try.” Of course, they don’t do this because they don’t know them, and the higher-educated people and the young, especially, are too afraid to talk in the open. You are well-versed in geopolitics and international relations. How do you view the relationship between the current foreign-policy trajectory undertaken by the EU and its respective domestic situation?
Joost Niemöller: Do you have an hour? The EU is a total disaster. They stated over and over again that Europe needs 60 million immigrants because of the aging problem. There is no aging problem in Europe. We already have too many people. Everybody in my book wants out of the EU. How do you envision the future of the Netherlands and that of Europe?
Joost Niemöller: The people in my book say that Europe and the Netherlands will descend into a situation of a prolonged civil war—a chaotic situation—and this will lead to the end of Western civilization. I agree with this. With no end in sight to open-border policies, there is no reason for optimism. The biggest problem is the upcoming illegal migration from sub-Saharan Africa, not so much Islam itself.
Funny how the mainstream American media doesn't cover this sort of thing.  Well, there's nothing odd about it at all.  This sort of news is omitted deliberately.
White Europe has finally awakened.  The liberal Globalists are losing.  Our Folk are fighting back.  The American mainstream news doesn't want to talk about this sort of thing because they are afraid it might give White America ideas about how they can fight back as well.
BTW, I used to use a Dutch company called VistaPrint.  They do excellent work.  However, they have since refused to do business with me because I was always ordering things like t shirts and coffee mugs with NS symbols like the Swastika or SS runes and as they are members of the European Union, such things are illegal there.  
This may change this year with the federal elections in the Fall.  The people are calling for a referendum because like Great Britain, many of them want out of the EU as well.  Hopefully it will happen there as well.
Like we figured, Britain is dragging its feet about leaving the EU but they are proceeding with the proper procedures - slowly, but it is moving along.
Dan 88!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Slovakia in shock over far-right party’s election success

Tatiana Jancarikova 

Slovakia was haunted by ghosts of its past on Sunday after far-right militants who have donned uniforms modelled on a second World War Nazi state won seats in parliament for the first time.
The People’s Party-Our Slovakia group led by Marian Kotleba, the governor of central Slovakia who has organised marches against the Roma minority, took eight percent of the vote, nearly three times more than polls had predicted.
As the European Union faces the worst refugee crisis since the second World War from war-torn Syria and beyond, support for far-right politicians in central Europe has been on the rise.
In Hungary, the Jobbik party, known for its Hungarian Guard uniforms and anti-Roma marches, is the second largest party in the parliament.
Analysts say the far right capitalised on the anti-immigration rhetoric from most mainstream parties including prime minister Robert Fico, who won the election but may find it very hard if not impossible to form a new government.
“Robert Fico has taken one of the toughest attitudes to the migration crisis among the EU politicians but the result was not extremists under control but extremists in the parliament,” Dalibor Rohac from the American Enterprise Institute said.
Kotleba’s success comes as a shock for the media and mainstream politicians. “Kotleba ran openly National Socialist candidates on his slate,” said Igor Matovic, chairman of the third-strongest party.
Members of Kotleba’s former “Slovak brotherhood” party, dressed in black uniforms reminiscent of the Nazi-era Hlinka guard, first appeared at rallies commemorating the 1939-45 Slovak State led by a Catholic priest Jozef Tiso, who allowed for tens of thousands of Slovak Jews to be deported to Nazi death camps. The party was disbanded for spreading hatred in 2006.
Kotleba, sporting a thin black moustache, has since founded a new party, changed his uniform for a blazer and replaced war rallies with anti-Roma, anti-immigration and anti-corruption rhetoric.
More proof that our Folk have awakened - at least in Europe.  But then again Europe is ours by birthright, America is ours by right of conquest.  There's a difference.  If we have a right to take someone else's homeland, someone else has a right to try and take it from us.  That's why we have to fight to protect that which we have previously fought for.
If we sit on our hands and say, "There's nothing I can do", then we might as well just turn it over to the invaders.  In Europe they are fighting to take back their birthrights.  Here we have to fight to keep what we have already taken.
The ANP is the only true organization standing up for the Aryan Folk.  $upport us in any way you can.  We need funds, we need people to distribute literature, and we need people to write that literature.  To steal from the Marines, the ANP is looking for a few good people.  Ten good people is better than 100 idiots.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dan 88!

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Origins Of Valentine's Day

It's surprising how many people don't know the origin of Valentine's Day.  It's not just an invention of the greeting card, candy, and flower companies to make a fast buck, although I'm sure they encouraged the celebration of what is known in many Christian denominations as the Feast Of St.Valentine's for that very purpose.

Valentine was a Third Century A.D. Roman Catholic Bishop who got his head sliced off for marrying lovers against the decree of the emperor.  OUCH!

Claudius II believed that men made better warriors if they were unmarried.  Since there was no such thing as veteran's benefits and GI insurance, his thinking was that men who are married with children would be concerned what will happen to their families if they were killed and therefore might hold back in battle because of that.  He issued a decree that all single soldiers were forbidden to take a wife.

Needless to say many in the military thought this unfair and married in secret.  Out of fear of the emperor, many clerics would not perform weddings for soldiers, but Valentine, Bishop of Interamna (modern Terni, Italy) defied Claudius and eventually paid for it with his life.

The feast of St. Valentine of February 14 was first established in 496 A.D. by Pope Gelasius I, who included Valentine among all those "... whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God." As Gelasius implies, nothing was yet known to him about his life.

There are two other Valentine's associated with martyrdom on February 14, one a priest in Rome, and another a priest in the Roman province in Africa.  Little is actually known about them as well.  Bishop Valentine is generally considered by most to be the one for whom the holiday is named. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to say something to the ladies.  If your guy forgets about Valentine's Day, it is not necessarily that he doesn't care about you.  Things like Valentine's Day and anniversaries are low on most men's list of priorities.  Most men will be far less hurt if you forget Valentine's Day or your anniversary than you would be if we forget.  It's not that we don't love you, it's just that we're more likely to forget because the symbolism of these days is simply less important to us.  In the case of anniversaries, all that matters to us is that we got married, not remembering the specific day.  As to Valentine's Day, okay it is insensitive when we forget, but it isn't intentional.  It just doesn't mean as much to a man as it does to a woman.  I think that's just the way most of us are.

So if your man forgets, try and understand that it isn't that he doesn't care.  It's that displays of sentimentality are difficult to show for many of us.  Just to make sure we remember, many of us would appreciate a reminder a couple of days before.  I know women don't forget, but guys do, so please cut us a break and remind us.

Dan 88!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's Day Is Almost Here!

Rules By Which Men And Women Are Governed

The FEMALE always makes the rules.

The RULES are subject to change at any time without prior the FEMALE.

No MALE can possibly know all the RULES.

If the FEMALE suspects the MALE knows all the RULES, she must immediately change some or all of them.

Whenever a FEMALE says she is not mad then the MALE had better watch out!

Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Women

A motorcycle doesn't mind when you leave it in front of a bar and go in for a beer.

A motorcycle doesn't get jealous when you ride another motorcycle.

When you get tired of your motorcycle you can get a new one and you don't have to pay the old one alimony.

The older a motorcycle gets the more it's worth.

A motorcycle licence expires, but a marriage licence doesn't.

Why Women Are Better Than Men

What's the difference between men and government bonds?
Bonds mature

What do men and beer bottles have in common?
They're both empty from the neck up

Why is it good that there are female astronauts?
When the crew gets lost, at least she will ask for directions

How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
We don't know... it has never happened

Only a man could buy a $400 car and put a $4000 stereo in it.

Dan 88!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Whose Jew In Hollywood


I'll bet a few of these were a surprise, but not most of them.  I suppose anyone who says that it's only a coincidence that there are so many Jews in Hollywood.  Yeah right.

Dan 88!


Friday, February 10, 2017

Migrants on benefits in Switzerland 'use money to travel back to nations they're fleeing'

A shocking investigation has revealed many asylum seekers are returning to their homeland, despite claiming their lives would be “threatened” if they were forced to return home.


Four out of five Eritreans in Switzerland are claiming state benefits.
The revelation reinforces the growing problem caused by the fact refugees are allowed to leave the country for 21 days a year, but are not obliged to say where they are going.
The investigation, carried out by Swiss-German newspaper BaZ, revealed how dozens of Eritrean families arrived at Zurich-Kloten airport to travel home. 
Many have travel vouchers as refugees or as temporary residents, who can stay in Switzerland despite a rejected asylum application.
However, their trip does not lead directly to Eritrea because such flights are not available from Zurich, but to Istanbul. 
From there, they travel to the Sudanese capital Khartoum or to the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, according to boarding cards seen by BaZ. 
There are up to fifty people leaving Switzerland daily and flying to a neighbouring country of Eritrea, the investigation found. In Sudan or Ethiopia, the Eritreans will then get on a bus, which will take them to their home within a few days. 
There are also flights from Khartoum, which land in the Eritrean capital Asmara after an hour. 
Outward and return flights via Istanbul cost around 650 francs during the most busy season in summer. Currently they are available for 599 francs.
The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) said it was difficult to determine who was going to Eritrea through a neighbouring country because there are no direct flights. 
Talk about corruption!  This is exactly what I'm talking about when I say that Third Worlders take advantage of the generosity of Aryan countries - including the USA.
This is why we must close off our borders.  We have been taken advantage of way too much and it's about time we looked after our own people first.
And for those lucky enough to be allowed to immigrate, they must leave their old lives and families behind.  You're either one of us or one of them.  You can't be both.
Dan 88!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Even White Immigrants Suffer From Culture Shock

The following was written by a Romanian immigrant about her first year or so in the United States. Even White immigrants have difficulty fitting in - but at least they try.

Perplexed by America: the Culture Shock of an European Immigrant

Over a year ago when I wrote an article about the customs, practices and cultural values of the Romanians, some of you asked me about my first impressions as an immigrant to America. It has been now almost 30 years since I first set foot on this vast and diverse continent. It may be a little late for first impressions now,  but I can still remember some of the things that surprised me as a newcomer.
Moving from one culture to another can be very exciting, but it’s definitely a stressful experience. Transitioning from all the familiar things in your own culture to new cultural stimuli which have little or no meaning to you, will always result in a culture shock. Culture shock were words that I’ve never heard before or knew the meaning of until coming to the United States. But to better understand what follows I’ll have to give you a little background about my upbringing.
Growing up in a communist country where everything ‘foreign’ or non-communist was banned, I had very little concept of the outside world. The only information about the Western civilization that penetrated the Iron Curtain was through ‘illegal’ radio stations like BBC and Voice of America, or through foreign magazines and films that managed to get smuggled into the country. For me America was this blessed land of plenty, a place of unparalleled opportunity, where the limit was only my imagination or my willingness to work hard. But that’s for another story. Now back to my culture shock and the things that perplexed me when I first landed in America.
The American Smile
Americans have huge smiles on their faces, did you notice that? At first I thought they smile because they are happy and why wouldn’t they be? Compared to where I came from they lived in Paradise. But then I realized they don’t smile only when they are happy, they smile all the time, as if they are plugged in.
It took me a while to realize that an American smile has very little to do with emotions and a lot to do with being polite. It’s the American way of silently greeting a stranger in an elevator, in line at the bank, or in a train compartment. Many people criticize the American smile because it’s ‘fake’ and ‘it means nothing,’ but I’ll take a fake smile any day over a sincere frown.
It's also never occurred to me that Americans have access to cosmetic dental care that we do not and are much more proud of their smiles than Romanians are.
The Informality

I think informality is a unique American value. It was one of the things that I found quite unique. Calling your elders, teachers and superiors by their first names was unheard of in Romania and it still is in most cultures I know. But the Americans’ informality doesn’t diminish the respect they have for other people. Calling someone by their first name is usually a sign of friendliness or acceptance, not a way to making one feel unimportant.
When I heard Michelle Obama hugged Queen Elizabeth I was horrified.  Then I realized that she did it out of friendliness, not disrespect.
The Weight of the Nation
It’s no secret that everything tends to be bigger in America than anywhere else, but unfortunately so does the average weight of the population. When I first came to the States I was shocked by the gargantuan proportions of those around me. Coming from a country where we had barely enough food to survive, I was astounded to see people so obese that they were bound to an electric wheelchair to carry them around.
Sadly, obesity is not only condoned in this country, but rigorously defended through anti-discrimination laws.  In Romania we would never protect the obese by law.  Our attitude would be if they want to be treated better they should lose some weight.
The Friendliness and Politeness
Americans are shockingly polite; they will hold the door open for those walking behind them, wait in line patiently, excuse themselves for being late, or for bumping into you accidentally. They don’t scream, they don’t yell and they don’t gesticulate.
Even when they are rude or they complain, they will cleverly deliver their words in a very polite manner. For me it’s still a very refreshing feeling to hear people say “you are welcome.”
The Sense of Privacy and Personal Space
Americans do not like their personal space invaded. They find it uncomfortable when others stand too close and will unconsciously move away. They don’t hug and kiss each other like the Europeans do. Americans don’t like to be asked about their age, weight, or salary and do not like to express their emotions. America was built on self-reliance and individualism – the idea that one should only rely on oneself and family to succeed – so they generally avoid getting too close to others. Americans call everybody a ‘friend’ which makes you feel included, but their idea of friendship is difficult to understand when you come from another culture.
The Language Shock
I was pretty fluent in English when I came to the States, but little did I know that the same word can mean two very different things, depending on what side of the Atlantic you are. On my first day on the job I asked for a rubber and in an instant everybody in the office looked at each other and burst into laughter. The innocent pencil eraser – the rubber– as the British call it, is actually a condom in America.
At another time I asked for a couple of  buns at a bakery in Los Angeles. The old woman behind the counter smiled and handed me two cakes with frosting on top, but said softly: “Honey, these are called rolls here, the buns are the ones you are sitting on.”
The ‘How Are You’
It took me a long time to realize that when the Americans say ‘How are you?’ they are not actually asking how you are. It doesn’t imply they are interested in your personal life. That’s just a greeting phrase and it stops right there. So the conversation goes something like: “How are you?” “Good, and you?” “Pretty good!” “That’s good.” To this day this style of greeting strikes me because in Romania, when somebody asks you how you are they are genuinely interested in knowing if you are well or have some issue you want to share.
The Humor
I used to crack little jokes and make puns when I first came here, but got tired of people not getting my jokes. What’s hilarious in Romania will barely raise an eyebrow in the States. In my turn, I found nothing funny about the “Knock Knock” kind of jokes. Going to standup comedy in the US made me feel totally isolated. People around me were crying with laughter while I found nothing funny at all.
My Foreign Accent
A foreign accent in America can trigger a whole conversation about your country of origin, politics, family and relatives. I used to be very annoyed about the “where are you from?” question. Even after 30 years I’m still being asked where I am from. In most circumstances, I find it really hard not to be rude, because I perceive the question as personally invasive. Why does a foreign accent always invite an inquisition in a country where everybody is from somewhere else? For me the where-are-you-from is a loaded question. It assumes foreignness and it disguises curiosity about my ethnic background based on which I can be judged. If answered sincerely, the question will lead to a series of subsequent questions that are only meant to intrude even further into my personal life. If not answered, it will lead to a stiffly and embarrassing silence. It’s a no-win situation.
The Law
American people take the law very seriously and are overcautious about what they do or say. If there is a lawsuit to be filed, someone will file it. When I came here I was appalled by the medical commercials I saw on TV.  They were talking more about the negative effects of the medicines than what they are good for. And then there were the ads encouraging patients to sue for bad outcomes, which often happen despite the doctors’ best and most competent efforts. No wonder that physicians and nurses in this country spend more time writing reports to cover their behinds than treating patients.
In Conclusion
I must confess that even today I haven’t been able to reconcile myself to some of these things. And yet in the end the effects of cultural shock helped increase my self-confidence and creativity, my knowledge of different types of people and their values.  Even though there will always be big differences between different cultures, they shouldn’t be an impediment in establishing effective relationships between people of different nations.

At least White immigrants TRY and fit in which is more than I can say for Mestizo and Muslim immigrants.  So the next time a White immigrant makes an honest cultural mistake remember that they are our racial kin and are trying to fit in so give them a break and don't make fun of them.  Remember, what's a joke to us may be an insult to them.

NOTE:  I will be moving over this next weekend.  I have posts already scheduled, but if anyone makes a comment I won't be able to post it or respond to it for a few days as I will be extremely busy and will be without internet service for a day or two.

Dan 88!