Would Trump Let You Immigrate To America?

If you were a foreigner and wanted to come to this country, would you qualify under the proposed RAISE Act?  To find out, go to this site:  http://time.com/4887574/trump-raise-act-immigration/

Scroll down to the big blue box and answer the questions and then click "see my results". 

Remember, you are pretending you are a foreigner.  If you have a college degree, assume you would if you were a foreigner, but it would be a degree from your native land, most likely.  Let's also assume you speak English fluently.  After all, you wouldn't think of immigrating somewhere unless you were fluent in the native language, would you?  I wouldn't, so let's assume you speak English fluently.

Answer all other questions exactly as they ask them.  Good luck!

Dan 88!