What Really Grinds My Gears

You know what really grinds my gears?  It's the ingratitude non-Whites have towards Whites these days.

Okay, I admit it.  We've done some terrible things throughout history.  But we're not the only ones.  The Muslims ran a huge slave trade for thousands of years before Europeans got involved.

In Japan, it was sometime in the 19th Century before outsiders were allowed to even set foot there.  Until then just being there was a death penalty offense.  Anyone see "Shogun".  

Ghengis Khan tried to conquer all of Asia.

There are many other examples.  But enough of that.  Right now let's talk about our own mistakes.

Yes, we enslaved the Black race.  Yes, we tried to exterminate the Native Americans.  Yes, we tried to oppress non-Whites almost until the 21st Century.  Except in extreme cases, those times are over with for the most part.  Maybe not totally, but mostly.

But despite all that, where would people of color be without us?  It has been proven beyond a doubt that Europeans came here at least 4000 years ago.  Some say as long as 25,000 years ago, but that is still being debated, but the 4000 year mark is settled.  Europeans were here then.  They were in the Stone Age.  For reasons we don't know, they left.  A thousand years later, Europe rediscovered North America.  By this time we were in the Bronze Age, but the Indians were still in the Stone Age.  Again our ancestors left.  At that time the Mediterranean was the center of the world and North America must have seemed so far away.  Another 1000 years goes by and the Vikings arrived.  By this time we were in the Iron Age, yet the Indians were STILL in the Stone Age.  The Vikings were explorers and raiders and had no desire to start a colony so they left.   Five hundred years later, Columbus arrived.  We were now in the Steel Age, but the Indians were STILL in the Stone Age. Thirtyfive hundred years and the Indians had made no progress.  They were a laboratory example of an arrested culture.  The same thing basically for South American Indians, and African tribesman.

If Europeans never came to N. and S. America and Africa, can you imagine what it would be like there today if that quarantine were maintained to this day?  Without contact or knowledge of the Western World, they'd still be in the Stone Age.

Back in the day, most of the world's advances were going on in Europe.  If the Americas and Africa we still completely isolated from Europe, there is no reason to believe that the native inhabitants would not still be living in the Stone Age.

Okay, we have put people of color through some pretty terrible shit, but also, if it weren't for us, they wouldn't be attending modern universities, working as doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers, and one time president of the United States.  No, they'd still be living in teepees or grass huts, wearing loincloths or buckskins, and being treated by a medicine men or witch doctors when they got sick.  Feeling ill?  Take two rattles, dance around the totem pole, and send me a smoke signal in the morning.

That's what grinds my gears this week.

Dan 88!