Mexican Drug Cartel Forces New Members to Eat Their Victims

Image: Mexican Drug Cartel Forces New Members to Eat Their Victims

Tuesday, 01 Aug 2017 05:48 PM

Two teens reportedly confessed to eating the flesh of their murder victims as part of an initiation into a rising Mexican drug cartel, the San Antonio Express-News reported Tuesday.

The newspaper reported El País, an international publication, described the horrifying cannibalism by initiates into Jalisco New Generation cartel.

According to El País, the 16- and 17-year-old told officials in Tabasco in southern Mexico the flesh-eating occurred after cartel members broke into a car dealership, decapitated five people, and left a signed note May 22.
Four days later, another dismembered body was discovered west of Tabasco in Nacajuca, according to El País; authorities linked the incidents after finding found body parts in Nacajuca stored in a freezer in one of the cartel's houses.
According to the publication, the teens said they were drugged and forced to eat some of the flesh.
Earlier this month, a Mexican journalist told El Blog del Narco a former Zetas cartel leader also used to eat the flesh of his victims, the San Antonio Express-News reported.
The journalist alleged former Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano would have someone killed, and then the victim would be cleaned and shaved. Lazcano would allegedly have the flesh prepared in a tamale dish – and would consume skin from a victim's buttocks, the outlet reported.
These are the kinds of monsters we have to deend our borders against.  If we had open borders like the extreme left wants, these creatures would be free to come and go with impunity.  Well, I'm sure some of them do that now - but not legally.  
If we had open borders, this kind of sickness would be spreading in the United States even now.
What this country needs to do with Lazcano and others like them is Osama bin Laden their asses - with or without the consent of the Mexican government.  If we did, what the hell are they going to do about it?
Dan 88!