School Days

It was Tyrone's first day in the first grade and he came home crying.

When his mother asked why, he replied, "The teacher told us to say our ABC's and all the little white boys could say them and I could only get to the letter E. Why is that?

His mom said, "Because you black and they white."

The next day Tyrone was crying again. "What's wrong today, Tyrone?" his mother asked.

Tyrone said, "Teacher told us to count to 100 and all the little white boys did but I could only get up to 10. Why is that?"

The mom answered, "Because you black and they white." 

The third day he came home smiling. "What happened today, Tyrone?" asked his mom. 

"We went to the bathroom and my thing was biggest of all, because I'm black and they white, right mama?" 

She said, "No, Tyrone, it's because you 17 and they 6."