Muslim Men 79 Times More Likely To Commit Rape Than Non-Muslims

New data from Sweden is a dire warning to women against voting for more refugees from Muslim countries.
A 10News Update
New data from Sweden shows how immigration and refugees from Islamic countries puts especially women in danger.
92 percent of all severe rapes (violent rapes) are committed by migrants and refugees. 100 percent of all attack rapes (where victim and attacker had no previous contact) are committed by that same group. In other words, thousands of Swedish women would not have been raped and thereby traumatized for life, had it not been for the influx from Islamic countries.
The top-10 list over rapists’ national back ground shows only one non-Islamic country (Chile). Most rapists have Iraqi back ground, followed by refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo.
When taking into account the number of people from the different nationalities in Sweden, Afghans are 79 times more likely to commit a sexual crime than people born from Swedish citizens.
“Here is, what I have been handling last week: rape, rape, severe rape, attack rape, extortion, extortion, violence, illegal threats, violence against the police, threats against the police, drug dealing, severe drug dealing, attempted murder, rape, extortion, and violence.
”Last year Peter Springare, a Swedish police officer, broke the political correct silence on the rape epidemy in the liberal-feminist governed Sweden.
Springare also published the criminals’ nationality:
“The criminals’ country of origin: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria, Somalia, unknown country, unknown country, Sweden. With half of the suspects we do not know the country of origin because they have no valid papers. This usually means that they are lying about their nationality and identity.”
Other Western European countries are experiencing similar challenges to womens’ security. Since Denmark caved to UN pressure in 2015 and started taking in thousands of asylum seekers from Islamic countries, rapes soared 163 percent in just one year.
On New Year 2015, thousands of sexual crimes were committed in Cologne, Germany, and other major European cities by Muslim migrants and asylum seekers.
100 percent of attack rapes in Oslo are committed by foreign men, often asylum seekers. According to Norwegian police, that many rapes happen because the men are raised in a culture that promotes such behaviour.
In many Muslim societies, rape is considered an appropriate punishment for women who have violated some aspect of Shariah Law.
We're supposed to believe that we are no better than they are.  Okay, let's not go there.  Let's just stick with culture.  Some aspects of foreign culture are simply incompatible with American culture.  For example, in some South American countries it is legal for a man to kill his wife if he catches her in the act of adultry.  The one condition to this is he must kill her within a few seconds.  He can't leave the room to go get his gun, come back in a few minutes and kill her.  It must occur within a few seconds of his catching her or it's murder.  But still, that is completely incompatible with American law and culture, just as raping women to punish them for something.
For those who might say that we can show them how to behave appropriately, I say it is not our job to reeducate these people.'
At one time, immigrants used to believe that it was their duty to assimilate into the culture of their new country.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do, so to speak.  Not so any more.  They feel that they have no obligation to assimilate, and that we must accept them as they are along with their culture, while they give us and our culture the finger.  Accept them as they are?  Not this horse.
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  1. they are animals , their very actions show this , i wonder if those that where raped , i wonder if their thinking that we are all the same still resounds among them?

    1. I'm sure some of them are deluded enough to believe that most Muslim men are okay and only some of them are rapists or potential rapists. But if for example only one out of every 100 White males is a rapist or potential rapist, 79 out of every 100 Muslim males are too. That's way too high a ratio. We must stop this mass immigration-invasion before it's too late. We tried to be generous and help some of these people but they have taken advantage of our generousity. It's time we said "enough is enough."

      BTW, a potential rapist is someone who is willing to rape, but hasn't yet because they have not been presented with the right opportunity yet.

      Dan 88!


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