Nearly 3,400 Colorado Voters Cancel Registrations

Image: Nearly 3,400 Colorado Voters Cancel Registrations

By Wanda Carruthers   |   Friday, 14 Jul 2017 08:09 PM

Nearly 3,400 Colorado voters canceled their voter registrations following the request by President Donald Trump's Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity that all 50 states provide details about registrants, The Denver Post reported Thursday.

Colorado's Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams said in a statement he hoped those who canceled their registration would reconsider.

"It's my hope that folks who withdrew their registration will re-register, particularly once they realize that no confidential information will be provided and that the parties and presidential candidates already have the same publicly available information from the 2016 election cycle," Williams stated.

County election officials told the Post there were two primary reasons people gave for pulling their registration — they don't trust the voter commission and they didn't realize how much personal information their registration contained.

Trump established the panel in May in an effort to uncover instances of voter fraud, but a legal challenge over the commission's request has placed the issue on hold.


And Trump is supposed to care about this - WHY?!

These people are doing what my mom used to call, "Biting their own noses to spite their faces."

I'll wager most of these "objectors" are either illegal aliens or liberals.  Either way they are not Trump supporters, so why should he care?  That's 3,400 people who won't be able to vote against or sign petitions against his policies.  Those idiots are actually doing him a favour and robbing themselves of what little voice they, as citizens (if they aren't illegals) have in how things go in this country.

I say go ahead and cancel your registration.  It won't solve anything.  It won't even get you out of jury duty anymore.  Most states use driver's licences to select potential jurers, not voter registration.  They stopped using voter registration several years ago here in California to call people for jury duty because many people would not register because they did not want to have to do jury duty.

Trump isn't my president either, but the liberals are really getting ridiculous about this.

Dan 88!