Mom Stands up to Lib Education Practices; Sends Back Son’s Homework


In what could have been a normal, everyday scene in family life in Bakersfield, California, a boy came home and whipped out his homework to get it done. However, when his mother saw what the homework was, she was appalled by an obvious violation of her son’s constitutional rightsHer son’s teacher had required that the class list the five pillars of Islam and scan a QR code that would have linked to an Islamic prayer.

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She sent back a very firm note that she refused to allow her son to complete the homework and, if the teacher had a problem with it, the teacher could get in touch with their lawyer. If the class had been required to study the tenants of Christianity, very few people would doubt that Liberals would scream about their precious “separation of church and state”. The ACLU would likely get involved. Based on every precedent that involved an illegal government endorsement of religion, the family could win a legal case or at least get a reasonable settlement out of the school that included changes to the school’s policies regarding the treatment of religious faiths.

A fairly typical, Liberal knee-jerk reaction would be that the mother is a hardcore Christian who does not want her child to be exposed to the basics of other religions in any significant way. However, this is not necessarily the case and it’s unclear whether she followed the Christian faith or any faith at all. She may simply have been an atheist who is reacting to what she sees as an illegal endorsement of a specific religion by a government organization – in this case, the public school that her son attends.

When the news broke, some commentators did leap to the teacher’s defense. “How can we grow and work towards understanding if we won’t allow our children the opportunity to learn about other cultures in a world history class?” was a typical comment from Nick Miranda.
While this might be fair, this kind of attitude could open a can of worms that includes the problem of which religions should and shouldn’t be studied in school. Even a single year’s worth of study of world history will probably include mentions of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism within the context of the ways they’re important to the relevant societies. In America, though, most public schools emphasize American history without touching on the history of the rest of the world very much at all.
A student should be able to pass history class without the need to emphasize Islam over any other religion. Was the child required to explain the significance of each day in the Christian Holy Week or memorize the Ten Commandments? Did the teacher cover the four noble truths of Buddhism in any significant detail? If not, why did the teacher highlight Islam?
So the mother of this child wasn’t wrong to protest the endorsement of Islam in particular and mention that she had an attorney. If the child received a failing grade for this assignment, the school could face a lawsuit in an environment where organizations like the ACLU have successfully fought for precedents that forbid the endorsement of any particular religion or denomination in public schools.
If a public school cannot legally teach the Christian belief in creationism, neither should students be forced to choose between learning about Islam and getting a failing grade. While the line between endorsing any particular faith and allowing for students’ right to free expression can sometimes be a tricky one, as evidenced by a case in which a high school student was forbidden to include any mention of her faith in her graduation speech, public schools should not be permitted a double standard in which teaching the tenants of Christianity is forbidden, but teaching about the pillars of Islam is acceptable.
Good for her!  Now that's what I call parenting.  People need to stand up to these liberals and just say NO!

Now I'm sure this unit of study on religion was brought about to educate students on Islam because of all the anti Islamic sentiment that's prevalent in our country these days.  NO EXCUSE!  I'm sure they'll say they are not teaching students to BE Muslims, just teaching ABOUT Islam.  That doesn't fly.  It's already been tried with Christianity.  The courts have said that teaching about Christianity is the same as teaching to be Christians.  If you can't teach about Christianity you can't teach about Islam.
The public school system is a government organization and the constitution requires seperation of church and state with NO exceptions.

Dan 88!


  1. let me see if i am Islamophobic, they burn people for fun, they cut heads off, they kill non-Muslims and seemingly other Muslims as well, they treat women like dirt, they blow people up , hell yeah i am Islamophobic ! and to ad ya cant teach Christianity then you should not be able to teach Islam either !

  2. I wonder if a public school made students read the Christian Bible, will that school be closed down because of that? Will that story make national news and portray it as racist or white supremacist? But it's ok for schools to study other religions right? God I love democracy and diversity!

    Mr. Johnson 88

    1. I don't think they'd be closed down IF they are private schools. Private schools are NGO's (Non-Government Organizations) and can teach religion. A public school would not be shut down if they taught Christianity, but they would be ordered to stop by their superiors, and if they didn't, all involved persons would be fired and probably sued.

      Dan 88!


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