Where The Hell Is The Money Coming From?

Edmund G Brown Jr.jpg

I thought I would post one of the news stories about this but I said to hell with it.

Some of you may have heard that California Gov. Jerry "Bankruptcy" Brown has taken it upon himself to attend the Paris Climate conference now that Trump has withdrawn the United States.

Just who in the hell does he think he is?  He has no authority to make ANY decisions at all at this conference.  The president of the United States, AKA the commander-in-chief has decided that this country will not take part in the conference and Brown, and every other American politician needs to respect that decision, rather than ignore it.

In my opinion, Trump needs to give Brown - and anyone else who does like him - a good swift kick in the ass.

And on top of all of that, just where in the hell is the money coming from?  How much is it going to cost the people of California to send the governor and his entourage to Paris?  California is one of the most broke states in the country.  For every dollar in taxes we take in we spend $1.50.

The last thing we need is to waste money on some climate conference that he has no power to make any decision in while there.  This is what my father would call a WOM (pronounced woom) - Waste Of Money.

Dan 88!