What Really Grinds My Gears

You know what really grinds my gears?

It's doctors - or anyone in the heathcare industry.  

Forget about the ridiculously high fees.  That's all part of doing business - not that I'm defending them on that account.  It's how they treat the patients.

Okay, you have some kind of health problem.  Exactly what is not important.  You call your doctor and make an appointment.  They put you on hold for 15 minutes (if you're lucky - it could be longer).  When you do get to speak to a live person they give you an appointment - in two weeks (again if you're lucky).

Now you've got your appointment - 2:00 PM on the 19th let's say.  You show up five minutes early and you sign in.  Then what does the receptiionist say?  She says, "Have a seat and we'll call you."

Now you sit down and wait - and wait - and wait - and wait.  An hour goes by and you're still waiting.  Finally they call your name.  Some medical assistant takes you to the scale and weighs you.  Then you go to an examination room and she takes your temperature and your blood pressure.  Then she says,  "Wait here. The doctor will be in in a few minutes."

A few minutes my ass!  If you're lucky he'll come in in a half hour or so.

Sometimes I think that medical personel exist in a different dimension  where time operates differently than in the real world.  A few minutes to them is a half hour or an hour to us.  Frankly I'm fed up with it.  I may not have an MD after my name, but my time is just as important to me as the doctor's is to him and I don't feel like sitting there for an hour or more with my dick in my hands.  After all, I had an appointment and I was there early,  I shouldn't have to wait more than 15 minutes at the most.

The trouble with the healthcare industry is that they double book.  That is they schedule two patients at the same time.  Some even triple book.  That way if someone doesn't show up for their scheduled appointment the doctor won't be standing around for 15 minutes (which is the average time the doctor spends with a patient) without anything to do.  Gee, that would be just awful, wouldn't it?

The doctor bills our insurance $100 or more for just one visit.  That's $400 or more per hour and the doctor is worried about having nothing to do for a lousy 15 minutes because a patient failed to keep his appointment?  I feel soooooo sorry for them when that happens, don't you?  Considring that they gross several thousand dollars a day, it must be a tragedy if they have an empty time slot with no patient.  Gosh, that could cause them to go bankrupt or something.

The way the healthcare insdustry is run today is a far cry from the sign in front of Dr. Schwitzer's jungle clinic that read "At whatsoever hour you come here, you will find light and help and human kindness."

Schwitzer may have been a Jew, but he was a great doctor, even if he was a lousy businessman by today's standards.

That's what grinds my gears this week.


  1. that sounds like it really grinds your gears.....but with reason!


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