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If you haven't already heard, actor Adam West, best known for his role as TV's Batman in the 1960's died today of leukemia.  He was 88.

I have fond memories of the show from when I was a kid.  The show was shown in two half hour segments weekly.  On Wednesdays part one ended with a cliff-hanger with Batman and Robin being slowly put to death in some ridiculously outrageous method like being literally turned into human snowcones by Mr. Freeze, and the conclusion on Thursday night.

We all knew Batman was going to think of a way to escape.  There was no doubt in our minds about that.  The fun was finding out what equally ludicrous method he would figure out.  I think they got the idea for the show MacGuyver from Batman's weekly escapes from the villainous traps.

He continued to work until the end of his life.  His most recent role was doing the voice of himself as the eccentric mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island on TV's Family Guy.

West once said he really enjoyed working on Family Guy.  Even though he was old enough to be the grandfather of some of those connected with the show, he still had a good time.  

He once remarked that the great thing about the show was all he had to do was go in and do his lines.  They did a table read in the morning, and the recording in the afternoon, and he didn't have to be bothered with costumes or makeup.  

He once joked, "I could have come in and done the show in my bathrobe if I wanted!"

Dan 88!


  1. seems like and i guess it is true that all the old heroes are dying off , now the heroes that are promoted are some ghetto thug covered in tattoos and plays sports

  2. It seems like people are dying off much younger.

  3. Adam West was a hard worker and, both West and Ward made a few appearances in "The Simpsons." There best ones were the last couple animated movies they made together. Nevertheless he will be missed and by generations to come!

    1. I heard an interesting story about West and Ward. It seems that West had already been cast as Batman. Now they were auditioning for Robin and it was Ward's turn. They liked Ward, but they wanted to see if they had any chemistry, so they had them do a scene together.

      Now West was the kind of actor who always wanted to play scenes in different ways to see which one worked best. When on a tight schedule, this can be annoying to the director and producer. So when they went to do the scene, West asks Ward, "How do you intend to play this scene?"

      Ward, who had NEVER had ANY acting job at all before replied, "I was just planning on reading my lines and doing what the director tells me to."

      The director then looks directly at West and said sarcastically, "Gee, what a novel approach!"

      That remark was directed at West, not Ward, but it doesn't seem to have done any good. West continued to do things his way during the entire show, but they managed to get three good seasons anyway.

      Dan 88!


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