Pro Illegals Rage Outside Council Meeting


June 14, 2017
6/11/17 Cudahy, CA Southeast L.A. County

Outside the Cudahy City Council Meeting, pro illegals raged. At the end of this video, a vehicle passes by displaying a TRUMP SIGN. Later in the evening, 4 Trump Supporters were followed by this mob to their vehicle and the driver was forced to deploy pepper spray. 2 females were also followed by this mob. Cudahy is a sanctuary city. Trump supporters have been attending the city council meetings to oppose the sanctuary city status and open border groups are reacting and protesting in Cudahy and the surrounding cities. Video by Robin Hvidston, We The People Rising. ABC News coverage

One thing I would like to point out to these Pro Illegals.  They're telling us to go back to Europe?  How can I go back to someplace I'm not a citizen of and have never even been?  Mexican illegals have a place to go back to:  Mexico.  They are citizens there.  Most White Americans are not citizens of any country except the United States.  We have no place to "go back to".

Dan 88!