Look At What The Other Side Is Up To

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You'll notice that they don't come out and say it straight, but what this message means is no border patrol at all.  If the border patrol cannot pick up illegals, then what's their use?  

BTW, this Claudia person wasn't "kidnapped".  She was ARRESTED for being an illegal alien.  

The word deport was added by the group We The People Rising based in Redlands, Ca., the same city Pete Aguilar (below) lives in.

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This is Congressman Pete Aguilar, the son of illegal aliens (who are now legal,naturally).  Unfortunately this turd happens to be my congressman.  In a 70 percent Mestizo area we haven't got a snowball's chance in hell of electing a White man - or even a Black man for that matter.

His shirt refers to Trump's attempts to repeal Obamacare.

He's not the only one who thinks it's appropriate for elected officials to use profanity.  Prominent Democrats are using more profanity in public as they rail against President Donald Trump and the GOP agenda. During the California Democratic Party convention in Sacramento last weekend, outgoing party Chairman John Burton led a “Fuck Donald Trump!” chant and thrust two middle fingers in the air.

Also, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has repeatedly dropped profanity in stump speeches when talking about Trump.
But that's how liberals are these days.  They had so much power and influence for so long that now that they have lost it they resort to obscenities, name calling, and complete disrespect for the President of the United States.
It's different when we talk like that about the president or other elected officials.  We are not representatives of the government.  But when fellow representatives resort to that kind of behaviour because they are not getting what they want, it shows that this system has sunk to a new low.
Fuck the GOP?  Fuck Donald Trump?  I say fuck the whole system!