What Really Grinds My Gears

You know what really grinds my gears?

All this bullshit we keep hearing about from the bleeding heart Jews media when a state tries to pass a voter integrity law.

All these states are doing are trying to keep people from illegally voting.  That just doesn't mean illegal aliens or legal aliens who aren't citizens.  It's trying to keep people from stuffing the ballot box.  That means trying to keep people from voting twice in the same election.

Yet all we hear from the Jews media and the liberal courts (some courts are conservative to be fair) are these laws are unfair to minorities.

Just how in hell are they unfair to minorities?  All these states are asking for is proof of citizenship when you register, and a legal photo ID when you vote.  How is that unfair to minorities?

Proof of citizenship means a birth certificate if you were born here.  If you were naturalized, it means your naturalization certificate.

Now if you don''t have your birth certificate, you can obtain that from the town where you were born.

If you were naturalized, it means your naturalization certificate which was given to you when you took the oath of citizenship. 

If you were a foreigner who married an American, it means your marriage licence - again which you should already have.  

If you lost them that's your fault.  You should have taken better care of them.  However, the government retains their copy of those certificates so all you have to do is contact the town where you were born or married in and get another copy.  There may be a small fee involved, but if you took better care of those very important documents you wouldn't have to be sending for replacements.  The same for your certificate of naturalization.  I believe Homeland Security or ICE are the appropriate agencies for that.

Some of this can be done online so all you need is access to a computer.  The library has computers you can use free.  You may have to visit Homeland Security in person for that document, but I'm not sure.  But every major city has an office.  There's one less than five miles away from me.

As to photo ID, I can't speak for all 50 states, while a driver's licence has a fee here in California, official state ID cards are free.

You live in a rural area and don't have transportation?  Surely you have a friend who can take you.  If not, there's always the bus.  You can even use Uber.  Sure it costs a little, but it's not unreasonable.  Not unreasonable to the point that voter integrity laws are unconstitutional.  Getting the appropriate documents and ID maybe an inconvenience, but it shouldn't be an impossibility for any American citizen.  Not nowadays.

If money is tight, you may have to save up a little.  Skip buying that $70 carton of cigarettes.  Yes, name brand cigarettes can cost up to $70 per carton in California with the new tobacco tax, but I'll save that for another What Really Grinds My Gears.

Almost everybody drinks beer.  If you want to vote badly enough, skip a few 12 packs and you'll have the money.

Yes, voting is a right and shouldn't cost any citizen money to exercise that right.  But you should also have the appropriate documents.  If you don't, YOU were negligent for not having them in the first place and have only yourself to blame.

That's what really grinds my gears this week.

Dan 88!