It's Over

Well another White Heritage Month has come and gone.  Our Spring Blitz Literature drive went very well.  We had tons of orders for material.  We actually fell behind a bit on them, but that's okay.  After all it's called Spring Blitz, not April Blitz.  We can and will continue in May - and all year long (weather permitting of course).  So let's keep the literature flowing.

Also, it's time to get those pledges in.  If you fail to send in yours, you may not get your copy of The White Worker in a few weeks.  If for any reason you can't send anything this month, at least notify HQ and tell them why.  They are understanding.  It's only when someone doesn't send in their pledge and says nothing that we get a little peeved.  Silence may be golden, but not in this case.

Well, this may be a short report but sometimes (not most of the time) I just don't have a lot to say.

Oh, and for you Generation Xers, the above graphic is indeed from Schoolhouse Rock.

Dan 88!