Sicilian Mafia Declares War On Invading Muslims


UK Daily Mai(h/t Susan K)  The feared Cosa Nostra are desperate to maintain supremacy after African crime gangs arrived with the migrants – and they are engaged in a deadly turf war.

The Muslim invasion of Italy soared by 90% in the first three months of the year. The migrant population in Ballaró, the part of Palermo where the shooting took place, has risen from approximately 5% to 25% since the migrant crisis began.

There is widespread concern in Italy that the number of new migrants exceeds the country’s capacity to cope – and the mafia is its biggest and most dangerous critic. The mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando said: ‘In the past, when the Mafia was more powerful, it prevented any immigrants from entering the city. Until I was 30 years old, I never saw an African or Asian in Palermo.

‘The Mafia has not understood that the city has changed. We are now a city of immigrants, and the Mafia bosses no longer sit in the mayor’s chair. ‘Palermo is a Middle Eastern town in Europe. It is a mosaic city and we are happy about that.’ [Speak for yourself, pisano. - Dan]

The deadly Mafia-migrant war began after African criminal gangs apparently entered the country alongside law-abiding migrants, and started to operate ‘on the Mafia’s doorstep’. Mobsters claimed that police were targeting their activities while leaving African gangs alone.

Then, two weeks ago, an innocent Gambian migrant was shot through the head in a ‘hit’ by a gangster dubbed ‘an animal’. Astonishingly, he survived, but the attack was a brutal example of the violence gripping the island and raises fears it will spin out of control.


Mayor Orlando said: ‘This Mafia shooting was a tremendous mistake because it turned the city against them. The Mafia needs silence and darkness. It needs people to keep their mouths shut. ‘When it does such a brutal act, shooting a young guy, the mayor switches on the lights and the whole city comes after them.’

Palermo police commissioner Guido Longo added: ‘We are facing acts of unprecedented aggression and bullying [against migrants] with typically Mafioso attitudes. There is a will to impose their rule on the territory.’

‘This is the beginning of a war between the Mafia and the migrants. It is going to get worse. I am scared. There will be more migrants, more friction, more attacks. This was the first shooting, but it won’t be the last.’

‘One of our aims is to lower levels of migration and reduce tensions in Sicily and Italy as a whole,’ said Andrea Romano, an MP for Italy’s ruling Democratic Party.

‘What we see in Sicily is that when the state tries to better organise the migrants, the Mafia reacts. It tries to push people against the state and the migrants, because it wants the situation to remain blurred and disorganised. That allows them to take control. ‘Of course the tension is going to rise when migrant number go up. It is unavoidable in the face of such an emergency.


I'll bet the Mafia didn't mind the immigrants - as long as they were making money off of them and they kept their place.  But as their numbers grew, so did their boldness.

The Cosa Nostra Mafia is the most feared Mafia in the world.  They're also considered to be the original Mafia.  If they had used their influence in the beginning, perhaps they could have done something, but they let things get out of control because they were making a lot of money.  But now the monster they helped to create is threatening them.

I'm not supporting the Mafia mind you, but they helped to make their own bed, now they have to lie in it.  We have done the same thing.  At first, a few illegal immigrants were good for our economy.  They did the nasty work.  They worked in the fields, they did all the grubby jobs we didn't want.  Now there are more of them and they are getting as bold as brass.

This is a problem we helped to create.  Everyone should know that Frankenstein's Monster ALWAYS turns on his creator.  We created a Monstruo de Frankenstein and now it's turned on us.

Dan 88!!


  1. I agree with you comrade Dan. I bet the mafia benefited from illegals from 3rd world countries. But now that there re alot of them roaming the streets, they want to end it. This is just another example of corrupt, capitalism is. You dont care about your own people, you only care about profits. 88!


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