Report: Robots May Soon Take Over 38 Percent of US Jobs

Saturday, 25 Mar 2017 11:25 AM

By the early 2030s, 38 percent of jobs in the United States could be at high-risk of being performed through automation rather than by humans, a new report indicates.
According to the analysis performed by accounting and consulting firm PwC, that's a higher number than in Britain, which could see 30 percent of its jobs become automated; Germany, at 35 percent; and Japan, with 21 percent, reports The Los Angeles Times.
The numbers could still change, as they are based on anticipated technologies in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, the report said.
More U.S. jobs are vulnerable not because of certain sectors, but because of gaps in education, the report said. For example, the finance and insurance sectors are showing higher possibilities of automation because finance workers in the U.S. have less education than their British counterparts.
In the U.S., finance workers tend to work more in the domestic retail market, the report explained, but London employees require further education because they often work with the international markets.
Other industries that could be at high risk include hospitality and food service and transportation and storage. According to an earlier report, long-range truck driving will most likely become the first form of driving to become fully automated.
There could be several economic hurdles to clear when it come to robots replacing humans on the job, however, as the cost of robots could still be too expensive, and liability issues could come into play, PwC notes.
On Friday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he is not worried about automation taking over jobs, as he believes that's at least 50 years away. Also, he said automation could mean more productive jobs at higher wages for many Americans.
More productive jobs at higher wages?  Only for the college graduate I'll bet.
When they start talking about Skynet, that's the time to worry! LOL
Dan 88!


  1. well i for one , when our new robot masters take over will be very happy to oil and clean them! ( i hope they read that !)

    1. I hope they have robot teachers by then. Let's see the kids try and drive them crazy!

      Dan 88!


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