Don't Rub It In People's Faces

Comrades, White Heritage Month is a celebration of the White Race, not an excuse to rub something in the faces of non-Whites.  Don't use this month as an excuse to "stick it to the Muds".  That's not why we created this month long celebration, but to remind our own Folk that we have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of.

True, our ancestors made some mistakes like slavery, and attempted genocide of the Native Americans.  But we ourselves did not do those things.  That was our ancestors.  We cannot and should not be expected to apologize for what other people did so long ago - even if they were our ancestors.  No one should be expected to apologize for the sins of another - even if they are related.

And some of us weren't even here during those times.  For example, my mother's family didn't get here from Ireland until circa 1920.  That was before the Irish Revolution and the Irish at that time were living under British occupation and domination.

My dad's side of the family got to this country from Germany circa 1874 and stayed east of the Mississippi until the 20th Century so they weren't involved in slavery nor attempted Indian genocide.

Our people have a rich heritage and every reason to be proud.  But pride doesn't mean "sticking it" to non-Whites.  Let them celebrate their various Heritage Months and we'll celebrate ours.

Dan 88!


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