At The Sign Post Up Ahead, Your Next Stop...

I'm sure everyone knows that Trump has launched a missile attack against Syria in response to President Assad's gas attack against innocent civilians.

The thing is, the Liberals have been screaming bloody murder over this saying it's an illegal war and Trump is a war criminal.  I'll bet you a buck that if Trump had done nothing, the Left would be screaming at him for allowing Assad to get away with murdering innocent civilians - including children.  

With the Left, Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.  As far as they are concerned, whatever the man does it's the wrong thing.  They just won't let up.  This is no way to run a country.

Instead of fighting each other we should all be working together for a common goal.  That's the National Socialist way.  That's also why Hitler ended up banning all other parties from Nazi Germany:  Because he knew if he didn't crap like this would go on.  The parties would fight each other and nothing would get done - as usual.

Folks, the two party democracy simply doesn't work.  They talk about freedom and fairness.  They would listen to a thousand viewpoints and try and satisfy them all.  IMPOSSIBLE!  Security, peace, and advancement can only occur under a strong leader with the power to act.

Until the American people are willing to suck it up and do what has to be done - namely get rid of this ineffective system and put a strong leader with the power to act in charge - nothing will ever change.  Indeed, it will only get worse.

If we want this country to be great, we National Socialists KNOW what has to be done.

Dan 88!