Ten Crazy California Law Proposals

1.  Senate Bill 54:  Would make the entire state a sanctuary for illegal aliens.  It has passed the Assembly and Senate.  Governor Brown is expected to sign it.

2.  A bill to raise the tax on hard liquor (they wouldn't dare tax beer) to make up for removing the sales tax on diapers and tampons.  Are they kidding?  No they are not.

3.  Senate Bill 18:  Requires the state to create a bill of rights for children.  When I was a kid my rights were what my parents and teachers told me they were.  When they said "jump", I was expected to ask "How high?" - and then do it!

4.  Assembly Bill 1732:  Gender neutral bathrooms.  No more men's and women's rooms.  Hey, if this one passes, don't ask me not to look when I use one.  I'll look just to piss people off.  If a woman can use the same restroom as me, then I have a right to look.

5.  Senate Bill 1322:  Anyone caught having sex with an under aged prostitute will no longer be charged with statutory rape or child molestation.  They will be charged with the same crime as if the prostitute was an adult.

6.  Assembly Bill 2466:  Allows serving felons the right to vote.  Considering California is a democratic state, if this passes, most of those felons will surely register Democrat.

7. Proposition 57:  Early release for non-violent criminals.  This would include drug traffickers and sex traffickers such as pimps.

8. Proposition 63:  On its own, California would nullify the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.  This surely would be unconstitutional so it will be interesting to see if it passes.  California, although liberal majority, does have a lot of rednecks so it may not pass anyway.

9.  Senate Bill 3:  Minimum wage hike to $15 an hour.  I'm all for raising the minimum wage, but $15 an hour?  Companies will never pay this out of their profits.  They will pass the cost to the consumers.  If this passes we might be paying $10 for a Big Mac.

10. Senate Bill 1383:  This is to control cow flatulence (farting).  I'm not lying!  If you don't believe me Google "California Senate Bill 1383" and prove it.  Dairy farmers (who are going bankrupt as it is) are supposed to stick hoses up a cow's butt and recycle their farts.  Kind of like the way they capture methane gas at landfills and store it for resale as fuel.  Farts are primarily methane gas.