March Is Here

Well, March is upon us.  This means a few things.

First, it's time to get those pledges in.  I hate to sound like a broken record but if I don't, some people neglect their financial responsibilities to the ANP.

Next, Spring will be here in three weeks and the Spring weather not too much longer after that.  For those of you in the colder climates you'll be able to get outside and start distributing literature.  You know, you don't have to wait for the May Blitz for that.

Speaking of the May Blitz, it's always good to order your materials early.  All too often we get swamped with orders and can't fill them all in a timely manner, so order early if you can.

Next month is April.  April has been named by the ANP as White Heritage Month.  In addition to regular posts, I will be posting appropriate stories at that time.  In fact I've been hanging on to a couple of good ones just waiting for White Heritage Month.

Finally, this one is just for California comrades.  Last November, people overwhelmingly passed a ban on single use plastic and paper bags at supermarkets.  This means that in California you have to either bring your own bags, or purchase multi-use plastic bags for ten cents from the store.  These bags can be used dozens of times before they wear out.

The trouble is people keep forgetting to bring the bags back to the store the next week and end up buying more.  Any time you stop into a package or convenience store you had better have your own bag or it will cost you.

Most people I've spoken to hate this.  It's inconvenient, it costs us extra, and it's a bloody pain-in-the-ass.  Why did this law pass?  Because the tree huggers made it sound so good for the environment, but they forgot to mention all the inconveniences that I mentioned above.  In other words, it sounded good on the surface, but they failed to think it through and consider all the inconveniences they would have to be put through.

The thing is we are not stuck with this law permanently.  It was voted in by the people, and it can be voted out by the people.  I have no idea of how to get a proposition on the ballot nor how much it will cost.  However, if someone does try, the process begins with getting signatures on a petition.

If someone asks you to sign such a petition I urge you to do so.  I know that some of you think that if you sign a petition that means you might get called for jury duty.  In California, this is no longer true.  Lists of prospective jurors now come from the DMV if you have a driver's licence or state ID card, not from voter registration lists or petitions.

So if someone asks you to sign such a petition please do so or else we'll be stuck with this nuisance law permanently.

BTW, if you ever do get a jury summons there is an easy way out.  You have to show up for the first day, but when they question you as to if you have any biases or reasons why you wouldn't make a good juror, simply tell the judge RESPECTFULLY (or else you may get cited for contempt) that you have no faith in our legal system and they'll usually dismiss you permanently.  Worked for me.  I politely told them what I think of the system and I was dismissed and NEVER called again.  That was in 1995.

Dan 88!


  1. Your Honor


    Heil Hitler!

    1. Actually, I think it should be "respectfully", but you're quite correct. ALWAYS address the judge as "Your Honor", whether you think he/she is or not.

      Dan 88!


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