It's Almost Saint Patrick's Day!

Two Irishmen were sitting in a pub when one buys a whole bottle of whiskey.

Paddy said, "Michael, when I die I was wonderin' if you would do me a favour.

"What would that be?" Michael asks.

Paddy explains, "I want you to take this bottle and pour it all over me grave."

"Sure  n' I'd be glad to boy-o," said Michael.  "But do you mind if I run it through me kidneys first?"


Angus stood before the judge waiting for him to pronounce sentence on him.

The judge said, "Young man, before I sentence you, I want to tell you that this is all the fault of alcohol.  That and that alone."

Angus replied, "Thank you your Lordship.  That makes me feel a lot better.  Everyone keeps telling me it's all MY fault!"


I usually hate it when St. Patrick's Day is not on a weekend, but at least this year we'll all have an excuse for being drunk at work!


  1. An Irish Catholic priest, a Buddhist monk, and a rabbi walk into a bar, and the bartender says: "What is this, some kind of joke?"

    ~Johann Hauptmann 88!!

    1. If I were one of them, I would have said, "No, but it sounds like the start of a good one!"

      Dan 88!


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