Extra Post For Wednesday!

I don't usually do this, but it's important.  I also post this not just to expose more corruption in the NSM, but in case this slimeball tries and contact any ANP members or official supporters.

Unfortunately the attachments and photo are unavailable at this time.

This information was provided to us by a member of our non-Aryan Sympathizer Division.  We consider him to be reliable.  Thanks Comrade GD.

Dan 88!

[Attachment(s) from nsmchief_staff@yahoo.com [NSM_Worldwide] included below]
A recent internal investigation conducted by the NSM Security Services (SS) has revealed
a traitor in our midst. There have been security breaches in not only the NSM but a number 
of other pro White organizations, as well.

This is not the first time and certainly will not be the last that the Zionist occupation and 
 their lackeys in the various Federal law enforcement agencies have sent operatives into
pro White organizations. What is different this time is the fact that a whistleblower from 
inside the system has come forward to alert us about not only the presence of an
informant but alleged warrantless surveillance as well. It is significant that under the
new administration system operatives are no longer afraid to speak out against
Obama era employees that are violating some of the basic principles that this nation
was founded on and we encourage others to come forward and expose any in the 
system that are trying to impede the progress of pro Nationalist groups.

In the interest of protecting the security of our various allied forces we are now making public the identity of a confirmed informant. This individual goes by the
name of William Kerry Allen and is known in NSM circles as Aryan Knight or AK. Below is 
a photograph of this individual.

This individual has served as an Ambassador for the NSM as well as in our Media Department. He came to us as an active member already from another well respected
organization and has been in contact with a number of pro White groups both here and in Europe.

We do not make these serious allegations lightly. Our proof is irrefutable.
Details of this investigation will not be made public but will be made available to the leadership of organizations that we know have been affected by this traitor. He has signed a non-disclosure contract with the NSM which could potentially leave him open to
civil and criminal penalties and NSM Command Staff is looking into this option.

All NSM personnel are instructed to have no further contact or communications with him.
He has been expelled from the organization and does not have legal permission to use our name or symbolism. We further suggest that all members of the Nationalist Front also circulate this e mail so he can be readily identified should he be inclined to reappear 

The recent allegations made against former Obama administration officials for illegal
wiretapping against no less than President Trump underscores the fact that no one in 
America is safe today from out of control intelligence agencies. Rather than be discouraged by this act of treachery let us harden our resolve to root out and defeat the
agents of the Globalist machine. This is an issue that effects all Americans, not just NSM
members and it is a fight we must win in order to preserve our nation and our people.

NSM Command Staff 

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