Whose Jew In Hollywood


I'll bet a few of these were a surprise, but not most of them.  I suppose anyone who says that it's only a coincidence that there are so many Jews in Hollywood.  Yeah right.

Dan 88!



  1. This should be required watching for all NS. Why do you think the Jews are so powerful. This is how they established the USSR. Mind control. Control thought and belief. Create mental zombies.

    1. Exactly. The other methods are they dominate nearly half of higher education. Brainwash the young when they are already in a rebellious frame of mind wanting to do the opposite of what their parents do.

      Next is dominate the government. There are 30 Jewish senators - nearly one third. Although I haven't checked, I would assume the ratio is about the same in the House Of Representatives.

      Next, they dominate the news media and tell people what they are supposed to accept as the truth.

      Chech all your books about the Holohoax. They are all either written by Jews, published by Jews, or both.

      There are further examples.

      Dan 88!


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