Slovakia in shock over far-right party’s election success

Tatiana Jancarikova 

Slovakia was haunted by ghosts of its past on Sunday after far-right militants who have donned uniforms modelled on a second World War Nazi state won seats in parliament for the first time.
The People’s Party-Our Slovakia group led by Marian Kotleba, the governor of central Slovakia who has organised marches against the Roma minority, took eight percent of the vote, nearly three times more than polls had predicted.
As the European Union faces the worst refugee crisis since the second World War from war-torn Syria and beyond, support for far-right politicians in central Europe has been on the rise.
In Hungary, the Jobbik party, known for its Hungarian Guard uniforms and anti-Roma marches, is the second largest party in the parliament.
Analysts say the far right capitalised on the anti-immigration rhetoric from most mainstream parties including prime minister Robert Fico, who won the election but may find it very hard if not impossible to form a new government.
“Robert Fico has taken one of the toughest attitudes to the migration crisis among the EU politicians but the result was not extremists under control but extremists in the parliament,” Dalibor Rohac from the American Enterprise Institute said.
Kotleba’s success comes as a shock for the media and mainstream politicians. “Kotleba ran openly National Socialist candidates on his slate,” said Igor Matovic, chairman of the third-strongest party.
Members of Kotleba’s former “Slovak brotherhood” party, dressed in black uniforms reminiscent of the Nazi-era Hlinka guard, first appeared at rallies commemorating the 1939-45 Slovak State led by a Catholic priest Jozef Tiso, who allowed for tens of thousands of Slovak Jews to be deported to Nazi death camps. The party was disbanded for spreading hatred in 2006.
Kotleba, sporting a thin black moustache, has since founded a new party, changed his uniform for a blazer and replaced war rallies with anti-Roma, anti-immigration and anti-corruption rhetoric.
More proof that our Folk have awakened - at least in Europe.  But then again Europe is ours by birthright, America is ours by right of conquest.  There's a difference.  If we have a right to take someone else's homeland, someone else has a right to try and take it from us.  That's why we have to fight to protect that which we have previously fought for.
If we sit on our hands and say, "There's nothing I can do", then we might as well just turn it over to the invaders.  In Europe they are fighting to take back their birthrights.  Here we have to fight to keep what we have already taken.
The ANP is the only true organization standing up for the Aryan Folk.  $upport us in any way you can.  We need funds, we need people to distribute literature, and we need people to write that literature.  To steal from the Marines, the ANP is looking for a few good people.  Ten good people is better than 100 idiots.
Dan 88!


  1. Notice they were successful after they stopped wearing village people costumes.

    1. True. Regular pople are drawn to other regular people, not a bunch of costumed reenactors.

      Dan 88!


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