Rock-Star Republican Ted Nugent Mulls Senate Bid

By Bill Hoffmann   |   Friday, 17 Feb 2017 12:20 PM

Image: Rock-Star Republican Ted Nugent Mulls Senate Bid

No-holds-barred rocker Ted Nugent says he may run for Senate if the GOP doesn't "get it right this time."
And if Nugent does throw his hat in the ring, it could be facing another conservative hit-maker, Kid Rock, who announced his intention to explore a possible run in Michigan.
"I'm always very interested in making my country and the great state of Michigan great again and there is nothing I wouldn't do to help in any way I possibly can," Nugent, echoing President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign slogan, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.
"We the people are justifiably fed up with 'Fedzilla' and bureaucrats of every stripe," added Nugent, who said that Michigan "dodged the toxic blue bullet" on Election Day and proved the "real Michigan is bright red."
Nugent — whose hits include the hard-rocking "Cat Scratch Fever" and psychedelic tune "Journey to the Center of the Mind" — also teased a possible run in a profanity-filled post on Facebook
Nugent told The Caller that if he If he does run, his campaign slogan will be, "Make Michigan, Michigan again."
His campaign song? "Stranglehold," which tells the story of a man who feels like a "dog in heat" after his girlfriend leaves him.
Kid Rock is also being trumpeted for the U.S. Senate against longtime Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow. The musician, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, drew interest at the Michigan Republican Party convention last weekend, reported.
Some feel Ritchie could catch a GOP wave in the state, which sided with Trump in the 2016 election — the first time the state voted Republican in a presidential election since 1988.


B Movie star Ronald Reagan first as governor of California, then president of the United States.  We've had pro wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura as governor of Michigan.  Ah-nold Schwartzenegar as governor of California and Sonny Bono as a U.S. Congressman.  Also the guy who played "Gopher" on the original "Love Boat" was also a congressman.  Why not Ted Nugent?  He can't do any worse a job than the idiots who are in office now.

However, I can't help but think that all these celebrities turning to politics - especially the more "off-the-wall" ones like Nugent aren't making America a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

Dan 88!