I Said This Would Happen

Comrades, I was right.  I knew I would be.  Donald Trump, the Great White Knight who is going to save America.  Didn't I predict he may try, but he would be obstructed in every way you could think of.

So now it begins.

Trump wasted no time in getting busy keeping his campaign promises.  I'll give him that much.  But no sooner did he get started when his opponents started throwing up road block in anyway they could think of.

Trump bans travel from certain Muslim countries - countries all with ties to ISIS or Al Quida.  The ban wasn't in place even a week when at least two federal judges suspended the bans on the grounds they are unconstitutional.  I doubt our Founding Fathers would agree.  I believe they would agree with me when I say immigration is a privilege, not a right, and the host nation can revoke those privileges at any time for any reason.  Why have every right to control who passes through our borders.

Next is The Wall.  Congress doesn't want to pay for it.  They want Mexico to pay - up front or it's no go as far as they are concerned.

One only wonders what other obstacles they'll put up to prevent any other change in the status quo.

This is how I would handle the situation.  First, for obvious reasons I would not advertise my intentions if I were the president.  I'd try and be as discreet as possible for obvious reasons.

First I would wait until I had all my appointees confirmed and in place.  As Commander-In-Chief of the military, I can relieve any officer of duty at my discretion.  I would get rid of any high officer that I did not trust to obey my orders without question and replace them with those who would.  I would leave it to them to replace their underlings they felt could not be counted on.

Once this was accomplished, I would ignore the judge's rulings.  They of course would cite me for contempt, but with all my people in place, what are they going to do about it?  Send a few bailiff's after me when I'm surrounded by Secret Service?  Ha-Ha!  

I would also consult with my legal advisers.  I would ask them to come up with charges - preferably treason - to charge those judges with.  Then I'd have them taken into custody and removed to an undisclosed location - possibly a FEMA camp.  They would not be allowed contact with the outside.

Hopefully my legal staff can make it seem legal enough so that Congress would be unable to impeach me.  I wouldn't proceed without some kind of legal protection in place.  I'd leave it to the experts to come up with something.  The law can be skirted around by clever lawyers.  It's done all the time.

If we were discreet enough, we might even be able to deny knowing what happened to the judges - or at least reasonable doubt as to our actions.  

If I could do it, it would be a lesson to other judges not to get in my way.

Don't forget that I would have already stacked the military with generals who were loyal to me so I would have them backing me.

As to The Wall, I'm sure my financial advisers could divert the money from other sources.  It's done all the time.

I'm sure I've overlooked a few things.  However, I would have scores of expert legal, financial, and military advisers around me.  If we all put our heads together I'm sure we could cover all the legal angles.

Does this sound a little totalitarian to you?  You're damn right it is.  It has to be.  Democracy simply doesn't work.  It is impossible to fix this country democratically so we have to use a different approach.  I'm of course talking about National Socialism.

The liberals talk about democracy, freedom, fairness.  Those are the creeds of cowards.  Those are the people who would listen to a thousand viewpoints and try and satisfy them all.  It's utterly impossible.

Real achievement comes with one strong man at the helm guiding the ship of state.  I'm not saying that man is me.  Holy shit I would never have that big of an ego.  But a strong leader is what we need.  It is the ONLY way to put the ship of state back on course.  If we keep using democracy, we'll just keep going around in circles until the ship sinks for good.

Dan 88!


  1. what i can not comprehend Dan is the mentality of saying or wanting to allow people who behead kill, blow up ,rape women children and from i have read other men all in the name of Allah or Islam, that sounds suicidal to me. but yes you was right in that the liberals are going to throw road blocks up for the next 4 to 8 years

    1. When it comes to Muslims, they just don't look at the world the same way we do and it isn't reasonable to expect them to. That's why we have to let them solve their own problems in their own way.

      Dan 88!


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