Hitler marble bust by official sculptor found in Poland


A marble bust of German dictator Adolf Hitler is pictured at the National Museum in Gdansk, Poland, November 5, 2015

Warsaw (AFP) - Polish construction workers have dug up a marble bust of Adolf Hitler by one of the Third Reich's official sculptors during work at a museum in the northern city of Gdansk, officials said Thursday.
Measuring 50 centimetres (20 inches) in height, the bust by sculptor Josef Thorak was buried in the ground and was hit by a shovel during work in the interior garden of the National Museum in Gdansk, according to Lech Lopuski, an official in the sculpture department.
"We can see it was hidden on purpose," he told AFP of the bust signed Thorak and dated 1942.
"It's an important sculpture because we didn't know it existed. Thorak was a gifted sculptor and we can see that he did a good job."
Gdansk, or Danzig in German, was a free city between the two world wars, with mostly German residents. The building where the bust was found was at the time home to the municipal museum.
"The bust was perhaps part of the (museum) director's office furnishings, but it's still too early to tell," Lopuski said.
"We still don't know whether it will go on display. It's a delicate issue."
According to the liberals, art is art.  I'm sure they wouldn't censor a bust of Marx or Lenin, so to refuse to display a bust of Hitler is also censorship. It can be nothing else.

They may claim they want to censor it because it will offend some people.  But didn't that statue of the Virgin Mary smeared with dung offend a lot of people - especially Catholics?  It was allowed to be displayed anyway because to not do so would be censorship.  
Those who were offended were basically told to not look at it if it bothered them.  I say the same thing about this.  If it offends you don't look at it.  In art, censorship is censorship.  The subject of the work is irrelevant.
As to the city of Gdansk - or should I say Danzig:  DANZIG IST DEUTSCH!
Dan 88!