Dutch “Deplorables”: How Mass Migration is Viewed in the Netherlands

February 10, 2017

Joost Niemöller is a Dutch journalist with a long-standing career in that country’s media. He faces severe censorship by focusing on subjects deemed controversial by the European establishment. These subjects range from the crash of flight number MH17 in the summer of 2014 over wartorn Donbass—which was instantly blamed on the Kremlin in a massive propaganda campaign and was used to undermine the diplomatic relationship between Europe and Russia—to his criticism of mass migration from predominantly Muslim countries into the European Union. Recently, Joost published a series of interviews with Dutch citizens of all walks of life in a book called Kwaad: Nederlanders over immigranten (Angry: The Dutch on Immigrants). The following is Joost’s exclusive interview for AltRight.com about his new project.


AltRight.com: Please tell our American readers a little bit about yourself.
Joost Niemöller: I am a Dutch journalist. I worked for the mainstream media for the longest part of my life. After getting more and more critical about Islam and immigration, and writing books about it, after my criticism of the official MH17 cover-up (“the rocket came from Putin”), and, especially, after getting more interested in the science about ethnic differences and the question of IQ, I was turned into persona non grata by the media and banned from radio and television. So now I write books and have my blogDe Nieuwe Realist (The New Realist).  Happy being free.
AltRight.com: Your new book, Kwaad: Nederlanders over immigranten (Angry: The Dutch on Immigrants), documents public perception of immigration—or, rather, mass migration—from predominantly Islamic countries into the Netherlands through a series of extensive interviews. What were your main goals for publishing this work?
Joost Niemöller: The Dutch media does not document the reactions of the native Dutch people about immigration imposed onto them. So I decided to go to these “normal people” and ask them open questions about their lives in this “multicultural” world. (A myth, of course.) Now this book is the first of its kind in the Netherlands in which you can read the voice of the people. Old people, young people, men, women (even more so), highly-educated, less-educated, from big cities and the heartland, homosexuals, Jews, etc.
AltRight.com: Your book came out just before the elections in the Netherlands and was positively reviewed in public by a prominent political leader Geert Wilders. Was the timing strategic in order to let the public know that their sentiment on mass migration is widely shared?
Joost Niemöller: Yes. All the journalists in the Dutch media speak about these people calling them the “Boze Blanke Man”—“the angry white man”—which is the Dutch word for “the deplorables” hated by Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media in the U.S. In Germany, where the word “Volk” (people) is forbidden in the media, they call them the “Wütburger.” They always refer to white, “racist,” older men who cannot deal with the so-called “modern times” in the new globalized world. In reality, a third of the young people is going to vote for Wilders, as well as the majority of the highly-educated. Those people are afraid to lose their jobs and are silent about their views.
AltRight.comAngry is not the first book of its kind to question mass migration into Europe. For instance, our American audience is familiar with a well-publicized, best-selling 2010 project by Thilo Sarrazin on the comparable situation in Germany. How is your book different from other recent works on this subject?
Joost Niemöller: This very good book by Sarrazin (also because he was brave enough to write about the genetic and ethnic factors in Germany!) has been an enormous inspiration. But Mr. Sarrazin wrote an analytical book with his views. My book is journalistic: I wanted to hear about the personal experiences of different people.
AltRight.com: Did anything about your research or the interviews you’ve conducted for your project surprise you?
Joost Niemöller: What surprised me was how important personal experiences were, and the fact that everybody saw big ethnic differences with immigrants. Nobody had any problem with the mostly black people from the old Dutch colony, Surinam. (More than 300,000.) They saw them as Dutch and have many Surinam friends. As for the Turks, they said they couldn’t get in contact with them. Their problems were with Moroccans: violence, robbery, sexual assault, etc. They praised Iranian immigrants (mostly highly-educated, non-Muslim). And the biggest problems were with the Somalis.
AltRight.com: Please describe the reception of your work in the Dutch national media and beyond (if applicable).
Joost Niemöller: I did get a big response on social media from the Dutch people. After a week, the book is already in third print. It is almost ignored by the mainstream media.
AltRight.com: Have you received any negative attention as a result of releasing this work that some may consider controversial?
Joost Niemöller: Yes. Some journalists said the people in my book were racists, because they don’t want to sit on the metro system with immigrants. A lie! Nobody said this. All the “angry” Dutch people do have contacts with immigrants, or at least they try to. Journalists were also very critical because most people in my book are anonymous. They say it would be very easy to talk to them in the open, so I asked them, “Please, try.” Of course, they don’t do this because they don’t know them, and the higher-educated people and the young, especially, are too afraid to talk in the open.
AltRight.com: You are well-versed in geopolitics and international relations. How do you view the relationship between the current foreign-policy trajectory undertaken by the EU and its respective domestic situation?
Joost Niemöller: Do you have an hour? The EU is a total disaster. They stated over and over again that Europe needs 60 million immigrants because of the aging problem. There is no aging problem in Europe. We already have too many people. Everybody in my book wants out of the EU.
AltRight.com: How do you envision the future of the Netherlands and that of Europe?
Joost Niemöller: The people in my book say that Europe and the Netherlands will descend into a situation of a prolonged civil war—a chaotic situation—and this will lead to the end of Western civilization. I agree with this. With no end in sight to open-border policies, there is no reason for optimism. The biggest problem is the upcoming illegal migration from sub-Saharan Africa, not so much Islam itself.
Funny how the mainstream American media doesn't cover this sort of thing.  Well, there's nothing odd about it at all.  This sort of news is omitted deliberately.
White Europe has finally awakened.  The liberal Globalists are losing.  Our Folk are fighting back.  The American mainstream news doesn't want to talk about this sort of thing because they are afraid it might give White America ideas about how they can fight back as well.
BTW, I used to use a Dutch company called VistaPrint.  They do excellent work.  However, they have since refused to do business with me because I was always ordering things like t shirts and coffee mugs with NS symbols like the Swastika or SS runes and as they are members of the European Union, such things are illegal there.  
This may change this year with the federal elections in the Fall.  The people are calling for a referendum because like Great Britain, many of them want out of the EU as well.  Hopefully it will happen there as well.
Like we figured, Britain is dragging its feet about leaving the EU but they are proceeding with the proper procedures - slowly, but it is moving along.
Dan 88!