A Glimpse Of The Future - If We Don't Fight And Win


This is a montage of actual hate crimes against Whites.  Some are from security cameras, but as you've probably heard, some non-Whites actually make videos of their attacks on Whites and post them on Facebook and You Tube.

Interesting thing about Facebook.  They will pull anything that promotes hate against anyone - including Whites.  But when Whites are the victims they drag their feet and take their time.  When Whites are the perps such a video wouldn't be up 24 hours.

You Tube is even slower. 

This doesn'thave to be our future - as long as we are willing to fight.  What will it take to make you fight White Man?

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a real NetFlix series.  It's just a parody.  If NetFlix has any series like this running or in the works it is purely coincidental.

Dan 88!


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