Trump Is In!

A 6th grade teacher asked her class “How many of you are Hillary fans?” Half the class were, but another fourth didn’t know what a Hillary fan was, and the other fourth, all exect one, didn’t really care. So, just to be on the good side of the teacher, the two fourths of the class raised their hands, and of course, the one half also raised their hands.

There sat young Michael, sadly, the only one who didn’t have his hand raised. The teacher asked him, “so Michael, why aren’t you a Hillary fan?”

Michael said “My parents are Republicans, my brother who’s in college is a Republican, so I am a republican.” 

Peeved by the answer, the teacher asked, “so if your parents were idiots and your brother was a moron, what would that make you?”

Michael said “A Hillary fan.”


Donald's initials are JFK -- Jobs for Kinfolk.


Mitt Romney and Trump dined together at Trump Tower. They had a quiet table in the groveling section.


Conflict of interest -- that's when President Trump asks his children: How's business?


Dan 88!