Blame Obama, not Trump, for immigration issues: Guest commentary

By Robin Hvidston
POSTED: 12/27/16, 2:49 PM PST

The anxiety and the blaming by those illegally in the United States aimed at President-elect Donald Trump is misplaced. They should blame President Obama.
During President Obama’s first two years in office, when the Democrats were in control of Congress, the administration chose not to enact a new immigration law. Instead, they focused on Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act. When Obama and the Democrats finally did get around to tackling immigration reform legislation after 2010, the newly elected Republican majority in the House of Representatives refused to pass the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.
Had Obama and the Democrats acted in 2009, a far-reaching immigration bill could have been enacted and implemented, and would have now been the law of the land.
So in the article “Deportation Dilemma,” Sandra Dimas, the woman illegally in the United States, who is “scared” of the incoming U.S. president, should blame Obama for her dilemma, not Trump. Remember when Obama boasted, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone”? Yes, Obama used his pen. For example, he signed the executive order for Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals, DACA. Obama’s administration also enacted policies to protect those illegally in the United States, but they were only policies — not law. And now the policies can be rewritten by a new administration.
Obama’s executive actions implemented by the stroke of his pen, can now be undone — by Trump’s pen.
The populist, incoming new president, Donald Trump, is supported in his stance on immigration by U.S. immigration law, the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, IRCA. Sec. 115, states, “the immigration laws of the United States should be enforced vigorously and uniformly.” Donald Trump’s clarion call to deport criminal aliens is also backed up by the law of the land. IRCA Sec. 701 calls for “expeditious deportation of convicted aliens.”
Interestingly enough, our neighbor to the south, Mexico, rigorously enforces its immigration laws. Local police officers actively participate in the rounding up and, ultimately, the deporting of those illegally residing in Mexico. There is neither a free public education, social services, nor a driver’s license for an individual illegally living in Mexico. Just incarceration and deportation.
Mexico enforces its immigration laws but the United States, under the incoming Trump administration, is not supposed to enforce U.S. immigration laws?
In the article, Sandra Dimas said that she is “surrounded by fear.” She stated that she and her neighbors are now fearful of being deported, because Donald Trump will be president. But it is not Donald Trump’s fault that Sandra Dimas and her neighbors chose to break the law — to enter and to reside illegally in the United States. These individuals are residing in California because the U.S. government has been derelict in its duty, and has been extremely lax in the enforcement of immigration laws — for decades.
So who should be blamed?
Not Donald Trump. Now, he seeks merely to uphold and enforce the law. President Obama and his administration chose not to enact a new immigration law when the implementation of a new law could have been, easily, achieved with Democrats in charge of Congress and the presidency.
So I say to Sandra Dimas: Blame Obama, not Trump.
Robin Hvidston is executive director of Claremont, Ca. - based We the People Rising.


I know Robin personally.  I've been to several events that she has organized.  She is not a kook or a crank.  She is a regular person with a husband, family and the typical house with a mortgage.  She is definitely not some right wing fringer nut that the liberal media loves to put in the spotlight.

The paper that published her editorial is "The Daily Bulletin".  It is a politically moderate paper based in Ontario, Ca., about 15 or 20 miles from me.  Claremont is another 15 or so miles further away and is home to the prestigious Ivy League "Claremont Colleges", which mean it is a very liberal town overall.
BTW, The Daily Bulletin may be politically moderate, but it's owned by Tribune News, a Chicago-based, very liberal Jewish run corporation, which also owns the Los Anegeles Times.  Indeed, if you look at the websites of the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, they are virtually identical except for the names.
Anyway, I think Robin hit the nail on the head.  The country is in a mess, and it's not the incoming president who is at fault, but the current president and his predecessors.  The liberals are like a pack of vultures waiting to pin any kind of blame for any kind of problem on a president they hate.  And they do hate him.  
Hey, I always thought liberals say that hate is unacceptable.  I guess that rule doesn't apply to them.  After all, they are the "good guys" and we're the "bad guys", right?  And the good guys can do any rotten thing they want as long as it's being done to stop us evil bad guys.  
Can you say hypocrisy?
Dan 88!


  1. hypocrisy? hell yeah it is, and what is even funnier is that liberalism is left winged , you know, just like NATIONAL SOCIALISM ! and that is hypocrisy practiced by them


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