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Authoritative study confirms immigration is a redistributive policy for workers and taxpayers

Friday, September 23, 2016

The National Academies of Science unveiled a lengthy and authoritative study on the impact of large-scale immigration on American workers and the economy. Dr. Steve Camarota from the Center for Immigration Studies summed up the report best in a column he wrote for the National Review:
"[T]he best way to think about immigration is that it is primarily a redistributive policy, transferring income from some workers to owners of capital and from taxpayers to low-income immigrant families."
Here are the report's most significant findings:
  • Immigrants, both legal and illegal, reduce annual wages by 5.2% for some native-born workers. Since two-thirds of immigrants have no more than a high school degree, vulnerable native-born workers suffer the most because they're most likely to compete with immigrants for jobs.

  • Immigrants cause a fiscal drain because they pay less in taxes than they receive in government services, costing U.S. taxpayers as much as $299 billion per year most of which is passed to the states. For example, immigrants cost the state of California nearly $19 billion per year.

  • There is a small net benefit to the economy of $54.2 billion, but the benefit is realized by a $493.9 billion wage transfer from low-skilled workers to business. The wage transfer results in a 0.31% increase for all native-born workers.

The negative fiscal consequences of mass immigration on federal and state deficits and the wages of low-skilled American workers is a direct result of the current immigration system favoring extended family members and lottery winners over skilled workers.
About 63% of the green cards issued in 2014 were issued through the family-preference categories, according to DHS statistics. Combine that with another 55,000 who came through the Visa Lottery, and 7 out of every 10 green cards were, and continue to be, given to foreign citizens with no regard for their qualifications or educational attainment.
The NAS study found that skilled immigrants can have a more positive impact on the economy, which is why NumbersUSA favors limiting immigration to mostly spouses and minor children and extraordinary-skilled foreign workers.
You can read more about the report's findings here. Our Director of Research, Eric Ruark, has also posted a blog on the media's slanted news coverage here. We've also posted new faxes on your Action Board so you can tell your Members of Congress about the findings.

I don't totally agree with NumbersUSA.  I don't want to limit immigration, I want to put a stop to it.  I'd like to see a moratorium on immigration for at least ten years.  Because of mass immigration, things have gotten way out of balance.  We need at least ten years for the balance to be restored.
BTW, interesting bit of news about the National Academy of Science.  One of their members was told NOT to submit a report regarding the differences in the various races,
He was told, "The question of racial differences has been settled.  It has been decided there is no appreciable difference between the races and the matter is closed, therefore no more research will be accepted on the subject at this institution."
This and other such institutions simply CANNOT admit that any race is superior to the other.  Think about it.  IF - and I say IF science proved that the White race was superior to all others can you imagine the hell that would break loose?  The races of color would scream bloody murder, and there would be a sharp increase in open racism.  It could lead to chaos so it is imperative that if any race is superior to any other, that that information not be released to the general public.
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Economy In Britain Will Improve For Now Despite Brexit Warnings Of Disaster

Larry Elliott
Wednesday 21 September 2016 10.38 EDT

The west’s leading economic thinktank has backtracked on its warning that the UK would suffer instant damage from a Brexit vote and has thrown its weight behind plans by Theresa May to provide fresh post-referendum support to growth in November’s autumn statement.
The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, which issued strong warnings about the likely impact of a vote to leave the EU ahead of the 23 June vote, has revised up its forecast for growth this year as a result of a stronger-than expected performance in the first half of 2016 and action by the Bank of England in August to spur activity.
Until recently a staunch supporter of George Osborne’s austerity plan, the OECDsaid it was appropriate for the new chancellor, Philip Hammond, to increase public spending in his first major policy statement later this year.
It said it was still predicting a sharp slowdown in the economy, but that this would not happen until 2017. It said that the expected negative effects on the rest of the global economy of the Brexit vote – compared in June to the equivalent of a hard landing for China – had also been delayed.
The referendum result had led to high volatility in financial markets and a rise in uncertainty, the OECD said in its interim economic outlook.
“While markets have since stabilised, sterling has depreciated by around 10% in trade-weighted terms since the referendum. For 2016, GDP growth has been supported by a strong performance prior to the referendum, even though business investment contracted.
“Developments to date are broadly consistent with the more moderate scenarios set out prior to the referendum and reflect prompt action by the Bank of England in August. However, GDP is projected to slow to 1% in 2017, well below the pace in recent years and forecasts prior to the referendum.
“Spillovers to the global economy, notably the euro area, have been modest so far, including through confidence and financial markets weighing on investment; more negative effects on the euro area are likely to become apparent in 2017.”
The OECD’s current assessment contrasts with the comments made by its secretary general Angel Gurria in April when he said: “From the moment of a Brexit vote until the arrangements for ‘divorce’ are definitively settled – years later there would be heightened economic uncertainty, with damaging consequences. Brexit would lead to a sell-off of assets and a sharp rise in risk premia. Consumer confidence would fall, as would business confidence and investment, thus holding back growth.”
Catherine Mann, the OECD’s chief economist said it was premature to say there would be no possible consequences for the UK from Brexit and that its pre-referendum estimates had taken no account of possible policy changes by the Bank of England and the Treasury.
“When we made our forecasts we did not presume to speak about what the Bank of England might do. The Bank entered the market forcibly on interest rates and to calm the markets,” she said.
“Nor did we presume to make any judgements about what fiscal policy might do,” she added, noting that Hammond had signalled higher public spending in the autumn statement. “It all adds up to appropriate policy support.”
The OECD said it expected the UK economy to grow by 1.8% this year, a 0.1 point increase on its pre-referendum estimate, but then fall by more than it had previously envisaged. It also shaved its world growth estimates for both 2016 and 2017 by 0.1 point, to 2.9% and 3.2% respectively.
Mann said it was right to say that the OECD, hitherto a strong supporter of austerity policies in the UK and elsewhere in the developed world, was “changing its tune”.
She said there were three reasons for the rethink: countries had implemented a lot of austerity; global growth was flat-lining, and ultra-low interest rates had created conditions in which governments could borrow cheaply.
Action was needed to lift the global economy out of a low-growth trap, she said. “The spiral is not upwards, it is downwards. Downwards on trade, downwards on productivity, downwards on global growth.”
The OECD fears that weak growth, stagnant living standards and rising inequality are eroding support for globalisation and making it harder for governments to pursue structural reforms.
“All countries have room to restructure their spending and tax policies towards a more growth-friendly mix by increasing hard and soft infrastructure spending, and using fiscal measures to support structural reforms” the interim outlook said.
“Concrete instruments include greater spending on well-targeted active labour market programmes and basic research, which should benefit both short-term demand, longer-term supply, and help to make growth more inclusive.”


And as I predicted, Great Britain may suffer temporary economic problems, but in the end they will weather them and be stronger than before.

The British - and other peoples like the Hungarians, Germans, Austrians, and French are rejecting Globalism and either returning to or demanding a return to Nationalism.
Personally I think the globalists got too impatient.  They were winning and they were anxious to bring about the New World Order and they unwisely accelerated their plans and as a result everything they built began to crumble.  They built their house of cards too tall too quickly and now it's tumbling down.
It was a critical mistake, but one to our advantage.  If we fail to take advantage of this mistake then we deserve to lose.  Europe is taking advantage.  We won't know whether the American people will until after next month's elections.  All we can do for the moment is carry on with business as usual, and wait and see.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hungarian Government Leaflet Brands Certain European and American Cities As "No Go" Zones

MARK CHANDLER Thursday 22 September 2016

The pamphlet - issued to millions of households as part of a referendum on EU migrant quotas - claims there are several hundred no-go zones in European cities where the authorities are unable to maintain control and the host nation's social norms do not apply.
The supposed zones are not listed, but a map marks London out with a "no-go" sign, surrounded by five others which appear to relate to locations including Southampton and Peterborough. 
Elsewhere in Europe, Paris, Berlin, Marseille, Stockholm and Copenhagen are also marked out as cities with no-go areas.
In the United States no-go zones are named in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Miami, and others.
"There are no-go zones in Europe and America and we don't want no-go zones in Hungary."
Mr Szijjarto said he personally "likes" London, but insisted that its designation as a no-go zone was made after consultation with the Hungarian embassy in the capital as well as "very careful" analysis of official reports.
Following its publication, the British Embassy in Budapest complained to the Hungarian foreign ministry about its contents.
Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is fighting for a No vote in the October 2 referendum on Brussels' plans to relocate migrants from frontline arrival states like Italy and Greece to other countries around the EU's Schengen zone.
The quota system would require Hungary to take in around 1,500 migrants.
But the leaflet accuses Brussels of trying to "prescribe the obligatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary" without the approval of its Parliament, and warns of the danger that terrorists might "slip in with the crowds of immigrants".
The row comes after a Chinese airline was forced to withdraw an in-flight magazine warning tourists to take precautions when visiting areas of London with ethnic minority populations.
A Foreign Office spokesman said: "This leaflet is clearly inaccurate. There are no areas in the UK in which the laws of the UK cannot be enforced."
A spokesman for the Hungarian Embassy in London said: "The October 2 referendum is about the mandatory distribution mechanism and the leaflet serves as an information tool for Hungarian citizens.
"It does not single out London or the United Kingdom."
Well, can you blame the Hungarian government?  They're just trying to look out for their own people first as any proper government does. 
Although they officially deny it, Hungary is acting more and more like National Socialists all the time.  NS is making a come back in Europe and not just in Hungary.
Germany could return to National Socialism in November, 2017 if Merkel loses and the NDP (German Nationalist Party) and the AfD Party (Alternatives for Germany) win the chancellery and Bundestag.  
NS is growing in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Scandinavia.
Fascism is growing in Italy.
The Aryan people have been pushed too far.  We tried to be "nice", but all it got us was taken advantage of by Third Worlders trying to leech off of our generosity.  Now we are pushing back.
It's even happening here in America to a lesser extent, though.  The growing support for Donald Trump shows people have had enough and they want their country back.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Refugees Burn Camp In Greece

Helena Smith in Athens
Tuesday 20 September 2016 08.14 EDT

Thousands of refugees detained at one of Greece’s biggest camps, on the island of Lesbos, have fled the facility amid scenes of mayhem after some reportedly set fire to it on Monday.
Up to 4,000 panic-stricken men, women and children rushed out of the installation, which is surrounded by a barbed wire fence, following rumours of mass deportations to Turkey.
“Between 3,000 and 4,000 migrants have fled the camp of Moria,” a police source said, attributing the exodus to fires that rapidly swept through the facility because of high winds.
No one was reported to have been injured in the blaze. But damage was widespread with more than 90 tents and dozens of prefabricated housing units going up in flames and vast numbers of refugees losing their meagre belongings to the inferno. By Tuesday witnesses described the camp as resembling a war zone.
As the scale of the destruction became apparent, the Greek government prepared to dispatch two ferryboats to host detainees in the island’s port until other accommodation could be found. Close to 100 unaccompanied minors, who had controversially been housed at the overcrowded centre, were to be evacuated to a camp on the mainland, officials said.
Greece’s citizen protection minister, Nikos Toskas, said outside aid was also vital.
“The Europeans have to send us real [help] not five blankets that they call ‘international solidarity’,” he said on Greek radio, complaining that non-governmental organisations, the recipient of €80m (£69m) in EU funds so far, had failed to use the money properly. “To a great degree, they did not correspond to what they had promised the EU [when] it gave them the money.”
The riots are believed to have been fuelled by frustration over the notoriously slow pace with which asylum requests were being processed. A rumour, earlier in the day, that Greek authorities were preparing to send possibly hundreds back to Turkey – in an attempt to placate mounting frustration in Germany over the long delays – was enough to spark the protests.
About 300 migrants who attempted to march on the island’s capital, were rounded up by police, according to local news sites.
Human rights groups have criticised conditions in Moria and an estimated 50 detention centres elsewhere in Greece as deplorable and depraved.
The increase in arrivals in recent months from Turkey – the launch pad for more than a million Europe-bound refugees last year – has added to the pressure on Greek authorities.
On Monday, the government announced that 60,352 refugees and migrants were registered in Greece, essentially ensnared by the closure of borders along the Balkan corridor into Europe. About 13,536 were detained on Aegean islands, including Lesbos which has borne the brunt of the influx.
The detention centre at Moria has capacity to house no more than 3,000 but is said to be holding almost twice that number following the uptick and amid fears the EU-Turkey deal – agreed earlier this year to staunch the flows – could be on the verge of collapse.
Brawls between rival ethnic groups at the camp has exacerbated tensions, with fights regularly erupting between Afghan and Syrian detainees.
“None of them wants to go back to Turkey. And nor do they want to stay here. The whole point of making the journey is Europe and getting to some rich country there,” another police officer said.
Until recently, residents on Lesbos have exhibited unexpected levels of patience and compassion for refugees. But even that seems to be wearing thin.
On Monday, scores of irate residents in Moria, a village above the camp, marched through the town of Mytilene protesting against the prospect of a second detention centre being built in the area and denouncing the mayor, Spyros Galinos, as a traitor who had ignored local people in favour of refugees.
Lesbos, Greece’s third biggest island, is also among the poorest in a country experiencing unprecedented social hardship on the back of its worst economic crisis in modern times.
Giorgos Kosmopoulos, Amnesty International’s researcher on refugees’ and migrants’ rights in Europe, said: “Witnessing the charred remains of Moria camp is shocking but comes as little surprise. Holding thousands of vulnerable people on Lesbos in appalling conditions with no knowledge of their fate inevitably creates an incendiary atmosphere of fear and despondency.
“The government must ensure that no one is left sleeping rough tonight and everyone is adequately protected from possible violent attacks. The European Union and Greece cannot carry on stockpiling refugees indefinitely on the Greek islands. Instead EU leaders must share responsibility fairly and they must urgently start moving refugees to the mainland and onwards across Europe.”
I say that if someone trashes their own neighbourhood - or camp in this case - just let them. Then they should have to clean up the mess they made, not the host country.  If they don't like the conditions they were put into there, they should go back to where they came from.  They haven't, so things still must be better in Moria than where they came from.
Most of these refugees seem to thing we owe them more than they are getting.  They better learn quickly that giving a refugee safe harbour means giving them a place to live that is safe from the danger they fled.  It does not mean providing them with private houses, cars, mobile phones, TVs, and all the goodies in life.  You have a right to necessities, but not goodies.  Goodies you have to work for, and Greece has given them the necessities.  These refugees should count their lucky stars that Greece even took them in at all unlike Hungary who has put up fences patrolled by armed guards to keep out the refugees.
It's not just America, but everywhere we have created an entitlement society where people feel they should get everything for free.  As long as we cater to this, we are encouraging entitlement.  Entitlement is a magnet for immigrants.  We need to get rid of the magnets, not perpetuate them.
Interesting Trivia:  The Island Of Lesbos is where the word lesbian is derived.  The mythical Sappho, Queen of Lesbos was a lesbian, hence the reason the word was derived from the name of the island.
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Monday, September 26, 2016

McDonalds Hires Foreign H-1Bs, Fires 70 American Accounting Staff

by NEIL MUNRO18 Sep 2016


An iconic American company, McDonald’s, has quietly outsourced the jobs of 70 white-collar professionals in Ohio to foreign H-1B workers. 

The H-1B outsourcing in the nation’s heartland showcases the growing corporate use of foreign H-1B workers to replace American white-collar professionals, and it comes after companies have used waves of legal and illegal migrants to slash blue-collar jobs and wages in Ohio and around the country.
Also, the 70 Ohio jobs that McDonalds outsourced to lower wage foreign graduates are not Silicon Valley technology and software jobs — they’re white-collar accounting jobs performed by graduates from mainstream business schools. That outsourcing of mainstream business jobs spotlights the growing movement of foreign workers into all corners of the nation’s white-collar professional economy.
White-collar outsourcing “is not just a Silicon Valley thing anymore, it is happening all over” the country, said Steve Camarota, head of research at the Center for Immigration Studies.
Nationwide, the foreign population of white-collar temporary workers, dubbed “guest-workers,” now exceeds 800,000, including roughly 650,000 H-1B workers on multi-year visas.
The outsourcing in Columbus, Ohio, was explained as a cost saving effort by a McDonald’s spokeswoman. “To deliver $500 million in savings, the vast majority by the end of 2017, we are restructuring many aspects of our business, including an accounting function,” said spokeswoman Terri Hickey.
The outside contractor is Genpact, a New York-based firm that outsources work to Indians who are allowed to work in the United States for several years once they get an H-1B visa. The company is a spinoff from General Electric, and its biggest owner is Bain Capital. “Thank you for your inquiry but we are unable to comment on details of our client engagements due to confidentiality,” Gail Marold, the Genpact spokeswoman, told Breitbart News. A map of Genpact’s H-1B outsourcing contracts can be found here.
The outsourcing deal was revealed when McDonalds sought federal taxpayers’ funds to compensate the 70 fired Americans.
The outsourcing news comes as Donald Trump campaigns on the popular promise to reform the H-1B and immigration programs and while Hillary Clinton is promising to expand companies’ hiring of foreign blue-collar and white-collar workers.
Over the last 20 years, many Americans companies have outsourced their computer and software departments, often to Indian firms such as Tata Consulting. The foreign companies use the H-1B guest worker program to bring their lower wage foreign graduates to work in American office parks. That expanding trend has been extensively documented by specialist publications, such as ComputerWorld.

But American companies are now trying to outsource more varieties of jobs, including accounting, healthcare and design jobs. For example, American universities have hired H-1Bs for 100,000 prestigious jobs, including professors, lecturers, doctors, therapists, scientists and researchers. Engineering giant Caterpillar continues to hire H-1B workers in Illinois as it fires hundreds of American engineers and other white-collar workers, DeLoitte and other U.S. accounting firms have asked for more than 20,000 H-1B visas to replace American business-school graduates.
That growth and expansion is repeating the pattern among blue-collar workers, where millions of American farm-workers, meat-packers, janitors, hotel workers, groundskeepers, and restaurant workers have been gradually replaced by millions of legal or illegal, temporary or permanent, foreign workers since the 1980s. That blue-collar outsourcing began in the farm fields of Texas and California, and then expanded toWisconsin dairiesMilwaukee bakeriesNebraska slaughterhousesOregon apple orchardsNew York supermarkets, and all of the nation’s major cities. During the same period, blue-collar wages stalled and the resulting rise in profits exploded stock values. 
Now the various immigrants and guest workers are moving up the wage scale from blue-collar jobs towards the white-collar jobs that provide some sense of financial stability in a fast changing economy 
Ohio, for example, is now home to roughly 13,000 H-1Bs, of which roughly 4,000 are employed at universities which can get an unlimited number of “cap exempt” H-1B visas. 
The H-1Bs are being sought to work in Ohio as designers and business forecasters at Abercrombie & Fitch, credit analysts at JP Morgan, accountants at Accenture, scientists at Abbott Laboratories, researchers at Ohio State University, and also as therapists, software programmers and business analysts at many other firms.
Nationwide, roughly 650,000 H-1Bs are working for companies in the United States, alongside many other hundreds of thousands of guest workers with L-1, B-1 and other white collar visas. 
In Ohio, roughly 1,200 foreign post-graduate students are working in prestigious white-collar jobs, via the ‘Optional Practical Training’ visa. Without that visa program, most of those jobs would have gone to new graduates born in Ohio. Nationwide, at least 120,000 foreign college grads are working in jobs sought by Americans graduates, and this OPT outsourcing channel will sharply increase in the next few years because the visa was expanded by President Barack Obama.
Federal rules do not set any limits on the supply of H-1Bs or OPTs, nor do they require that Americans be interviewed for or be told about the jobs that are being outsourced. Similarly, the federal rules for paying H-1Bs allow them to be be paid far less than the Americans they replace.
Several states are also allowing illegals to work in licensed professional jobs, including as teachers, lawyers and doctors.
Generally, the impact of this outsourcing trend on ordinary Americans has been underplayed by the university-trained reporters who are hired by establishment media outlets. Most reporters prefer to focus on the concerns of diverse migrants now living in the United States, in part, because the migrants increase the social and political clout ofthe journalists and their political allies in the Democratic Party. In effect, the reporters’ self-image as defenders of the Little Guy against Big Corporations has been globalized, so that most journalists now view themselves as defenders of vibrant immigrants against white-bread Americans.
There is never, ever a reporter in Ohio who honestly covers how open immigration negatively affects Ohioans,” says local activist Julia Aldrich, who works with theFederation for American immigration Reform. “If they ever give any coverage [about Americans] at all it is a one-sentence quote verses the rest of the article’s support for how great illegal aliens or refugees, etc. are for Ohioans,” she told Breitbart. 
“Wages are being suppressed because so many people are using the visa program,” saidHughey Newsome, a consultant with degrees from Harvard and Stanford who worked as technology consultant in Ohio in 2012. “This is something a lot of people don’t understand,” he told Breitbart. 
“I’ve seen it in Ohio,” he said, when he worked for a company that helps manufacturers. “Definitely more and more in Ohio and throughout the Midwest, in the manufacturing center and through the business sector,  a lot of multinationals are using a ‘shared served service model,’” in which many support tasks are outsourced to subcontractors, he said.
“They’re doing it because it is cheaper,” he added. But “they’ll hire more Americans if the cost of H-1Bs goes up” in line with reforms proposed by Donald Trump, he said.
Several other professionals in Ohio who were contacted by Breitbart about the outsourcing trend declined to talk on the record, fearing they could be identified and blackballed by hiring companies.
Throughout Ohio, the population of foreign-born adults has risen rapidly over the last few years. This state-wide population include the H-1B and OPT guest workers, plus legal immigrants and illegal migrants, plus refugees and asylum recipients. For example, the number of foreign-born people in Ohio grew from 339,270 in 2000 up to 469,191 in 2014, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. Those numbers doesn’t count the children of immigrants, and it adds up to one immigrant for every four African-American in the state.
Many new arrivals are sufficiently educated to compete directly with American-born college graduates. According to the federal census data, half of the foreign-born earn more than $47,409 in 2015, and roughly 40 percent of the foreign-born who older than age 25 have college degrees. Forty percent of the foreign-born have a high school degree or less.
The state has also seen a huge inflow of lower-skilled refugees.
More than 11,000 refugees, mostly from Somalia, moved to Columbus between 2002 and 2014. More than 4,500 refugees were settled in Cleveland from 2002 to 2012
In addition, the government allows Ohio companies to hire blue-collar guest workers from outside the country. The blue-collar version of the H-1B program is called the H-2B program, and it is used to recruit people for landscaping, forest, restaurant and hotel work. In 2015, for example the federal government provided visas to 25 companies and labor brokers to bring in hundreds of foreign workers instead of hiring local Americans.
The flood of skilled and unskilled immigrants has been great for Ohio employers, including universities and major companies such as McDonalds. They’re now able to outsource more work, or hire more lower-wage foreign workers in place of many middle-age Americans, who seek decent wages to cover the cost of American education, housing, families and a normal American lifestyle.
The inflow is also good for merchants who sell more food, lodging, autos, and much else tothe imported customers. That’s especially beneficial to shareholders because many of those sales are funded by ordinary Americans’ taxes, via welfare programs that are used extensively by lower-skilled immigrants
The inflow has been good for the state and for the Chamber of Commerce, as more taxpayers and companies pay taxes to the state and dues to the Chamber. The extra people have increased the size of the state’s economy and government revenue, which grew from $25 billion in 2010 at the depth of the recession, up to $28.5 billion in 2015.
But the extra labor has shifted wages and opportunities away from Ohioans, including both the white-collar salary earners at McDonalds and the blue-collar wage earners in low skill jobs.
In Ohio, for example, the Brookings Institute calculated that wages for African-Americans in six out of seven largest counties have crashed by 11 percent from 2009 to 2014, while wages for white people grew by an average of 3.5 percent.
Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 5.38.04 PM
In Columbus, for example, wages for African-Americans crashed by 19 percent from 2009 to 2014 according to Brookings. Meanwhile, data from the Census Department shows that that city’s population of adults born overseas rose from 57,000 in 2000 to 102,000 in 2004, boosting them from 7.1 percent of the adult population to 11.3 percent.
The same pattern is repeated in Akron, CincinnatiClevelandDayton and Youngstown, where Brookings’ data shows drops in African-Americans wages averages a 17 percent drop amid an average income rise of 4.5 percent for the white population. That income shift while the state’s foreign-born adult population grew by roughy 16 percent between 2000 and 2014, according to a recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies
Brookings also showed that wages for Africans-Americans in Toledo rose by 16 percent during the 2009 to 2014 period. From 2000 to 2014, the immigrant population in Toledo rose very slowly, from 4.0 percent of the adult population to 4.4 percent of the population.
This shift of work and money from Ohioans who compete against immigrants towards the immigrants and towards Americans who employ foreign workers, is just a small reflection of a huge national economic redistribution.
That redistribution, dubbed the “Diversity Tax,” is a $400 billion transfer that native-born Americans pay to immigrants and to employers, each and every year. 
According to Harvard professor George Borjas,
The presence of all immigrant workers (legal and illegal) in the labor market makes the U.S. economy (GDP) an estimated 11 percent larger ($1.6 trillion) each year. This “contribution” to the aggregate economy, however, does not measure the net benefit to the native-born population.
Of the $1.6 trillion increase in GDP, 97.8 percent goes to the immigrants themselves in the form of wages and benefits; the remainder constitutes the “immigration surplus” — the benefit accruing to the native-born population, including both workers, owners of firms, and other users of the services provided by immigrants.
The standard textbook model of a competitive labor market yields an estimate of the immigration surplus equal to $35 billion a year — or about [an increase of] 0.2 percent of the total GDP in the United States — from both legal and illegalimmigration.
[But the immigration redistribution is] reducing the wages of natives in competition with immigrants by an estimated $402 billion a year, while increasing profits or the incomes of users of immigrants by an estimated $437 billion.
Overall, the federal government invites roughly 800,000 guest-workers — plus 1 million legal immigrants plus a few hundred thousand illegal immigrants and “overstays” — into the country each year, where they compete for jobs sought by the 4 million young Americans who annually enter the workforce. That’s roughly two new foreign workers for every four Americans who enter the workforce, or, in economic terms, a federal policy of inflating the new labor supply by roughly 50 percent.
One result is that several million young American men simply have given up looking for jobs, and are falling through the floor of society.
Americans want to like immigrants, and they want to like immigration in general, but they’re growing more worried that it is an economic threat to them and their children. For companies, and now increasingly for voters, immigration “is all about the bottom line,” said Newsome. 


That last paragraph is very significant.  It said that Americans want to like immigrants and immigration, but they are worried about the threat, both economical and terrorism.

Ask yourself this:  If immigrants were no threat to the Aryan race would you mind them coming here?  As long as they were no threat I wouldn't.

I, like most Aryans have a generaous nature.  We want to help - if we can.  As long as our own folk have all they need, we want to help those less fortunate.  But that is not what is happening right now.

Greedy Judeo-Capitalists are profiteering from both the generous nature of Aryans, and the desperation of the immigrants.  Both sides are being used by the fat cats to increase their own profits.

Brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald established the first McDonald's in 1940 right here in San Bernardino, California.  They are both no longer with us.  I think if they were, they would be sickened at what their company has become.  

Dan 88!

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American Vs. Europe

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