Wednesday, August 31, 2016

California to Allow Criminal Aliens to Refuse Interviews with ICE

August 25, 2016

This week, the California State Legislature is considering a measure to allow criminal aliens in law enforcement custody to refuse any interview with federal immigration.  By giving criminal aliens the ability to opt out of a meeting with ICE, Assembly Bill 2792 (AB 2792) essentially allows even the most dangerous criminal aliens to be released back into California communities after their sentences are served.
California law already requires state and local law enforcement officials to refuse cooperation with ICE in almost all cases, unless the criminal alien has been convicted of a serious or violent crime. AB 2792, however, goes farther and requires state and local law enforcement officers to provide any criminal alien in custody notice that an interview with ICE is optional and gives them the ability to refuse any interaction with ICE while in law enforcement custody. By doing so, AB 2792 essentially allows deportable aliens to choose whether ICE has access to law enforcement facilities and allows criminal aliens the ability avoid the enforcement of immigration law.
AB 2792 is currently awaiting a floor vote in the Senate. If passed by the Senate, the Assembly must concur on the bill’s amendments. Governor Jerry Brown (D) has not yet indicated whether he supports the bill.

Incredible, isn't it?  Someone commits a crime and they are allowed to refuse to be questioned by ICE on their immigration status!  Things just keep getting worse and worse, which I suppose is good for our cause, but still!
I mean when you're arrested, you have the right to refuse to answer any questions you feel may incriminate you, but you don't have the right to stop the police from asking them.
I can somewhat understand them doing this with piddly little stuff like shoplifting or reckless driving, but when someone is arrested for something serious like armed robbery or murder and are still protected from immigration authorities then something is really wrong.
Last Sunday was the first I've heard of this.  At this point it has PASSED the state assembly and will be voted on by the senate sometime this week, most likely.  Both the senate and the assembly are predominantly Mestizo so it has a good chance of passing there as well.  And although Gov. Brown is White, he has proven himself a friend to the Mestizos.  
Hey, he knows which way the wind is blowing here in California.  He knows if he wants to stay in politics he has to side with them.  Not to mention the fact that California is the most liberal state in the country.  If he stands against them in anything he wouldn't be able to get elected as judge at a county fair.
I'll post more when I know more.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Theresa May to trigger Article 50 WITHOUT Commons vote


The Prime Minister will take Britain out of the EU irrespective of threats from former British Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair who mooted campaigners could challenge her decision and sue the Government almost a decade after he left office.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Owen Smith vows Labour Party will IGNORE people and hold second vote

News Chicken
27 August, 2016

The Welshman says he’ll stand in the way of any attempt to leave the EU until Theresa May promises a second referendum or general election.
He said Labour would vote against triggering Article 50 – the mechanism which opens the door to the UK leaving the EU – until the Government commits to a second poll.
He said: “I’m a passionate pro-European and I will fight tooth and nail to keep us in the EU.
“Under my leadership, Labour won’t give the Tories a blank cheque.“We will vote in Parliament to block any attempt to invoke Article 50 until Theresa May commits to a second referendum or a general election on whatever EU exit deal emerges at the end of the process.

“I hope Jeremy will support me in such a move.”
It comes as the Labour leadership race appears to be in tatters – with Smith appearing to describe leader Jeremy Corbyn as a “lunatic” at an event in Hammersmith.
 The Pontypridd MP told party members: “What you won’t get from me is some lunatic at the top of the Labour Party.”Allies of Mr Corbyn called for Mr Smith to retract his remarks and apologise to people suffering from mental illness.
But Smith has now sought to clarify his comments, insisting he was not talking about his rival.
“I was saying that I wasn’t a lunatic,” he told BBC Radio 4.
“Having been accused earlier in the evening of running around like a lunatic, I was saying I wasn’t a lunatic, but if anybody’s offended by the use of that word then I do apologise and I’ve done that already this morning and I’ll do it again.
“But I wasn’t talking about Jeremy. I was talking about me.”


First of all, I must explain first that in England, the Labour Party are the CON-servgatives.  They are the party of the One Percenters.  Naturally the One Percenters want to stay in the EU.  It's better for their businesses, and that's all they care about:  Their businesses.
Regardless, something like this was bound to happen.  The Remainers are going to fight leaving any way they can.  
Remember, the referendum to leave the EU is only a POLL and the results are not binding as law on the government.  They are legally able to ignore the referendum and remain in the EU.  I guess either the Labour Party doesn't care what the people want, or they hope if their wishes are ignored, they'll "come to their senses later".  Not bloody likely.  Perhaps it's a combination of both.
The British people have made it clear they are fed up with the flood of non-Whites into their country and with having the EU Capital which - is in Brussels, Belgium - decide on what their business laws will be and controlling their money.  
Regardless of what the One Percenters want, Brexit will proceed.  I have a post on that story for tomorrow unless something more important to us comes up.
Dan 88!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton Visits School Children

Hillary Clinton goes to a primary school in New York to talk about the world. After her talk she offers question time.
One little boy puts up his hand. The Senator asks him what his name is.
"And what is your question, Kenneth?"
"I have three questions: First - whatever happened to your medical health care plan? Second - why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office? And, Third - whatever happened to all those things you took when you left the White House?"
Just then the bell rings for recess. Hillary Clinton informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess. When they resume Hillary says, "Okay where were we? Oh, that's right, question time. Who has a question?"
A different little boy puts his hand up; Hillary points him out and asks him what his name is.
"And what is your question, Larry?"

"I have five questions: First - whatever happened to your medical health care plan? Second - why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office? Third - whatever happened to all those things you took when you left the White House? Fourth - why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early? And, Fifth - what happened to Kenneth?

Dan 88!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


T  by  Van Esser

In a speech Monday Donald Trump outlined his proposal for increasing immigrant vetting, which the mainstream media immediately slammed as being “un-American” and “crazy.” But as several notable scholars point out, history and the law are on Mr. Trump’s side, not theirs. For example, as Professor George Borjas of Harvard’s Kennedy School recently quipped “If [they] just do a couple of minutes of googling before reacting, it would become very apparent very quickly that immigrant vetting has a very long tradition in American history.”
In his speech Trump said:
A Trump Administration will establish a clear principle that will govern all decisions pertaining to immigration: we should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people. In the Cold War, we had an ideological screening test. The time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. In addition to screening out all members or sympathizers of terrorist groups, we must also screen out any who have hostile attitudes towards our country or its principles – or who believe that Sharia law should supplant American law. Those who do not believe in our Constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred, will not be admitted for immigration into the country. Only those who we expect to flourish in our country – and to embrace a tolerant American society – should be issued immigration visas.”
The notion of ideological vetting sent the media into a frenzy but, as George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley wrote in the Washington Post, “a litmus test for new immigrants isn’t unconstitutional or even unprecedented.” Professor Turley continued saying,
Trump would have considerable leeway in requiring background checks and imposing such tests. It has happened before: During the Cold War, there was ideological screening under the 1940 Alien Registration Act, designed to prevent the entry of communists, anarchists and others. Immigrants are currently required to know basic civics as part of a citizenship test, and Trump's extreme vetting would require visa applicants' affirmative agreement with those principles.”
According to Dr. James R. Edwards Jr.,
. . . screening for exclusions actually dates back to colonial times when governments placed restrictions on those seeking to settle in their jurisdictions. The Constitution later assigned Congress the task of establishing a uniform naturalization law but state restrictions remained in place until 1798 when the Alien Enemies Act passed. That measure, among other things, authorized the President to “apprehend, restrain, secure, and remove alien enemies residing in the United States during times of hostility with their native country.”
In 1875Congress passed its first federal exclusion law. It prohibited the entry of criminals, the insane, and those unable to support themselves. After President William McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist, Congress in 1903 provided for the ideological exclusion and deportation of those who believe in or "advocate the overthrow by force of violence of the Government of the United States."
In 1952, Congress reorganized and codified existing immigration law, including exclusions, under the McCarran-Walter Act (also known as the Immigration and Nationality Act). The measure established exclusions that targeted a potential immigrant’s character, health, and ability and listed 33 categories of excludable aliens. Three of these concerned an alien's ideology. “Section 212(a)(27) kept out aliens who would participate in activities that would be prejudicial to the public interest or public safety. Section 212(a)(28) excluded aliens who belong to subversive organizations or teach or advocate prohibited views. Section 212(a)(29) barred aliens deemed likely to engage in subversive activities once here.” Congress adopted the latter two in response to the threat of Communist infiltration.
Court decisions and the 1990 Immigration Act weakened these exclusions and reduced the grounds from 33 to nine. Exclusions became more focused on activity than ideological beliefs. But the 1990 and subsequent laws retained one provision of the McCarran-Walter Act that empowers a president to respond to imminent ideological and other threats. Subsection (f)​ of 8 U.S. Code § 1182 states “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.” Although Mr. Trump has not cited the legal basis for his proposed exclusionary policy, many believe this measure would suffice.
Professor Borjas suggests that today’s green card application (Form I-485) provides much insight into the kinds of traits we do not want in potential citizens.

The filtering questions include:

“Have you EVER engaged in, conspired to engage in, or do you intend to engage in, or have you ever solicited membership or funds for, or have you through any means ever assisted or provided any type of material support to any person or organization that has ever engaged or conspired to engage in sabotage, kidnapping, political assassination, hijacking, or any other form of terrorist activity?

“Do you intend to engage in the United States in:
a. Espionage?
b. Any activity a purpose of which is opposition to, or the control or overthrow of, the Government of the United States, by force, violence, or other unlawful means?

“Have you EVER been a member of, or in any way affiliated with, the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party?”
Given these filters, Prof. Borjas says,
Is it really that big a stretch to add questions that would expand the filtering to reflect political and national security conditions today?...So the next time you hear that Trump’s proposal for immigrant vetting are un-American, the correct response is that they are as American as apple pie. And the next time you hear that Trump’s proposals are crazier than crazy, the correct response is that–given the mess the world is in–it is the notion that we should not vet immigrants more carefully that is certifiably insane."
One only need look at the ISIS-sponsored and -inspired attacks in the U.S and Europe to understand that foreign ideologies remain an imminent threat to the American people. Ideological threats didn’t end with the Cold War. Yet many politicians and so-called “journalists” would have you believe otherwise even after September 11, 2001. And to make matters worse, the Obama Administration has been widely criticized for rubber-stamping immigration benefit applications.
I’m looking forward to more details on Mr. Trump’s ideological screening plan because I think some “extreme vetting” is long past due.
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Amen to that!  Proper vetting is LONG overdue.  It seems these day that the United States, and most European countries have, and are expected to have an open door policy, while non-White countries that do not don't even raise an eyebrow from the liberals.
It seems that we are expected and required to share our so-called prosperity.  Well, I suppose compared to most non-White countries we are prosperous - at least by their standards - if the even have standards.
We cannot admit people to this countries based on humanitarianism alone.  They must demonstrate they will be an asset and no a liability.  But these days it seems that most immigrants (except Far East Asians), as soon as they are admitted make the welfare office their first stop.  That's being a liability, not an asset.
If we don't put some real standards in place, this country will continue it's transformation into a Third World Babylon of races.  Immigrants must raise themselves to meet our standards and not expect us to lower our standards so they can meet them.
This is also what they are doing in our schools today.  If enough students can't meet the academic standards, then they lower the standards so the student can meet them.
Does this make one lick of common sense to anyone but me?
Dan 88!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Austria jails man who posted photo of Nazi-salute cat

Published time: 12 Aug, 2016 15:58

A Salzburg court has found a 38-year-old Austrian man guilty of posting a selection of Nazi-inspired photos, many with allusions to gassing people, onto social media. One of the images featured a cat raising its right paw in the style of the German fascists.
The grand jury sentenced the man to 18 months, 15 months of which are suspended, for violating the Nazi Prohibition Act by repeatedly posting on the internet around 20 photos and related neo-Nazi slogans.
The daily described the images as“extreme right-wing propaganda,” and said they were spiced up by “cynical and dehumanizing slogans.”
“It is not so much about a single photo, but rather an impression of the overall context,” Markus Neher, the Attorney General, noted, APAnews agency reported.
The defendant, whose name has not been revealed, pleaded guilty and apologized in court, reported.
A house search carried out by police also found items of clothing with Nazi symbols belonging to the man, including the numbers "88" (aka "HH", an abbreviation for "Heil Hitler").
Last month the Austrian government green-lighted a bill to strip the house in which Hitler was born from its present owner to prevent it from becoming a neo-Nazi pilgrimage site. The country's interior minister, Wolfgang Sobotka, said the building, located in the small town of Braunau on the Inn in western Austria, should be demolished completely.
Right-wing parties have recently been gaining support across the EU. 
Reinhard Kreissl, CEO for the Center of Societal Security in Vienna, told RT that growing support for Euroskeptic, anti-immigration parties can be easily explained.
“The economic downturn in Europe is obvious. There's a financial crisis. People are scared. They try to find a solution. They try to find an ideological homebase. And the nationalists, they give them a feeling of 'We have a solution of your problem,' which is not true, of course.”
Europe is currently facing its worst refugee crisis since World War II. Last year alone some 1.8 million asylum seekers entered the European Union fleeing war and poverty in Middle Eastern countries, according to data from the European Union border agency Frontex.
More asininity.  Jailing a guy because of his cat?  Pretty stupid.  However it goes to show how scared the liberal government is of the growing popularity of National Socialism.  Our time has come again and they know it and they will do anything to make us look foolish or crazy.
Also, taking a man's house to destroy it because Hitler was born there is thievery.  What right does the government have to steal a man's house?  Sure they paid him - bottom dollar you can be sure of that.
The real point is that they can destroy our landmarks and memorials, but you cannot destroy an idea by tearing down a building.  National Socialism lives - and is coming back in Europe fast enough that the liberal left is running scared.  They are worried.  And if they are worried that means we really do have a chance of winning in Europe.
Dan 88!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Swastika in modern military forces (photos from Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia)

Liberal watchdogs would be surprised to know that several European countries, including Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia (all three are members of the EU) are officially using the swastika in their military forces and nobody makes a big deal out of it.  Yet if a National Socialist group uses it they scream bloody murder.
Meanwhile, the following photos from Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia have never raised any questions:
Finnish Air Force 
Finnish Air Force 
Latvian Army
Latvian Army, National Guard 22nd Infantry Battalion 
Latvian Army, National Guard 51st Infantry Battalion 
Government Security Department’s EOD team, Lithuania

Dan 88!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

German leader demands illegal migrants sent to remote island


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Corsica militants warn ISIS they will strike back for terrorist attacks

A militant splinter group on the French island of Corsica has warned Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) that they will fight back if the terrorist group carries out an attack there, while urging Corsican Muslims to unite.

The FLNC October 22 group, a splinter from the main National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC) separatist organization, said in statement sent to Corse Matin [Corsica Morning], a local newspaper, that any terrorist acts carried out on Corsican soil would prompt “a determined response without any qualms,” while adding that the French government would be largely to blame if such an attack were to take place.
“The aim of the Salafists is clearly to install Isis policies here and we are prepared for it,” the group said.
“Your medieval philosophy does not frighten us,” they added, urging“calm in the face of barbarity” and calling on all “Muslims of Corsica”to reject radical Islam and inform the authorities about anyone who may be radicalized.
“If Islamic States takes actions on our soil, we will manage to defeat them only together” the group said.
The group also said that the French authorities would be guilty of not protecting the island enough, should an attack take place.
“If a tragedy were to happen it [the French government] would bear substantial share of responsibility because it knows who the radicals Islamists are in Corsica,” their statement read. They also urged the French government to cease their involvement in military interventions, so that they “don’t boomerang on its soil.”
IS militants have tried to target Corsica, but the group managed to thwart their plan, the Corsican militants claimed, though neither the French authorities nor police have reported that such an attack had been foiled.
Tensions have been running high in Corsica over the past several months.
In April, a Muslim prayer hall was burnt to the ground and Corsica was engulfed by anti-Arab demonstrations last Christmas in which local police were ambushed and attacked by protesters.
FLNC October 22 is an underground Corsican nationalist movement that emerged in 2002 following turmoil on Corsica in the 1990s, when the FLNC party (the Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale di a Corsica), which calls for the island’s independence, cracked into three groups – FLNC October 22, FLNC-UC, and FLNC-1976.
In 2012, members of FLNC October 22 were tried in Paris for a dozen bombings, including one that targeted government-owned buildings in the southern French city of Aix-en-Provence.
In 2013, two men who claimed to have links to FLNC October 22 were sentence to three and five years in prison for providing the group with technical and logistical support.
France has recently been rocked by a string of terrorist attacks claimed by Islamic State. These include a truck rampage in Nice on July 14, Bastille Day, when 85 people died and 303 more were injured, as well as this week’s slaughter in Rouen, where two militants broke into a church, cut throat of a priest, and took hostages.
Since those attacks, French intelligence services have faced harsh criticism for not watching known radicals and other security failings.
One of the militants who carried out the latest terrorist attack in Rouen had been arrested by police twice and was wearing an electronic bracelet that only allowed him to go outside for a couple of hours a day while he was awaiting trial. The other attacker was also being watched by the police, but this didn’t prevent the extremists from carrying out the massacre.
I love it when Whites fight back.  It seems that some of us still have some balls.  I only hope this group treads carefully.  I'd hate to see them arrested by the liberal French government on the grounds of being terrorists themselves.
These people are trying to protect their homeland.  If the enemy uses violence against them they are prepared to do the same.  That makes them defenders, not terrorists.  After all, if a thief takes your money and you track him down and take it back, that doesn't make you a thief.
I can't help but think that if the citizens of San Bernardino were armed, the terror attack here last January might have turned out totally different.
If we refuse to fight back in some way - even politically - then we have already lost.
Dan 88!

Monday, August 22, 2016

America to hand off Internet in under two months

By RUDY TAKALA (@RUDYTAKALA)  8/16/16 11:58 PM

The Department of Commerce is set to hand off the final vestiges of American control over the Internet to international authorities in less than two months, officials have confirmed.
The department will finalize the transition effective Oct. 1, Assistant Secretary Lawrence Strickling wrote on Tuesday, barring what he called "any significant impediment."
The move means the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, which is responsible for interpreting numerical addresses on the Web to a readable language, will move from U.S. control to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a multistakeholder body based in Los Angeles that includes countries such as China and Russia.

Critics of the move, most prominently Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, have pointed out the agency could be used by totalitarian governments to shut down the Web around the globe, either in whole or in part.
"The proposal will significantly increase the power of foreign governments over the Internet, expand ICANN's historical core mission by creating a gateway to content regulation, and embolden [its] leadership to act without any real accountability," Cruz wrote in a letter sent to Commerce and signed by two fellow Republicans, Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah.
In the event any facilities are relocated to China, senators noted, they could go in the same building as the agency responsible for censoring that country's Internet. "We have uncovered that ICANN's Beijing office is actually located within the same building as the Cyberspace Administration of China, which is the central agency within the Chinese government's censorship regime," they wrote, noting that some of the American companies involved with the transition process have already "shown a willingness to acquiesce" to Chinese demands to aid with censorship.
"While this is certainly not illegal, it does raise significant concerns as to the increased influence that governments … as well as the culture of cronyism," they added.
In this age of increasing globalization, this was bound to happen sooner or later.  I was hoping for later, but that was years ago.  Now the time has come.
I'm sure the our government will "assure" us that we, as American citizens will not have anything on the internet censored as it is in other countries, but then again they said that health insurance rates for the middle class would not go up after Obamacare was implemented, and we all know that was a crock.
All is not lost.  Hosting companies in America will still be able to host anyone who is willing to pay the fees.  That means the ANP can still have a website regardless if it is banned worldwide.  What good would it do if no one can access it because it is blocked?  There are web browsers out there that can not only allow you to surf anonymously, but can get around these blocks.  That's why this blog gets visitors from countries where NS is kept on a tight leash, and all NS symbols like the Swastika and the SS Runes are verboten.  Germany for one.  I often get visitors from Germany. Some of them could be with the German government monitoring us, but not all of them I'm sure.
This browser may become necessary for us in the future:
However, allowing foreigners to censor what the American public views online could backfire.  This may be the thing to give the public the kick in the ass they need to get them pissed off enough to actually DO something.  After all, Americans love the internet, and we don't like being told what we can and cannot access online.
Dan 88!