Saturday, April 30, 2016

IRS: Our Job Is to Collect Taxes, Not Catch Illegals

Image: IRS: Our Job Is to Collect Taxes, Not Catch Illegals

The head of the Internal Revenue Service says it's not the agency's job to crack down on illegal immigrants who use somebody else's Social Security number to get a job and pay their taxes, the agency’s commissioner says.

At a House Small Business Committee hearing Wednesday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told lawmakers the agency's "responsibility is to make sure they pay their taxes," The Hill reports.

"We have Social Security and immigration authorities and others who enforce that part of the law, and if we start looking behind the system and doing their job for them, we’re going discourage a lot of people from paying the taxes they owe," he said, The Hill reports.

The remarks reinforce comments he made Tuesday at a Senate Finance Committee hearing — that it's in everybody's best interest for taxes to be paid — even by illegal immigrants.

"If folks are here illegally, I get that you want to collect tax revenues, and I applaud that aspect, but should any agency go along with what it knows to be illegal activity?" Virginia GOP Rep. Dave Brat asked Wednesday.


Typical - not just of the government, but most Americans in general.  How many times have you not done something that needs to be done and said, "Hey!  It's not my job."  It's no wonder why this country's work ethic is practically non-existent.

It also goes to show you that the government doesn't care who pays, as long as they get paid.  Once I sold a car to some creep who failed to put it in his name.  He managed to drive it for two years before getting busted.  However, every year I was sent a re-registration form from the DMV and a bill.  Every time I sent it back with the "Release of Liability" form stating I had sold the car and to whom.

After two years the turd gets busted.  The car is impounded.  Guess who they send the bill to?  I actually had to go to court to get this thing settled - despite the fact that I had sent the DMV THREE "Release of Liability" forms telling them I no longer owned that car.

The DMV wanted its money and they didn't care who paid the bill.  At least the court cared.  The judge ordered the DMV to leave me alone and to stop sending me bills.  He even told them if they are ever brought to his court again for this sort of thing he would cite them in contempt.  Believe me I could barely keep from laughing out loud at our wonderful motor vehicle department.  Gotcha suckers!

Back on point now.  Okay it's technically not the IRS's mandate to bust illegals.  But they could notify ICE when one files a return.  After all, if someone on Social Security earns too much money and has to pay taxes on it, they notify Social Security that the person in question has earned too much to stay qualified for the full benefit.

If it isn't their job to catch illegals, it isn't their job to catch Social Security cheats either.  The thing is, illegals who pay taxes MAKE money for the government so they don't want to get them busted.  Social Security cheats COST the government money so they want them busted.

That's fair.  Let the illegals pay taxes and get away with being here illegally, and bust basically honest people on Social Security who are just trying to earn a few extra bucks on the side.

That's our Uncle Samuel for you!

Dan 88!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Macedonia Uses Tear Gas And Rubber Bullets On Border Crashers


Dozens of migrants and refugees were wounded on Sunday when Macedonian police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at crowds on the Greek side of the border, aid workers said, an act Athens called "dangerous and deplorable".
More than 10,000 migrants and refugees have been stranded at the Greek border outpost of Idomeni since February after a cascade of border shutdowns across the Balkans closed off their route to central and western Europe.
An earlier attempt by a large group of migrants to cross the border fence had resulted in the confrontation, a Macedonian official said.
Greece said police on the Macedonian side of their joint frontier used teargas, rubber bullets and stun grenades to push back the migrants. Macedonian authorities would only confirm they had used tear gas.
A deputy field coordinator with medical charity Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) told Reuters that, of around 300 people treated, more than 30 had injuries caused by rubber bullets.
A news release issued by MSF quoted one doctor with the charity saying said three children had been taken in to its field clinic with head injuries caused by rubber bullets.
Police in Skopje said three officers were also hurt.
Over a million people fleeing conflict poured into Europe, mainly through Greece, in the past year. The European Union is implementing an accord under which all new arrivals to Greece will be sent back to Turkey if they do not meet asylum criteria.
A Macedonian official who asked to remain anonymous said that a large group of migrants left Idomeni camp on Sunday morning and surged towards the fence.
"They threw rocks at the Macedonian police. The police fired tear gas in response," the official said.
"The migrants were pushing against the fence but standing on the Greek side of the border. The fence is still there, they have not broken through."
Reuters witnesses said a small group of migrants attempted to talk to Macedonian border guards, asking for them to open the border. After given a negative response, they and other migrants started walking towards the fence.

Macedonian police fired tear gas, and some migrants hurled back some gas canisters and rocks, they said.


Finally someone is getting some balls.  When people try and force their way into your country you have every right to use whatever means is necessary to repel the invaders.

Until the United States gets some cajones like the Macedonians, we will continue to be flooded by invaders doing whatever they can to gain entry.

As Tom Jefferson once said, "Any country that has no borders is no country at all."

Forgive the shortness of my commentary.  Lousy day at work today.

If your interested in seeing a video of this follow this link:

I wasn't able to embed this one on the blog.
Dan 88!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

White Heritage Month: This Land Is OUR Land!

When we hear the words “Native Americans”, most people are referring to the people we used to call American Indians.  For hundreds of years they were thought to be the first inhabitants of North America.  Recent evidence has now PROVEN that Ancient European hunters beat the Asian ancestors of the American Indian to this continent by as much as 10,000 years.

A remarkable series of European-style stone tools have been found on the East Coast in six different sites from Virginia to Maryland dating back an astonishing 26,000 years.  These kinds of tools were very common to Europe during this time known as the Solutrean Period.

A chemical analysis of these tools done in 2012 has proven conclusively that some of these tools were made of flint that actually originated in France.   During the Great Ice Age, the pack ice reached much lower latitudes than today.  Solutrean Hunters must have crossed the ice pack carrying with them tools they had made in Europe. 

It must have been an incredible journey that would have taken them months.  

Arctic animals would have been common at the edge of the ice so food would have been plentiful.  As today’s Inuit or Eskimos are well adapted to Arctic life, so our remote ancestors would have been as well.  They would have known how to make small, efficient shelters such as igloos, and how to keep themselves warm in frigid temperatures.  The Nordic races have always been well adapted to the cold.

Even so, could they have walked along the ice in a journey that lasted months?  Possibly, but they had another way.  The Europeans of that time knew how to build small, light boats similar to the Inuit’s kayaks.  These boats could be easily hauled out of the water and flipped upside down and used as an overnight shelter, much in the same way the Inuits once did.  Knowing this, it is most likely that they walked part of the way, and part of the way they came by kayak.

Professor Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institute and Professor Bruce Bradley of the University of Exeter have made these remarkable finds and studies.  Their research has revolutionized archaeology and how Europeans view their place in the Ancient World.

Stanford and Bradley both point out that when the Asians finally did make it to North America, they came by way of the Bering Straits Land Bridge which once connected Siberia and Alaska.  Twenty six thousand years ago there were no humans in that part of Siberia.  The Asians wouldn’t have made it over to the West Coast of North America until at least 10,000 years AFTER the Europeans made it to the East Coast.

Skeletons containing European DNA have been found in several sites along the East Coast and as far west as Arizona.  These skeletons possess European physical characteristics such as classic narrow skulls and long noses.  Asians tend to have much rounder heads and shorter noses.  Also, DNA evidence shows these skeletons contain Haplogroups.  These are blood factors found only in Europeans.  DNA studies have proven that American Indians have much more in common with Asians than with Europeans. 

Also, as we all know, Asian languages have taken a different approach than European ones.  However the languages of Eastern American Indian tribes are not related to the languages of Middle or Western American tribes.  The Eastern tribes were very probably linguistically influenced by Ancient Europeans.  It seems that wherever our people went we influenced them more than they influenced us.  Think of it.  Even 12,000 years ago Europeans were showing other races a better way.

One of the biggest questions is:  What happened to these Ancient Europeans?  By the time Europeans rediscovered the New World there were no signs of the descendants of these Solutrean hunters.  The first reason was the time factor.  The ice pack was only as low as it was during the Ice Age which lasted about 4,500 years.  The Bering Straits Land Bridge was passable  for 15,000 years, so by the time the Asians found it they would have had twice as much time to immigrate here than did the Europeans.  Evidence shows that some of our ancestors were killed by invading Asians-turned-Indians, and as some Eastern Indian tribes have DNA that contains traces of haplogroups, it is apparent that miscegenation also contributed to their disappearance.  Basically our ancestors in North America helped to destroy themselves with race mixing and if we don’t put a stop to it, the same thing will happen again.  The proof of the consequences of race mixing is right in the archaeological record, yet no scientist wants to even discuss it.

Not unexpectedly Native Americans have reacted very strongly to these facts.  Naturally they reject them outright.  You can say all you want that the sky is green and the grass is blue but just because everyone agrees with you doesn’t make it so.  In the 17th Century Galileo said the Earth was round and that it moved around the sun.  The Italian government and the Catholic Church insisted that the Earth was flat and that the sun moved around the Earth.  They even made Galileo recant under threat of being burned at the stake, but it didn’t change the facts.  The Earth IS round and it DOES move around the sun.

What I have given you are a lot of facts.  Facts are facts.  And what the facts say is that Europeans beat the Asians to North America by 10,000 years.  It proves that WE are the true Native Americans.  It also proves that North America is OURS by birthright.  Not the Indians and most especially not the Mestizos.  This land is OUR land.

Dan 88!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Federal authorities in New Jersey set up a fake university

Federal authorities in New Jersey set up a fake university and used it snare 21 people on charges they helped more than 1,000 foreigners fraudulently keep or obtain student or work visas.

NEWARK, New Jersey — The University of Northern New Jersey fielded no sports teams, held no graduation ceremonies and had no instructors, classes or degree programs. It did have a very attractive website that promised an "exceptional" education for foreign students wishing to study in the U.S.

The school was a sham from beginning to end — and it was created by federal authorities, who used it to arrest 21 people on charges they conspired to help more than 1,000 foreigners fraudulently keep or obtain student or work visas over the past 2½ years.

The defendants whose arrests were announced Tuesday knew the school was bogus, as did the foreigners, who pretended to be students there in order to stay in the U.S., authorities said. But they didn't know it was set up as part of a sting by undercover agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Most of the foreigners who benefited from the scam were from China and India and were already in the U.S. on student visas, federal prosecutors said. 

Officials said they have been identified and will be dealt with by immigration authorities — meaning they could face deportation — but won't be prosecuted.

The 21 people arrested were described as brokers, recruiters and employers. They were charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and to harbor aliens for profit. The second charge carries up to 10 years in prison. The defendants awaited court appearances in Newark on Tuesday.

Most of the defendants are in the U.S. legally and live in New York, New Jersey and California. One lives in Illinois, and one in Georgia.

The University of Northern New Jersey's elaborate website promised "a high quality American education to students from around the world." The site contained links to academic programs; a message from the "president," a Dr. Steven Brunetti, Ph.D.; and photos of attractive young people sitting around a library table or consulting with a faculty member.

The site, which was taken offline Tuesday afternoon, even had a school seal that appeared to have been modeled on Princeton University's, except that the fake institution's colors were bluish-purple and green instead of orange and black. The university listed as its address a real building in Cranford, about 15 miles outside New York City.

The middlemen under arrest paid the undercover agents running the school thousands of dollars to produce paperwork that made it look as if the foreigners were enrolled at UNNJ, federal prosecutors said. That enabled the "students" to maintain their visa status without having to go to class.

"This was just another stop on the 'pay-to-stay' tour," U.S. Attorney  said.

Immigration officials have investigated hundreds of suspected fake schools, or "visa mills," in recent years. Some have led to charges: Officials at two schools in California and one in Georgia received prison sentences, including one who got 16 years for visa fraud and other charges.

In this case, though, federal authorities set up their own bogus institution. And Fishman said that once word got out about the place, the middlemen descended.


Well, that was quite an unexpected turn of events.  I mean the government actually did something about people in this country fraudulently.

This time, the bleeding heart liberals can't use the old "They're law abiding people just looking for a better life" crap.

After all, even if running the border isn't a crime - which it bloody well is - attempting to defraud the government is - and there can be no denying it.

Over all, I don't know how much good it will do.  So they busted a few visa cheats.  But how many are still out there?  There are too many for the government to sting them all.  Besides, for the immigrants, there's too much at stake for them to let the possibility of a sting deter them.  

After all, the middlemen and employers may - just may - see some jail time (but they will most likely just be fined), but the only thing that will happen to the students is they will be deported.

After a year or so, they will probably become eligible to reapply to come back here.  That would be typical of our revolving door deportation system.

As far as I'm concerned you get one strike.  If you come to this country and pull crap like that, you're done here - permanently.  That's the way it is in most of the rest of the world.  Everywhere - except the Pushover States of America.

Dan 88!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

White Heritage Month - New evidence of Viking life in America?

BBC News

Statue of Leif Erikson, Greenland
A new discovery has revealed that the Vikings may have travelled hundreds of miles further into North America than previously thought. It's well known that they reached the tip of the continent more than 1,000 years ago, but the full extent of their exploration has remained a mystery, writes historian Dan Snow.
After a long hike across boggy ground and through thick pine forests, clutching pepper spray to protect against bear attacks, Sarah Parcak and her small team of archaeologists stood on an exposed, wind-blasted headland in North America.
Exhausted but happy, they had been led to Point Rosee in Newfoundland by the most high-tech weaponry in the modern archaeological arsenal - satellite data captured 383 miles (600km) above the Earth. But once here they were back to using trowels and brushes. I joined them to see how this powerful combination of new and old allowed them to make what could be a seismic discovery.
We were here on the trail of one of the greatest maritime cultures of all time. We were here inspired by ancient chronicles which many have written off as fairy stories. We were here looking for Vikings.
Map showing location of Point Rosee and L'Anse aux Meadows
In about 800 AD Britain felt the fury of these men from the north. Portmahomack was one of Scotland's most prosperous and important communities. On a protected bay in Easter Ross, on the edge of the Highlands, it was well placed as a waypoint for merchants, travellers and pilgrims moving along the east coast.
Recent excavations have given us a picture of a wealthy monastery at its heart. Scriptures were copied on to carefully prepared animal skin parchment by monks, skilled craftsmen created beautiful, jewel-encrusted religious ornaments, sculptors carved intricate Celtic crosses. Trade was the source of these riches, the sea brought wealth, but the sea also brought destruction.
Archaeologists have revealed that Portmahomack was suddenly and utterly destroyed. They found smashed fragments of sculptures mingled with the ashes of torched buildings. The settlement was wiped out. It is impossible to be certain but historians now think the most likely explanation is that it was attacked and looted. When I visited, a couple of months before the trip to Point Rosee, I held a piece of skull in my hand, presumably from a monk.

Skull with deep cut in the bone

It had been shattered by a mighty blow, the sword's blade left a deep gouge that makes the cause of death clear. Who were these men who slaughtered God's servants and annihilated one of the oldest Christian sites in Britain? Almost certainly they were men who cared nothing for the Christian God, men who came in ships from the north and west, men who sought gold: Vikings.
The attack on Portmahomack is the only Viking raid in Britain for which we have archaeological evidence. Others, such as the attack on Lindisfarne at about the same time, echo only through the reports recorded in chronicles. Together these two violent raids mark the start of an era of attacks from across the North Sea. The Vikings or Norse exploded out of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, using hugely sophisticated navigational skills and shipbuilding technology as they pushed ever further into the wider world.
Vikings conquered Normandy in France - the land of the Northmen - even parts of Italy and the Levant. They also founded Dublin, made deep inroads into England and island-hopped across the North Atlantic. Orkney, Shetland, Fair Isle and Iceland.

They even crossed to Greenland, where I visited stunning Viking sites on the coast, dodging icebergs to get ashore. But perhaps their greatest achievement is the one shrouded in the most mystery. Did they get to North America? If so, was it a fleeting visit or did they colonise that distant coast too, centuries before Christopher Columbus?

The descendants of the Vikings left sagas - beautiful works of literature in which fact and fiction are often poetically intermixed. They clearly state that the intrepid Leif Erikson led an expedition to the east coast of North America. They describe good harbours, and an abundance of natural resources.
New evidence of Viking Longhouses have been found in Labrador, Canada, and actual farms in New Foundland.  
Tools and weapons believed to have been of Viking origin have been found in Canada, as well as skeletons of European males.  To date, no female European skeletons have been found from pre-Columbian North America.

People can say what they want about our ancient ancestors, but one thing is certain:  They traveled a lot.  They went nearly everywhere, which is more than you can say for many non-Whites.

The Norsemen - which means North Men - traveled frequently to the Mediterranean area.
May Allah protect us from the fury of the Men of the North. - Ancient Lebanese prayer.
Just who do you think they meant by the Men of the North?
Dan 88!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Betsy McCaughey: Hillary Running 'Most Racist' Campaign in Modern History

By Cathy Burke   |   Friday, 08 Apr 2016 07:25 PM

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is running "the most racist" presidential race in modern history, former New York lieutenant governor Betsy McCaughey charges.

In remarks Friday to "Newsmax Prime" host J.D. Hayworth on Newsmax TV, McCaughey says Clinton "stokes up racial animosity, racial distrust.

"And in every campaign stop she delivers the same message," McCaughey said. "She says African-Americans are victims of systemic racism in this country and she attributes the high incarceration rates of blacks, the school discipline rates of blacks, to systemic racism."

McCaughey also said Hillary Clinton's stance is "why her husband is getting beaten up on the campaign trial," referring to protesters who confronted Bill Clinton in Philadelphia on Thursday — and his angry response.

"She's doing it — dividing this country and making black Americans unjustifiably angry," McCaughey said.

But Michael Reagan disagrees, saying Bill Clinton's defense of his wife  has "a lot of people applauding him."

"If [Donald] Trump would've said that or any one of those running for president on [the Republican] side would've said that, they'd be taken to the cleaners by everybody on the planet," he said. "But Bill Clinton, the 'first black president,' said it and therefore people do listen because what he said was absolutely true."

McCaughey also dismissed the idea any other candidate —  including the esteemed retired Gen. James Mattis — besides Donald Trump, Gov. John Kasich or Texas Sen. Ted Cruz being nominated by the RNC.

"For anyone to run now is manic. It would be manic Mattis," she said. "If the Republicans don't choose one of the leading contenders, Trump or Cruz — it should be the person who has the most votes, right? — Republicans all across this country will be up in arms."

"It's pathetic that these insurgent Republicans, these establishment Republicans who are rejecting the will of the people are still looking for some third candidate," she said.


In the last ten years racial divisivness has INCREASED rather than decreased.  That's because the Democraps turn everything they can into a racial issue.

Why?  So they can play the part of the tolerant progressive, and make everyone who disagrees with them into intolerant bigots.

Well if disagreeing with the liberals means you're a bigot, then I'm a bigot - and I make no secret of that.  I don't go around shouting I'm a National Socialist, but I do let people in my life know that I am not a liberal and am not the liberal's idea of tolerant and progressive.

But the thing is I am progressive.  Working for National Socialism is about as progressive as it comes.

Liberals like to think that "progressive" is their word.  They can't be further from the truth. We're working for a better government, and a better way of life.  Now how progressive is that?

Dan 88! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

These Are Pretty Good!

Q: How does every immigration joke start? 
A: By looking over your shoulder. 

Q: What is the difference between an illegal immigrant and E.T.? 
A: E.T. eventually went home! 

Q: Why doesn't Mexico have an Olympic team? 
A: Because everybody who can run, jump and swim are already in the U.S. 

Q: How do you describe a well-balanced Immigrant? 
A: One with a chip on both shoulders. 

Q: Why do Mexicans make refried beans? 
A: Ever heard of a Mexican doing something right the first time. 

Q: Why are most Italian men named Tony? 
A: When they got on the boat to America they stamped To NY (Tony) on their foreheads. 

Q: Where does Arizona want illegal immigrants to go after passing a landmark immigration bill? 
A: Back to their homeland in Los Angeles! 

Q: Why are the children the ones being hardest hit by immigration reform in the south? 
A: Because parents now have to start raising their own children now! 

Q: What do you call two immigrants in front of a trash can? 
A: Family portrait! 

Q: What do you call two immigrants and their pregnant girlfriends in front of a trash can? 
A: Night Club! 

Q: Why are officials in Arizona still waiting to implement their landmark immigration reform? 
A: Because officials want to make sure their pools were clean and their lawns were mowed before signing! 

Dan 88!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Britain Deports White Foreigners, Allows Non-Whites To Stay

PUBLISHED: 10:03 EST, 6 April 2016 | UPDATED: 15:30 EST, 7 April 2016

Mr James, a musician, is earning below the minimum threshold and so the family now face being split up

A mother has been told she must leave the country after her request for a visa was rejected - because her British husband of nine years does not earn enough. 

American Katy James, 40, and her British husband Dominic, 42, moved back to the UK with their two-year-old daughter Madeleine last year.

But the family face being split up for up to a year after the Home Office rejected her visa application. 

Under UK law, the British spouse must have available funds equivalent to a minimum gross annual income of £18,600. This rises to £22,400 for families with a child. 

The government says the minimum income rule is to prevent unqualified spouses coming to the UK and becoming dependent on the state. 

Mr James, a musician, is earning below the threshold and so the family now face being split up.

They are planning to appeal the decision but the process could take up to a year. 

Mrs James said: 'We are absolutely devastated and it has left us feeling terrible and rejected - it is completely unfair.

'We are a normal average couple who fell in love. We have been married for nearly ten years, we have a lovely young child, and we want to stay here with our extended family.

'We do not want to go back to America. We have little family support out there, and we desperately want to stay in this country.

'Our lives are on complete hold. I'm not allowed to work, they have even taken my passport away.'

The couple first met online in 2005. 

Mr James went to America to spend three months with his girlfriend before the pair married in 2006.

They lived in Edinburgh between 2006 and 2009 after Mrs James obtained a 'spousal visa' but then they returned to Seattle.

Mrs James said: 'It was always intended to be temporary. We had no intention of spending the rest of our lives out there.
'Madeleine was born in 2013 and then in 2014 I had the chance to transfer my job as a project specialist with IT company Cisco from Seattle to Edinburgh.

'A month after the transfer, I was made redundant and under Home Office rules I had to leave the country in 90 days.'
As the family did not want to be separated, the couple and Madeleine returned to Seattle, but they always intended to settle permanently in the UK.

Having had a miserable time in the States, they moved to Eastbourne, in East Sussex [where Mr James was born] in August 2015.

Mr James said: 'It just wasn't working out there so we knew we had to come back. We did not want to be there. Our lives were empty. We never thought the Home Office would reject Katy's application. It is cruel and heartless.'

He added: 'Our life has been on hold since we applied. Their verdict is a great blow to us and will impact the life of our close family, especially my daughter.'    

Mr James has now set up an online petition calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to intervene and allow the family to stay together in the UK.

The 42-year-old said: 'My parents, sisters, nephews, and cousins have lived in Eastbourne for 30 years.

'We have a deep connection with the community and have many friends and a well-established life in the town.

'We included 15 letters of support in our application, including personal messages from close friends, our doctor, our daughter's nursery, our parish priest and bank manager.

'Katy has lived and worked in the UK before, never claiming benefits, paying her taxes and living a productive life in the UK.

'Our family wrote the stories of how my grandfathers fought and died in the wars for our country, to secure the freedom of their future generations. But it was all to no avail.

'This is not just my home, it is also the home of my daughter who has a wonderful life here with her grandparents, aunties and uncles, five cousins and her friends at nursery and community in Eastbourne.

'Katy has lived in Britain as my wife twice before, has never claimed benefits, speaks English as her first language and has many friends and close ties with our community and family in Eastbourne.'

He added: 'Our MP Caroline Ansell told my family that the law was never meant for genuinely married people like us.

'My wife has a degree, has an excellent work history and offers so much to this country with her skills and work ethic.

'We are not prepared to spend nearly a year separated, a requirement of the UK Family Immigration Law, while I earn the £18,600 for the six months and the visa processing time that would separate us.

'It is an immoral, brutal, law, which has no place in British life.'  

A Home Office spokesman said: 'All applications are considered on their individual merits and in accordance with the immigration rules.

'This case is ongoing so it would be inappropriate to comment further.' 

Caroline Ansell MP told MailOnline: 'Today I had a two-hour meeting with Katy and Dominic. During that time, I was able to arrange some legal advice for them and they have said they will appeal the decision.

'I will now speak to the immigration minister, James Brokenshire, on Monday. He has the discretion to change the decision, and I will be urging him to do so.

'This is clearly a very upsetting situation for a family with a young child and I hope the minister will act quickly so that Katy can stay in the UK.'


Isn't that the limit!  The British government is deporting a White woman with a British husband and British-born child because they don't feel he earns enough money.  I guess they think they might become a financial burden to the state if they go on any entitlement programs, so they are getting rid of her.  Yet the same government is saying Britain must accept more refugees from Syria who will be nothing but financial burdens - and those refugees don't even have spouses and children who are already British subjects.

How typical.  Kiss non-White ass, screw the Whites.  Can you imagine the cries of heartlessness and racism if this woman was non-White?  I sure as hell can.

I usually don't like to encourage immigration to the United States, I say that since Dominic is married to an American, that makes him an American citizen as well, and so is there daughter.  They should move back here.  If this is how Dominic's country is going to treat his wife, he should just give them the finger and come over here.

I can't say if they'll do any better because they are the wrong color here too, but it's worth a try.  In fact, it may be their only option if they want to stay together.

Dominic, who is a struggling musician could also give up his chosen profession and try to find a job that pays more.  It would suck if he had to, but as they say, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Dan 88!

Friday, April 22, 2016

White Heritage Month: Adolf Hitler - The War Years

The enemies of National Socialism would have us believe that Hitler wanted to conquer the world - or at least all of Europe.  This is simply not true.  Hitler wanted peace more than most world leaders. However his desire for peace did not deter him from righting wrongs committed against Germany.

According to the terms of the Treaty Of Versailles signed after World War I, Germany had to cede the state of Danzig to Poland, the Sudetenland to Czechoslovakia, and the Rhineland to France.  In addition, Germany was to assume full financial blame for the cost of the war.

The financial cost was easy to fix.  He just refused to make the annual payments.  When he was told he was he was breaking the Treaty, he more or less said, "No, I'm not.  I didn't sign it."


When he said he was willing to retake stolen lands by force, he was called a thief.  When a thief takes what is yours, you are not a thief for taking it back.

He tried negotiating with Poland, Czechoslovakia, and France to no avail.  Evidently they were either convinced that Germany was still the beaten nation it was after WW I, or that Hitler was bluffing.  It was neither.

In February of 1938, Hitler's foreign minister, Joachim (Yo-WOK-im) Von Ribbentrop (pictured on the left) arranged for an alliance with the Japanese Empire.  Japan was the most powerful nation in the Far East.  Japanese Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka pictured on the right.

A month later he reunited Germany and Austria in the Anschluss.  When German troops enter Austria, for the most part the Austrians cheered and celebrated.  Naturally there would have been a few malcontents.  There always are.  Crowds cheering Hitler in Austria below left.

Next up was the retaking of the Sudetenland.  On March 15, 1939 Germany retook the Sudetenland. As this area was populated mostly by ethnic Germans, again the troops were greeted by cheers.  To the ethnic Germans, this was a liberation, not an invasion.  When the Sudetenland was secure, troops stopped their advance.  Reluctantly the Czech government let it go.

In September, 1939, Hitler retook Danzig.  The Polish government was not going to let it go. They fought back hard, but to no avail.  Hitler tried to negotiate with the Polish government. He'd call off the invasion if Germany could keep Danzig, which was German by right. Poland refused.  Hitler had no choice but to take the entire country.   

The outright invasion caused England to declare war on Germany.  France, fearing Germany would retake the Rhineland, also declared war.  At the urging of Hitler, Mussolini also declared war on Great Britain and France.  World War II had begun.  Strangely to many, the Soviet Union had done nothing - yet.


The Tripartite Pact, also known as the Berlin Pact, was an agreement between GermanyItaly and Japan signed in Berlin on September 27, 1940 by, respectively, Adolf HitlerGaleazzo Ciano and Saburō Kurusu. It was a defensive military alliance that was eventually joined by Hungary (November 20, 1940), Romania (November 23, 1940), Bulgaria (March 1, 1941) and Yugoslavia (March 25, 1941), as well as by the German client state of Slovakia (November 24, 1940). Yugoslavia's adherence provoked a coup d'état in Belgrade, and Italy and Germany responded by invading Yugoslavia (with Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian assistance) and partitioning the country. The resulting Italo-German client state of Croatia joined the pact on June 15, 1941.


It is now believed that the United States deliberately provoked the Japanese into attacking so we would have an excuse to declare war, which would require Germany to do likewise.  It wasn't Japan the Unites States wanted war with, it was Germany because of Judeo-Capitalist fear of National Socialism. The people of the United States wanted no part of the war.  Roosevelt tricked the Japanese into providing an incident to rile the population.  It obviously worked.


Germany had signed a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union.  In June of 1941 the pact expired.  Hitler, hating to have had to make any pacts with a communist country delayed signing the renewal so he could prepare Operation Barbarossa.  This was the invasion of the Soviet Union.  Technically there was no non-aggression pact at that time.  However, the invasion of Russia was a disaster and with the entry of the United States into the war, meant the ultimate defeat of the Third Reich.


Hitler died at his post in the Reichs Chancellery on April 30, 1945, just ten days after  his 56th birthday.

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