National Socialists March In Sweden


Published on Nov 12, 2016

Around 10 people were arrested following scuffles between police and left-wing Antifa counter-protesters, as members of the far-right Nordic Resistance Movement marched through Central Stockholm, Saturday.

Minor clashes erupted close to King's Garden (Kungstradgarden) where several hundred right-wing demonstrators, mostly from Sweden but also Norway, were preparing to rally towards Mynttorget square in the Old town district. 

As the right-wing activists were marching with a banner reading "Stop the alien invasion" as well as the movement's green and white flags, several thousand counter-demonstrators tried to prevent them from crossing the bridge and later tried to break through police cordons to reach their opponents. The left-wing counter-protesters also threw snowballs and firecrackers at the police.


Take note of how "normal" the Resistance Movement members look.  I didn't see any weirdos or Hollyweird Nutzis in the lot.  Plus, look at how many there are!  If we could get that many participants who are basically "normal" looking people, we could do this too.

It's just so obvious that our European comrades are so much more dedicated and disciplined than we are.

Something to think about.

Dan 88!