Los Angeles County First To Organize Against Trump's Deportation Plans

A county wide plan to protect immigrants in Los Angeles was passed by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday evening. 

Supervisors Linda Solis and Sheila Kuehl co-authored the Immigration Protection Motion. 

The motion calls for a county-wide plan to protect the data and identities of local immigrant communities. The motion also explores the possibility of creating an LA County Office or Department of Immigrant Affairs.

Solis told NBC4 that the motion is a way to show Washington just how devastating President-Elect Trump’s ideas to deport millions could be to Los Angeles.

"We have 3 million people who are immigrants, one million are undocumented that we know of," Solis said.

Some may see the motion as overstepping its bounds with the federal government, but Solis said that throughout the country, "you’re going to see jurisdictions taking the same position."

Diego Sepulveda, who supports the motion, shared his story with the board. He was only 4 years old when his parents brought him from Mexico, and lived here illegally for 24 years.

"Since then I've been able to go through the K through 12 system here in California, went to Community College, graduated from UCLA and started an MBA program," Sepulveda said.

But, he did all that while living in the so-called "shadows." He was a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient, part of President Barack Obama’s deferred action for childhood arrivals, and is now a green card holder.

"We come to this country to reach our dreams and aspirations and we want to able to do that for other people as well," he added.

But, Seupulveda’s parents and siblings remain undocumented. And he says that’s what scares him most about a Trump presidency and why he stands behind the motion.

"I think the country has a responsibility to make sure its residents are protected."
The motion was passed around 6 p.m. Tuesday. 


I'll be blunt.  I officially charge Los Angeles County Supervisors with treason against the citizens of the United States.  I know that that technically means nothing, but I wanted to say it plainly.  They are traitors and I wish the federal government would also look at it that way.

It seems to me that way too many naturalized Americans and green card holders are way too worried about what will happen to some of their families.  Perhaps it's my German blood talking, perhaps my National Socialism talking (probably a little of both), but I feel that duty to country comes before duty to family.  

As individuals, we do not have the right to do as we feel is best.  We are a nation of laws, and that must always come first.  In this country we have the ability through legislation, ballots, and grass roots activism to get our laws changed.  If we disagree with a law, we try and get it changed.  What we don't do is disobey those laws.

If Henry David Thoreau (wrote a famous essay called "Civil Disobedience") were alive today, I would ask him this:  We are a nation of laws.  If everyone decided for himself what was right and what was wrong, where would that leave us?

BTW, one thing Mr. Sepulveda failed to mention when he talked about how he was raised and got his education "in the shadows":  He was fully educated - including college (and I'll bet his family got some kind of government assistance) - and his family never paid a single penny into the system.  They took out, but never paid in.

When I was growing up, my folks paid in to the system, and except for getting some unemployment insurance on three different occasions, never took out of the system until they retired.

I say that Sepulveda had it pretty damn good.  He has no right to complain or criticize.  Ungrateful SOB.

Dan 88!  


  1. yeah man, i am all for deporting them all, but sadly i will be real surprised if it should happen on a large scale as it needs to be done to the parasites that have invaded us

    1. You're almost certainly right. However, any increase in deportations is better than nothing. However, let's give the man a chance. After all he can't do anything yet for another four weeks, but everyone deserves a little time to settle in to the job first.

      Dan 88!


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