How To Recognize A Right Wing Family

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"Right-wing extremism. The word creates fear. And one thinks of burning refugee shelters, men with shaved heads, or even the crimes of the NSU. It is rare to be connected with women, families or children, and that is precisely the danger ", so the report" Danger from the right "begins in the high-circulation alphabetical" Baby & Family ". Here to download )

The article warns of "right parents" and their children in daycare centers.The recognizable features of the right-wing extremes: "Unobtrusive, blond, nice, dedicated".

How do you recognize a "right family"?

"First of all, they are nice and committed," says Michaela Köttig, sociologist and right-wing extremist researcher at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, describing the characteristics of alleged right-wing families. The dangerous thing about the right-wing parents is that they would gladly take over positions in the parents' council or similar bodies, warns Köttig.

But if the mind becomes conspicuous, many of these parents have already built such good relationships that they are "no longer marginalized and despite extreme right-wing utterances," the social worker Eva Prausner adds.

The entire report on the "danger from the right" is accompanied by illustrations of blond women and girls.

Characteristics of "right" children: "Obedient and still with braids and skirts"

Kitas would increasingly seek help because they were dealing with "right parents". "Being right has many forms. The delimitation of what is extreme and what is not difficult, "the report says. The fact is, "so that this attitude has its origin in the middle of society." And this middle of the society would also be found in the playground or in the day-care center.

"Children of right parents are not necessarily different from children of other parents. They sometimes only fall for a long time, for example, because they are very quiet or very obedient, "explains Heike Radvan, Head of the" Gender and Right-Wing Extremism "section of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation team. (See: CDU MP urges financial stop for Amadeu Antonio Foundation - platform for leftists and ex-Stasi employees with "hate speech" campaign in Social Media commissioned - Pirate Party speaks of "thought Prohibited" )

The "right children" would usually be used to keeping their daily lives secret from a small age. They wear "certain clothes," explains the right-wing extremist researcher Prausner. Children of such parents would often not wear American letters on their clothes.
There are, however, "symbols" on the clothes of "right children". "Someone who does not know about it," but will not notice it, "continues Prausner. "Accurate braided braids and long skirts" would already be a warning signal and reference to "right parents".

Kitas can prepare themselves in case "right parents" register their children with them. A house code and a mission statement could clarify which forms of interaction and values ​​the daycare was for. Mothers and fathers could get involved in the parental council, and they would be able to take a clear stand against the right utterances of "right parents". "Anyone directly confronted with this should not be afraid," the report says.

"Even if it is difficult, you should immediately set limits and say that you do not want to hear something like that," says sociologist Köttig. Your left-leaning colleague Radvan says: "understanding has no place in such situations".

Blond, nice, dedicated, obedient?  Those devils!  They have to be stopped!  The last thing we need are dedicated people with obedient children ruining this liberal world with their old fashioned right wing values.  

We don't want our little girls wearing nice skirts with braided hair.  No!  We want our eight-year-old daughters wearing their hair as if they stuck their fingers in a light socket.  We don't want them dressed nice.  Forget it!  We want our eight-year-olds wearing slutty mini dresses like their slutty mothers.  We of course want our eight-year-old daughters wearing three or four pierced earings in each ear, navel piercings, rings on every finger, gaudy bracelets, and make up, false eyelashes, and lipstick.  After all they are eight.  They better find a boyfriend soon.  If they don't, they won't be getting laid by the time they are ten and everyone will think they are right wingers.

I have no idea if this article was serious or a joke, but I can't help laughing at it.  If it is serious, these people are pathetic.

Dan 88!