Fake US embassy in Ghana shut down after 10 years issuing visas

Reuters News Service
December 4, 2016

The fake embassy in Accra, Ghana
The fake U.S. Embassy

US Embassy Accra, Ghana
The real U.S. Embassy

Authorities in Ghana have busted a fake US embassy in the capital Accra run by a criminal network that for a decade issued illegally obtained authentic visas, the US State Department has said.
Until it was shut down, the sham embassy was housed in a rundown, pink two-storey building with a corrugated iron roof and flew an American flag outside. Inside hung a portrait of the US president, Barack Obama.
“It was not operated by the United States government, but by figures from both Ghanaian and Turkish organised crime rings and a Ghanaian attorney practising immigration and criminal law,” the State Department said in a statement.
Turkish citizens who spoke English and Dutch posed as consular officers and staffed the operation. Investigations also uncovered a fake Dutch embassy, the State Department said.
Officials in the Netherlands were not immediately reachable for comment on Sunday.
The crime ring issued fraudulently obtained but legitimate US visas and false identification documents, including birth certificates at a cost of $6,000 (£4,700) each, the statement said.
During raids that led to a number of arrests, authorities also seized authentic and counterfeit Indian, South African and Schengen zone visas and 150 passports from 10 different countries along with a laptop and smartphones.
The statement did not say how the gang obtained the authentic visas or how many people were believed to have illegally entered the US and other countries using visas issued by the crime ring.
“The criminals running the operation were able to pay off corrupt officials to look the other way, as well as obtain legitimate blank documents to be doctored,” the statement said.
There was no immediate comment from Ghana’s Criminal Investigations Division.
Visas for western countries are in high demand in Africa and embassies say the visa market is a big target for organised crime.
The real US embassy in Ghana is a prominent and heavily fortified complex in Cantonments, one of the capital’s most expensive neighbourhoods. Lines of people queue outside each day for visa appointments and other consular business.
The fake embassy was open three mornings a week and did not accept walk-in appointments. Instead, the criminals advertised on billboards in Ghana, Togo and Ivory Coast and brought clients from across west Africa to Accra where they rented them hotel rooms in nearby hotels.
US authorities conducting a broader security operation were tipped off about it and assembled a team including the Ghana Detectives Bureau and police as well as other international partners to shut down the ring.


It took the Ghanaese government TEN years to catch these guys.  Yeah right.  I'm sure many government officials right to the top were getting a piece of the action.  That's why it took so long.  No one wanted to sink their own gravy boat.
As for the "customers", they actually believed that dilapidated old building was the U.S. Embassy?!  They would have to be a bunch of moronic cretins to believe that.  Most of them knew bloody well it was a scam, but they didn't give a damn as long as they got what they wanted.  Possibly a few were stupid or naive enough to believe it was legit, but not most of them.
Ghana is also one of the leading African countries where internet scams originate.  You know what I mean:
Dear Sir or Madam,
We have your ATM card in the amount of $8 million ready for you.  Just send us the $300 processing fee and we will ship it to you immediately.  Blah, blah, blah, scam, scam, scam.
                                                                                             M'gumbo Kinshasa

                                                                                             President of the Bank Of Ghana

Is anyone still stupid enough and greedy enough to fall for this?  They must be.  I keep getting emails like this every now and again.  Some actually come to my ANP email which has the name American Nazi Party in it.  Duh!
Dan 88!