BUSTED! Boss Called as Workers In Company Truck Played Fuck Donald Trump


In a follow up release from the grassroots organization who posted this video on YouTube (We The People Rising), the two workers were both fired by their employers. Town And Country Rentals dismissed them for "public behaviour while on duty that damaged the image of the company".

Town And Country did not say they either support or oppose Trump, just that their employees behaved inappropriately while on the job and while operating a company vehicle.  They did not represent the company in a positive manner.

Good.  They got what they deserved.  I wouldn't like my employees publicly playing loud music with obscenities and possibily offending customers or potential custormers - especially while driving a company truck.  

People do have a right to listen to whatever music they like, but when you're at work - even if you're on a break - you are representing your employer - especially if you are driving a company vehicle with the company logo on it - and you have to behave in a manner that is a positive representation of your employer, and listening to loud rap music with obscenities is hardly positive.

Dan 88!