America's Disgrace


I seriously thought about going to my neighbourhood Wal-Mart to see if I could make my own videos of this shameful display, but two things prevented me.

First, watching videos of this is sickening enough.  I don't know if I could stomach it in person. Secondly, I have rotten luck.  If I went myself, it would be my typical bad timing that there wouldn't be a single fight or riot while I was there, so I figured I would leave it to Jew Tube.  They always have something you can use.

The real culprits behind this are the greedy Judeo-Capitalists who set all this up.  While basically normal people are trampling each other to get the best bargains, you can bet the fat cats are either at home or in their plush offices laughing at all of the chaos they have caused.  They are the ones who should be taken out and shot.  They profit off of the instinctive greed and limited intelligence of the general public.

If any of you who call yourselves National Socialists participated in this disgraceful practice in any way, then you are doubly guilty.  Black Friday goes against every principle of National Socialism.  No excuses, no exceptions.  Shame on you - and I mean it.  You are hypocrites.

Dan 88!