UK-bound Calais migrants branded dangerous and violent by TV reporters they tried to kill


CALAIS, France migrants in the camp known as the Jungle attacked investigative reporters and robbed them of their camera in a “violent and dangerous” brawl before they made their bid for Britain.

With no thought for the lives of the TV crew knife-wielding mob launched a vicious assault with stones, knives and sticks before they attempted to sneak onto lorries bound for the UK, according to the investigative reporters.
During the attack, which took place at a petrol station near the notorious Jungle camp in Calais at around 10.30pm, the reporters were left “cut, bruised and without one of their cameras”. 
Mark Stone, who reports for Sky News, said: “We had been welcomed earlier by the migrants, we felt no threat. 
“We spotted them and filmed briefly, but then two dozen turned up. Rocks were thrown followed by a sustained attack with knives and sticks until we reached our car - cut, bruised and without one of our cameras. 
“What we experienced last night was frightening. These men are evidently violent and they're dangerous. They wrestled us to the ground and they hit us.” 
He added: “It is not unusual. It is happening here on a nightly basis.” 
CCTV footage and video obtained by the reporters shows strewn bottles and sleeping bags in a ditch, where the migrants are thought to wait before they make their bid for the UK. 
Mr Stone said authorities had to be on alert for the vicious actions of “very, very violent people".
He added: “The authorities have no real grip on this. Vulnerable people are suffering and the violent core is free to roam.
"Many are desperate, most are desperate and then there is the violent hardcore who are intent on violence not just here in Calais. 
“That is one of the consequences of having a large and illegal encampment existing. 
“Calais is bigger in population is bigger that it has ever been.”
In July official figures showed one migrant is caught trying to sneak into the UK every six minutes – with 84,088 detentions at our borders last year. 
This weekend, unaccompanied migrant children from the Jungle began arriving in Britain.
These are the kind of Third World Trash that want to get into Britain and the United States, and we're supposed to welcome them because "they have endured great hardship".  I guess we're supposed to put up with their inappropriate behaviour, and give them a free pass on anything they want to do because they have "suffered".  Bullshit.
Regardless of how desperate someone is, violent behaviour cannot be tolerated or excused.  We need to keep these people out, not welcome them.
Frankly, I wish we could build a wall around the entire country and to hell with how "unfriendly" that looks.  I don't want to be friends with The Third World, I want them to fear us.
There was a video I was not able to embed.  Anyone interested in seeing it can follow this link:
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  1. i could not recall if i had told you about this, but here is a link about the peace loving people from the middle east and a very good reason they re the way they are1

    1. Yes you did. It was very good. I used it as reference material for an article for the White Worker.

      Dan 88!


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