Race relations reach all-time low under Obama: poll

 - The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For the first time in his presidency, a majority of Americans believe race relations have gotten worse under President Obama.
Sixty percent of respondents in a Rasmussen poll released Tuesday said race relations have deteriorated under Mr. Obama, the highest mark since he was elected eight years ago. That number is up 18 points since 2014, when 42 percent said the relationship between the races had worsened.
Just 9 percent said race relations have gotten better under the first black president, and 28 percent said they have stayed about the same.
White respondents were more likely than minorities to say that race relations have gotten worse. Sixty-six percent of whites responded that race relations have worsened under Mr. Obama, compared to 51 percent of minorities, including 38 percent of black respondents. A plurality of black respondents, 49 percent, said race relations are about the same.
Republicans and Democrats are also sharply divided over the state of race relations. Eighty-four percent of Republicans and 67 percent of unaffiliated voters said things have worsened under Mr. Obama, compared to 32 percent of Democrats.

The parties also differ in how to ameliorate racial discord. Republicans are more likely to put emphasis on parental and personal responsibility, while Democrats said the government has not done enough to improve the lives of black Americans.

Young respondents were more likely to say the government is primarily responsible for improving the condition of black Americans, while older respondents put the emphasis on parental and personal responsibility.
And 71 percent of black respondents said the government has not done enough to help black Americans, compared to 39 percent of whites and 43 percent of other minorities.
The Rasmussen poll surveyed 1,000 likely voters from July 12 - 13 and has a margin of error of 3 percent.


Well duh!  Anyone with half a brain could have told you that race relations would be worse under Obama.

Obama is the one who makes everything a racial issue.  He's the one who visits Black families who have had someone killed by police.  How many families of Whites who have been killed by police has he visited?  None, that's how many.

On the same subject, when a Black is killed by police under "questionable" circumstances, he sides with the family.  When a White is killed by police under similar circumstances he sides with the police.  In other words, he assumes the Black was an innocent victim of police racism while he assumes the White was guilty.  Talk about a double standard.  Remember, when you assume, you make an ASS of U and ME.

He also plays up his Black side and downplays his White side.  Sounds a bit divisive to me.

The only proper solution to the racial problem is segregation.  Extermination is unthinkable, and deportation wouldn't work with most of them being natural born citizens.  You simply cannot deport a natural born citizen.  There's no place to deport them to.  

Segregation is the way.  And this time it must truly be seperate but equal - not the BS seperate but equal as in the pre-civil rights days.  We give every race - including ours a chance for self-determination.  The leaders in the Black areas will be Black, in the Mestizo areas they will be Mestizo, and so forth.

How could this possibly be accomplished?  Truthfully, I don't know.  We would need to get experts in things like sociology and cultural anthropology involved to work out a plan.  I'm not a sociologist or a cultural anthropologist so I'm not really qualified.  I have a few ideas, but as a non-expert, I'm not certain how practical they are.  

In some cases I prefer to leave things to the experts.  That's what experts are for - to help and advise leaders in fields that said leaders know little about.  That's why every leader has a cabinet.  The leader appoints experts in various fields to help run the state because no leader knows everything about everything.  Anyone who claims to know everything about everything is a quack - and I don't mean duck!

Dan 88!