Protest against the Islamization of Europe

The following is from a speech by John Sponsor, Secretary General of Nacionalismo Renavador, Portugal for Portuguese.

Please excuse the incorrect grammar.  The page was translated from Portuguese and these translating programs aren't 100 percent.

2016 - Islam does not - 030

First of all, I want to thank you for your presence here with us!

If we are on vacation and on Saturday afternoon, it's because the subject is serious. Hordes of barbarians invade Europe again! The invasion is underway and without contemplations. We are invaded by thugs barbarians who do not even want to share our values; the eggs have hatched!
The value of life, these killers do not respect. Only violence that impose legitimizes the real reason for a clear-cut agenda: destruction of civilizational values ​​of Europe and the genocide of its people, who do not subjugate the Islamic law.
Innocence is over! No one believes that it is tolerance and integration to combat this scourge, on the contrary, we must be brave and say that we do not accept these values ​​of death, this intransigence culture. We do not accept the obligation to receive and cherish murderers, rapists respect nothing, except your Allah urging them to kill infidels, in verses of a book with various interpretations.
Europe has this 'cancer' to treat. Over the years they left the plague-spreading, which cheap !, now much more difficult to solve, but not impossible ...
Islamists can not continue their free walk to the establishment of a caliphate in our Europe, it is what it is.Our rulers have to be agreed and we have to say we do not want to live like subjugated to fear and terror.
We want and defend a free and secure Europe with the values ​​of always, respect for life, the difference of opinion.
In Portugal, this fight has to be done and that we who have the courage to lead and say we do not want more mosques in our territory; not we covenant with the close-of-eyes of our rulers and potential terror grows.
2016 - Islam does not - 031
Only the PNR is the solution!
National Socialist values have reached Portugal.  Now Sr. Sponsor officially denies being NS, but that is just a front.  He doesn't want to be discredited by being labeled a "Nutzi".  Just read what he has to say and you'll see he's talking NS values.
More and more Europeans are beginning to understand that they are being destroyed by the invading hordes and only National Socialism can stop it.
The same is happening here in the United States.  We are being invaded by Mestizo hordes looking for a "better life" - at our expense.  The more of them that arrive here, the less there is for us.
Portugal for Portuguese and America for Americans!  Works for me!
Dan 88!


  1. the whole article really just sounds really racists to me! i like it!

    1. Yep, Senor Sponsor is a good leader. Hmm, Sponsor doesn't really sound Portuguese to me. Oh well.

      Dan 88!


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