October Report

I haven't done a report for awhile so I thought it was about time.

October is almost over.  Halloween is almost here.  Once again I want to encourage everyone to drink responsibly this weekend.  If you do drink too much, I urge you not to drive.  You won't do the cause much good if you're dead or in a jail cell.

You should be receiving your copy of The White Worker any time now if you haven't received it already.  If you don't get it you know why.  You didn't keep up with your pledge.  You can start getting it again by sending in your pledges.  If you say you believe in the cause, the first thing you have to do is put your money where your mouth is.  Remember, no ANP officer makes a single dime from your pledges.  It all goes for party expenses.  Hey, if I was making any money from this I wouldn't be cleaning up after all the slob tenants at the mobile home park I do maintenance for.  Sorry, I shouldn't complain.  I'm the one who chose to get out of teaching.  I just couldn't take the liberal BS anymore.  At least I don't have that crap to deal with, just the tenant's crap. LOL

Also, the weather is getting cooler, but we're not freezing our butts off just yet.  We can still get out there and give out that literature, so let's get it done.

Election day is not too far off.  Normally I don't put all that much importance on the candidates, but I do on the elections.  For example, here in California the liberals are trying to pass Prop. 56 which will impose an additional $2 a pack tax on cigarettes.  If it passes a carton of cigs will jump up another $20.  If you smoke and fail to vote, don't be crying when your cigs start costing you a small fortune.  And what's worse, the tax will be used to prop up the failing Obamacare system.

Tip:  If it does pass, buy your smokes on the internet.  The shipping charge will be less than the new tax and you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that you're not contributing to save Obamacare.
You know, the Constitution says that excessive taxes shall not be levied.  With Prop. 56, with the cost of every pack/carton, 80 percent of what you pay will be tax.  The final straw that sparked the American Revolution was a 75 percent tax England imposed on our retail goods.  So much for the Constitution.

Finally, Sense And Sensibility has hit the 267,653 after being in existence for five and a half years.  Thanks to everyone.  You have all helped to make this one of the most popular sites on the net.

Dan 88!